Thoes were the days......

  • ......when there were attractive ladies here. 

    They were open-minded, well-educated, polite, humorous and respectful.

    Will there be any one of them here now ?

  • Sad to see no one is replying to such a sensational thread... better show my support hehe

    But afterall... those were the days... and thing has changed... u have a choice to cope with it or leave it.... that's sad huh :P

    Have a nice weekend :)

  • Gal

    You reply has just given me a reason to stay :)

    I don't feel sad for me at all, but I feel sad for the way things changing!

    Have a nice weekend too!

  • I guess we all change and so do those people u missed....

    I have to admit that I am those kind who resist certain change but its interesting to see how we are being changed and how we have been changing things that we tend not to in our good hands...

    Well.. I guess its ok to live with the past but dun drag with urself too much... but dun live in the past my friend :)

  • i just wonder where have all the people gone? they found a new and better place? .....

  • Morning Amytells

    I guess most of them are now a family man and moving on to the next stage of life with their family

  • people just come and go

    dont be too upset by this phenomenon

  • We are all changing.

    I am a big advocate of change if change is for something better.

    I just wonder why "bad money drives out good" has been happening here?

    If change is settle for less, I quit.

    Dun get me wrong Gal, I dun live in the past. I believe the greatest part of life is future.


    a better place could only exist when there are good people there.

    If we are good, we can make a better place here!

  • hey there

    glad to see the good people are back :)

    well... its now the bad, fast money taking the lead these days... see the property market... am feeling inferior everytime i passed by sasa and causeway bay now hahaha

    any plans for the rest of the day?

  • fast money comes and goes fast

    dont feel bad

    what you think and are is more important

    R&R today

  • Just checked out The heat is not up at all...

    Hope there is a forum for the decent ones. What do you usually hang out with these days?

  • wow... haven't heard of icered for ages hehe... they are having a come back?

    i guess its all about twitter now if you are looking for something similiar?

  • really planning a come back? but maybe the crowd has moved on already. you can't recapture the past anyway

  • icered sounds dead to me tho

  • things can never be the same again...

  • yes people grow, times change, attitude alters and interests diverge, nothing is eternal

  • Twitter? I've registered as a user by not using it. Maybe i need to have a look then...

  • again... those were the days bb... time to move on hehe

    most of the cool icered pal are now busy with their own career, family etc etc .. things just different

    we were young back then and can afford the time and energy for that... but not anymore... for me at least lol... i find its kinda exhausting to meet up with new people these days

    old cake like me rather spend some good old friends to catch up a bit after a long working day...

    however... its always nice to meet up some new good friends once in a while :)

  • yes for old cakes like us, meeting new people and chatting about the same old history (ie your introduction) is kinda boring!

    it's much better to have a small group of close friends instead

  • i guess there were still have some attractive ladies.

    just few % there la :-)


    what are you looking for?

  • Gal you are right. Nowadays people are flocking to Facebook.

  • mr. history... u remind me of those routine... how old r u, what do u do, met anyone from here b4 hehehe

    well.. its essential but then the new mate must be cool and nice enough to drag me into all this routine AGAIN hehe

    opps to avoid this kind of old cake talk... shall we talk about something else? haha

    what a rainy sunday day... makes myself more old cake haha...

  • waste time bitch

  • we missed those days because people back then are more civilized

    good to see people call them 'on X' because they know themselves well hahaha

    keep chatting mate

  • Gal

    yup, it's absolutely exhausted to meet up with new fds.

    To old cakes like us, quality matters.


    if there's a forum for decent ones, people like on9 will flock into there, so.....!


    things can never be the same again, so we gotta cherish what we own.

    mr history

    nothing is eteranal, life, love, attitude... and please count "disappointment" as one.


    sure there are attractive ladies, but where are they gone?

    I am looking for attractive ladies for good chat here and who knows what happens next?


    that's why i like on9, he spoke honestly!

    and seems we have been witnessing the process of barbarism, haha!

  • i miss the old days, no problem finding nice buddies to hang out with. btu i do look ahead, guess it's just like economic cycle, good ppl & bad ppl .... take turns, hahaha.

    and i miss IR too......

