Babe In Total Control of Herself

  • The short form is "BITCH" :)

    Nothing special really, I have just read it in a book and would like to share with you all

  • duly note..

    good morning.

  • good morning, how are you doing?

  • hi sfx

    so are u a BITCH?

  • sfx,

    serene and quiet mindset, control and manageable so far.

    how are you doing?

  • LL,

    I'm a guy if it isn't obvious enough ;-) Or well... "Bastard In Total Control of Himself"?


    Monday morning is usually exciting for me, but not today as I'm on leave. It has been excellent so far; quiet enough for me to focus on my own work

  • sfx,

    not obvious enough until i see the Bastard.

    what kind of 'own work' you are focusing on?

  • oxfam,

    no worries ;-) I am studying a part-time course now about something that I do not even have the slightest idea what it is... I was completely lost when I saw the assignment sheet, so I would like to put more effort into it.

    and you? are you staying at home at the moment?

  • Gotta go out for a few hours, brb.

    oxfam, I'm actually a friend of oxfam (the charity organization), let's see if I can be a friend of you too ;-)

    see you all

  • sfx,

    do you have a problem to get start of your assignment?

    when i come to such situation, i would just quickly write down something, may be a brief introduction and the main points which i can get straight from my head. once it is started, i would know the what else is missing and fill the blanks.

  • oxfam,

    thanks for the tips ;-) i approach the essay questions in more or less the same way too. write down my thoughts in point form and fill in the blanks... but unfortunately it's a mathematical assignment and I can't do that hehehe

  • guess i'm a kind of the BITCH .... :-)

  • Alison,

    welcome to this thread :)

    the long form means that being a "bitch" can actually be quite positive!

  • sfx,

    my maths is very poor, the best i can do for my maths subject is A (analyse).

    i am super dumb in calculation.

  • oxfam,

    I thought I were good (at least in those examinations), but after taking this course my confidence has vanished.... LOL

    you can write pretty well from what i see. do you read any books these days?

  • sfx,

    i don't want to bore you, i read text books and reference books in the past few months.

    i had very little luck in examine room, my grades were corelated with effort and time investment.

    are you doing cpd for your professional development?

  • sfx, i do read your intro, and i guess i'm one of those.... soemtimes.... haha....

  • oxfam,

    same for me, the only difference is probably that i can understand none of it... and you probably do with your text books :)

    they are not counted as cpd though, but it should be useful for my career development (hopefully)

    are you studying part-time? or a full time student instead?

  • Alison,

    hehe it doesn't matter. a sophisticated person have a lot of different "faces" really - guess we all treat our bosses, colleagues, friends, family members and partners differently?

    not a problem at all. a few years ago i thought that was hypocritical, but later i reckoned that it's simply not the case

  • different faces.... yes, i guess everyone are similiar in this issue. however, i still believe everyone should be consistent in his/her principles of life, of living.... :-)

  • sfx,

    have you got any idea about your assignment yet?

  • yes agreed - I have been trying hard to do that but undeniably i am under constant influence of everyone beside me (and even some people on the net).

    I am a fairly critical and even cynical person.... but still i could feel that my values and principles are changing slowly..... that's not good sigh

  • oxfam,

    yes i finished about 80% of that, thanks for asking :)

  • Hi Alison!

  • sfx, but maybe the changes are good ones?

  • I'm trying to do that too.^^

  • Alison,

    don't know yet; am still struggling with myself... i tend to be more liberal-minded now (as compared the self-righteous me in the past) do you consider it good and bad?

    for those who are lucky enough not to go through this transformation process, they don't need to struggle at all!

  • hi Sam, how are you?

  • sfx,

    what are the changes?

  • sfx, i guess it's a good sign, indeed. the principles of life i mean in the previous page means some "ground rules", u know.... be nice to others, be polite, be gratitude... etc.

    but always keep an open-mind is important ..... the world is soooo big that we cant judge only by what we alredy knew, what we could see..... we never know what is the highest good in the condition....

    so i guess your change is a good one. :-)

  • oxfam,

    every year i think about what i should do in the coming years. how am i going to live my life, what should i learn about, what would i want to try out, etc etc

    i'm now close to thirty and i find that i don't really want to live my life as planned - get married with a stable girlfriend, form a family and be a good husband / father. i am no longer young but i still have a choice at the moment - what am i going to do next?

    that's a rude awakening. yeah perhaps i want to be naughty and now i am giving myself all kinds of excuses. there is suddenly a strong desire to be independent, to live my own life in my own way. i should be responsible for everyone beside me, but perhaps i should be responsible for my own first?

    it's all very puzzling at the moment

  • Alison,

    yes that's what i learned in the past few years. there is nothing as "objective" - everyone is biased in a certain extent. i cannot be a judge of anything; i can only offer my perspective. it is entirely possible for my opinion to be completely off the track.

    perhaps this transformation is a good one. at least i appreciate the interactions and exchange of opinions... in most of the cases, 1% is white and 1% is black, and 98% in the middle is grey

  • not many ppl can live as what planned. changes are always changes. that's what i've learnt in the past few months.

  • gingoo,

    that's right, although usually you know about the direction - it may be a zig-zag path but the direction should be right...

  • sfx,

    you still have many years to puzzle your life, seems to me that you are not transforming, instead it is a merely transition process that everyone must go through many times in their life.

    tomorrow you wake up from dream, the world is still turning clockwise and you will be just be the same person as you are now.

    good luck on your assignment.

  • you are still so young to find out more about life..... !!

    but be honest, you sound so much older than your real age.... that's what we talked days ago.... "energetic", "vitality"....

    hmmm....... maybe you should go check out more.... nothing is planned, really.... it's ever-changing.... :-)

  • oxfam,

    nothing will have changed in the world but the way i perceive it may be different. it doesn't matter to the world but it does have impact on myself, hmm


    on the contrary, i may be too simple, sometimes naive... most people seem to know what they pursue in their lives (and are actively pursuing them like some people in this board).

    i recall the song "Mobile" by Avril Lavigue:

    "Everything's changing when i turn around

    all out of my control, i'm a mobile"

  • look outside, you dream

    look inside, you awaken.

    so if you keep taking others as a benchmark, you will be lost in space forever.... :-P

  • and what's the problem for being simple?

    i like being simple....

    and naive is a comparative terms, so .... cant be too serious about this

  • lost in space forever? that sounds good :) every time when i look at the sky at night, i imagine that i can be one of the little stars sparkling in the sky...

    being simple is not a problem at all, but it takes a lot of judgment calls which i'm not very good at, perhaps except at work

    you would know that i can be very naive if you read the other messages i wrote in this board :)

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