Ohh I need sex...

  • Why is every man in HK so addicted to sex to the point that they don't care what kind of STD infested whore they sleep with as long as they get some, don't care if they cheat on their wives/gfs, have such fucking high standards (eg, model-like features) when they themselves are old and ugly? (This question goes for the women sluts in HK too)

    Thanks :)

  • This is interesting statement, but that's truth too. I think the point is they are are selfish and lack of self esteeme

  • peach

    why said that??

    your BF/hubby have STD???

  • know what? sample size here is a bit small to say anything about the real world. HOWEVER, i'm shocked to hear that people are having unprotected, unsafe sex. shocked really is an understatement. when it comes to STDs and what not, it's one too many.

    another thing is, i'm not a saint and i'm not gonna say all people are shallow and stuff. some guys and gals are definitely annoying.