Just want to do a counting.

  • I am curious if any of the men here have had sex with this woman also called Mony with tel 9229X773 (see below chat).

    Believe she has had many sexual encounters with men, either on and off or ONS.  For those who do keep her tel of course know who I am talking about.  For those who hasn't, she lives in NT and is over 40.  Plays in the stock market and needs to take sleeping pills to sleep.  Play in yahoo chatroom.

    kalok668: hi,pretty

    kalok668: how are you?

    mm: where you found me?

    kalok668: no,,,,just saw this name in chatroom,,then try to add u

    mm: when?

    kalok668: forgot la,,,,,i think last month

    mm: ok

    kalok668: how are u?

    mm: not so good

    kalok668: the stock go back alot

    mm: stock?  you meant the market?

    kalok668: yes

    mm: yes, annoying really

    kalok668: haaaaa

    mm: have i chatted with you before?

    kalok668: u forgot who i am?

    mm: who are you?

    mm: i don't recall a joe

    mm: i chatted with you last month?

    kalok668: got it?


    mm: got it

    kalok668: remember now?

    mm: you chatted with a mony last month?

    mm: u recall my email address?

    kalok668: no,i saw ur name in chatroom,,,,then i just add it

    mm: but u said you chatted with me wor

    mm: showing your pic to remind me

    kalok668: mony that unforgetable

    mm: what did I tell you last time?

    kalok668: remeber that we meet before?

    mm: tell me more

    kalok668: 9229X773,right?

    mm: yes

    kalok668: u remember me or not?

    mm: not really

    kalok668: how come

    mm: chatted with too many i supposed

    kalok668: ic,where u now?

    kalok668: home?

    mm: yes

    kalok668: sleep good?

    kalok668: sleep pills still?

    mm: ok la

    kalok668: i think u totally forget me,

    mm: did you leave me your tel?

    kalok668: 951X9512 ar,darling

    kalok668: u must be play alot,,can't remeber who i am

    kalok668: haaaaaaaa

    mm: did we have sex?

    kalok668: run run.com

    kalok668: yes,,,,,,,,,,

    kalok668: we have

    mm: where?

    kalok668: kln tong

    kalok668: can chat on phone?

    kalok668: can chat on phone now?

    mm: no

    kalok668: ok

    mm: not convenient

    mm: how do you find me?  good fuck?

    kalok668: of course u are good

    kalok668: love to lick ur pussy

    kalok668: so tight.....

    mm: really

    mm: is my sucking good?

    kalok668: not bad

    mm: oh

    kalok668: can we fuck again?

    mm: you wish?

    kalok668: always ......

    mm: how old do i look like?

    kalok668: 40 something

    mm: and how old did i tell you?

    kalok668: i know ur age,darling

    mm: and how old r u again?

    kalok668: u show me ur id card before,

    kalok668: 38

    kalok668: like my lick?

    mm: excellent

    mm: did i cum?

    kalok668: so tasty with ur pussy juice.......

    mm: we did us condom, right?

    kalok668: would u like to let me licking u hard again?

    kalok668: yes

    mm: how many times had we fucked?

    kalok668: u forgeot?

    mm: forgot la

    mm: fuck with so many

    kalok668: u fuck with so many men on net?

    mm: or why else in chatroom?

    kalok668: ic....

    kalok668: good

    mm: you don't find me dirty is ok

    kalok668: haaaaaaaaaaa

    kalok668: where u work now?

    mm: don't talk about work pls

    kalok668: ok

    kalok668: so,,,,,

    mm: how do you like my body?

    mm: are my breast firm, still?

    kalok668: sure

    mm: why sure?

    kalok668: yes,,,,,,,i play and lick and suck them before

    mm: or because of their sizes?

    kalok668: size doesn't matter for me

    mm: so long there are holes to push

    mm: was it during the day or at night that we fucked?

    kalok668: night

    mm: did we spend the night there?

    mm: where's my husband?

    kalok668: haaaaaaaa

    kalok668: who care?

    mm: i didn't tell you?

    kalok668: u married?

    kalok668: u didn't

    mm: that's what i said?

    kalok668: like to meet tonihgt?

    mm: too cold

    kalok668: can heat u up

    kalok668: where is hubby then?

    mm: at home

    kalok668: where is your hubby then?

    kalok668: can go out for a fuck now?

    mm: cos i can't remember what i told you on the night that we fucked

    mm: hubby at home can't fuck

    kalok668: his dick soft?

    kalok668: u like eat cums?

    mm: i love to eat cums

    mm: you can feed me next time

    mm: i love to suck too

    kalok668: when is next time?

    mm: next time don't lick me, just let me suck

    kalok668: TONIGHT

    mm: don't know when is next time

    kalok668: why don't lick u

    kalok668: u love that before

    mm: no woman ng love

    mm: we play 69

    kalok668: ok

    kalok668: when u free?

    mm: need to be when hubby not at home

    kalok668: haaaaaaa

    mm: when did we fuck?

    kalok668: forgot

    kalok668: show me ur update pic,ok?

    mm: then was ages ago

    kalok668: think so

    mm: haha

    kalok668: any pic can update me?

    mm: why didn't you call me then since last time?

    mm: if i am pretty and that good, you will always remember my face

    mm: don't need to update

    kalok668: u said u don't likw suck game

    mm: but is not the right time to call me now

    kalok668: sorry,u don't like such game

    mm: such game of calling me

    mm: i call you when i need you ?

    kalok668: ok,,,,,can i ask u a question to confirm ur id?

    mm: no wonder i don't rmemeber you

    mm: ok

    kalok668: which district u live?

    mm: NT

    kalok668: ok

    mm: husband is calling me

    kalok668: can send me one sms now?

    mm: i got to go now

    mm: next time

    kalok668: can i call u now?

  • hey buddy, this phone number looks familiar. mind to tell me how her body is like? weight, height...etc?

  • sorry, I have absolutely no idea what she looks like.

  • Yes, did her before.

    Dickdick, see if this is the one you did too.

    Mony is quite old, I think she is 50 now or nearly 50. She is slim, small breast big bottom. Her sxxk was terrible due to her uneven teeth. Yet I still made her sxxk me for some 5 mins and did not lick her at all.

    She lives in Tai Po. She has small eyes and quite a bit of "lo yan ban" when I did her. Not sure if she has got rid of them now as she said she will get them off once every few years.

    She smoked afterwards and oh, she looked like a cheap chicken when she smoked in bed with no clothes on.

    I only did her once and never call her again. Just no good for me.

  • mike

    msn : mikelwc2004@live.hk

    phone ~~~ 9086-4492

  • her tel number is here, you can call her. She has trouble sleeping so you can call her any time basically.

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