mixed signals

  • So I'm in college and my guy classmate became really close friends with me during the past week.

    So this is how it all happend. We were in a same study group and somehow we were in a group of 5 doing project together. During a class party he saw me and gave me a hug (perhaps a form of greeting). And that night I got a bit tipsy, and found him approaching me to talk to me. We chatted a bit but not too long. The next day we had a meeting. He drove me home told me that my roomate was quite good looking, I told him that she's occupied but if she becomes single I will tell him. He said there's not need for this. We further chatted, and I told him he's one of my good friends in class. Then, when we arrive my place, he took a tour of my house and chatted a bit then gave me a hug before he left. Then the next day (Monday), he called me and asked about homework. I told him my solutions and since I was outdoor he asked where I was. I told him I'm going home and he should give me a drive. But since he was home, he said it's far and asked me how I'm going to go home, and I said through bus. He said, "i feel really bad, do you want me to drive you." then I said no I was just joking and I bused home. The next day, after class, he waited for me to pack up (he packed up a long time ago), and came up to me to to head to a presentation together, (our whole class was going, but he decided to go with me..). We chatted a bit more. And everything seemed ok until now. But we didn't sit together during the speaker event since he chose a seat with only one person who can sit next to him, but my good girl friend was left alone, so I sat with her instead. We headed back to class, and during class he spoke to another girl to ask to join her project group. I was really hurt. At night, I called him and chatted a bit on the phone with him, I told him I was stressed out and he said he was too. We discussed our homework together and did a great job on it during our submission. During class time, I looked at him and smiled because it was at that moment I found out we aced it. He looked away when I smiled though, and after class I asked him why he looked away, he said he didn't see me looking at him...

    Then there was an event the next day which I called to ask him if he can drive me, he said he's not planning to go, so I said fair enough and I didn't go to the event too. Then the next day there was another event at school, I saw him there and chatted a bit with him about our homework during that time. He answered and someone interuppted our conversation so I left and went to my seat before the speaker came to talk. That night, he spoke to me on msn.

    Today, we had pizza after class (our whole class was there), and my pizza got taken because I was too slow, I told him about that thinking it was funny but he didn't seem interested.. so I walked away. I texted him just now because we have a meeting for our project tomorrow. He said he can drive me.

    Tmr,I'm going to see him, i just don't know what is happening, anysuggestions?

  • Just take him to bed or f..k him behind the bushes in the campus.

  • he's not that into you

  • Hey thread host!

  • Are u here?

    I think u n him are Chinese right?

    Coz u two like to boil no rice congee !!!!!!!

  • he was quite frank to u since day one, indeed.  he told u downright he was interested in ur roommate, not u.

    what all he did could just mean he just wanted to befriended with u.

  • shut up la daddy