Questions for Mr Barack Obama on topic of Sex

  • US President Barack Obama will hold talks with Shanghai's younger generation about the sex and relationship during his visit, the White House said today.

    As ordered by both Sino-US Diplomatic agent, I have to collect your online questions for Mr President for him to show off or 露饀.

  • Mr President, do u stay in the presidential suit to make love?

  • Dear Peter,

    It would become an imminent threat to our vulnerable Mr President if we disclose his favouirte spot of making love.

    The hint is that he likes to stay a hotel with a helipad on toproof - for both security and personal reason.

    We have to seal our mouths, but one of the examples is Portman in Puxi, Shanghai.


  • Stop the non sense!

    We'll chase u accordingly.

  • FBI, u've disclosed way too much. we will hunt you down.

  • 美國聯邦調查局(英文簡稱FBI)成立於1908年,總部設在華盛頓。它是美國司法部的一個機構,其主要任務是負責調查違反聯邦而不是各州法律的案件。 FBI在美國各地設有數十個辦事機構,在一些駐外使館也派有代表。該局有兩萬名工作人員,其中包括約8000名調查人員(特工)。這些人通常攜帶武器,但不穿制服。局長由總統任命,需經參議院批准,任期10年。



    Say,""老大哥啦, CIA!

  • kakaka

  • sign兄,咪靜係識笑,整條鹹濕問題玩吓?OK?

  • any circumstances relating to sexual behaviour would CIA exercise assassination?

  • do u like Clinton cigar?

  • An executive order is issued by Congress and subjected to public notice and comment after Mr Cliniton's Oval table event.

    Sex Quota for the on-the-road President:

    1. 3 meals a day and snacks are freely available. And so 3 orgasms the maximum for him and oral sex by Interns are provided around the clock.

    2. Even in case of emergency, he must use US-imported condoms in order to balance the trade deficit.

    3. There may be massive destructive hot chicks in mid-east, so all sex service providers must be inspected and checked by FBI first.

    4. Viagra is stored in the same nuclear bomb mobile switch briefcase. Shortly after you order to bomb evil countries, you can take one blue bullet as an award but not vice verse.

  • Q: any circumstances relating to sexual behaviour would CIA exercise assassination?

    A: The suspect chick is even more chubby than Ms Monica Samille Lewinsky (born July 23, 1973).

  • Q: do u like Clinton cigar?

    A: Yes, but not for smoke. This mosited and mould covered cigar in No 2 Size was sealed and stored inside Pentagon. It always reminds our US president to strive for better and bigger. So I will attempt to insert Size One if I have a chance.

  • any more questions?

  • MacroPolo,

    Hi and morning~

    Mind to let us know...are you work in 4As?

  • It's up to your judgement. BTW, we have a round of talent cast on lingerie.

    Add me

  • Sally Sally where are you?

  • Any CIA , NSA or FBI here?