  • hi all, 

    how come so many ex-IRers? actually there was such an ex-IR thread b4 here.........but sadly it sank!!

    well, i believe quite some decent men & women still here. But just many of of the threads are so mo liu that nice ppl dun wanna participate, that's it !!!

  • agree with edmond, we are all around..... but seeing all those "hungry and looking for food" threads.... who would stay a minute more?

  • I am not "hungry and looking for food" any more.....

    after 've taken a large lunch box :P

  • well, look for food is normal................. we need it from time to time...........

    but i would accept only in a more civilized manner lor !!!

  • hahahaha.... how could it be more civilized?

    honestly speaking, it's kind of terrible to see the threads here now.... start a thread and then meet up and fxxk? how GOD.... i would rather do ONS

  • Hi All,

    Yes, frankly speaking.. those were the days, however, we are living to look forward though!

    Yes, this is funny to see those "Bum Fxxk" threads.. haha!!

  • Good old days, got that right, my friend. it also reflects that we are aging, only the old people like to recall the sweet memories. This is the nature, I mean, changing.

  • yes, alison

    absolutely agree !! if i were a woman, i would go to LKF for ons if i need sex, at least i can see the person, how does he look like, how does he talk like.................

  • hey guys! nice to see the thread is doing well with civilized chat mate... (am included ok! hehe)

    Alison... i like ur thought... everythings come in a cycle... ups and downs... good and bad... so do the guys that I met hehe... keeping my finger crossing :P

    Mahorn... how u doing these days? glad to see that u have great company huh haha

  • Hi, Girls,

    yes, those were the days, it reminded me about and MSN chatroom

  • Keith... u remind me of someone who share with me his stories with yahoo chatroom hehe

    those funny crazy days huh... but it seems like people are more discreet and laid back back then... hmm...

  • Gal,

    wanna share mine with u

    msn :

  • Gal,

    u sound like someone that i chatted with b4....^^

  • so many Gal here now... should I name myself Gal#1 haha

    Keith... maybe u would like to share ur stories with all of us here ?

  • Hi Gal

    Nice to meet you, may I join. I am quite bored and sleepy in the office. Keeping working for those boring job. I am an old buiscuit too, i guess we belong to the same stage. You are not busy today ?

  • there are nothing on net to eat now, they all waste time 9up, mother fxxking bullshxt bitches.

  • hi morphis... ur nick remind me of some IR celeb? haha

    its another monday haha.... get things done this morning and kinda preparing myself to take off haha... not productive at all

    boring job? nah... take it this way... u r one of those lucky one who dun need to beg for jobs... i was having lunch with my friend today and he shared with me that people need to go through 7 interview to get a job in a hotel as a front line operation staff... scary

  • gal

    7 interviews? i only know a management trainee type of job in a big MNC would require such procedures~~~

  • talking about interview in sex thread, talk intercourse la. stupid sub9 jerks + bullshxt 9up bitches =

  • Gal

    I was not IceRed guys before.. I know it, but seems most are working in banking, finance or marketing field. I am not in this group.

    So you will have a vacation? If yes, it's so nice, I always look for one, just i can't have it in current moment..

    yes, I know, it's already good to have a job already, but it also depends your age. For the young ones w/o any burden, the impace is not really big even jobless.

  • edmond

    my jaw dropped dead when i heard that... its definitely the employers' market for another season at least

    yawn.... for those who got the right name for themselves, you only make me feel good that i'll never in the bottom tier of the society ... opps.. excuse my language hehe

  • saw someone talked about only oldies keep recalling the old days..... well, for me, i think only those who had genuinely experienced the good old days would long for it again..... :-)

  • Hi Alison,


    Hi Mahorn and the old Icefire buddies,

    I had never been to the legendary Singapore-based  ice-fire. Who is a good historian to share the glories of those old days?

    May i be excused to invite Alison to my new thread


  • i was not intended to set up a memorial therad, haha!

    i found none of the threads in S board interesting nor I can understand them, thus I opened my own one.

    People may think that oldies like me should be always recalling the old days. Nope, I like looking forward, I hate regreting.


    Welcome back! me doing good and I've always have great companies for me, dun worry!


    People like you has brought things up here! Thanks!

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