i'm going to be 40 next year, having good mindset, career, healthy body, heart n soul..still, i'm looking for my mature companion. ( a man wants to meet a woman)

  • i know i'm no successful guy to be appeared here, however, i decided and make a try..nowadays, i want to love someone who's deserved and really don't mind she is a close friend or a finest lover that least i don't need a trad. hk wife/ money buying love.. 

  • leaver

  • leave ur msn here

  • me 2 , 40 next year

  • seldom to turn on msn but email most welcomed:

    [email protected]

  • ever married before?

  • hi boringberry,

    how are you?

    guess we have similar feelings, getting to know what we want= getting harder to make things happened in ideal shape..

  • sound sad

  • hi there

    any more to share?

  • u a

  • u r guy, more easy

    but for me, old maid, all my friend, coworkers laughing at me all the time

  • u wont get married rite?

  • me too, 41 years old still single :(

  • I dont think so , it's hard to get a right man in hk

  • :((

  • hi hey, hi lady,

    to be fair and self-respect, i'd like you guys introduce yourself. thank you!

  • introduce?

  • no, i'm no married man.

    so 'berry' you're a woman.. i think age 35 is a critical change of our life...whether you're getting married or not , or having good friends/lover..the hardest part is, nowadays people just too busy to care anyone else apart from their own.

  • yes,
    what do u mean by introducing?
    we ladies all don't know introducing!

  • so if you care.. you may say something or send me a mail and say something of your own...and sorry i'm no talkative, i'm just a franky speaking person.

  • okay, just kidding.

  • good ....:)

  • not a talkative person is not a big deal, i guess, unless u can express yrself effectively

    agree with what u hv just said, brief introduction might help and save the details later in email maybe

    FYI, Im a lady with a stable job and looking forward of meeting ppl outside my small world, though Im not  a 'tram gal' either

  • somewhere, somebody,

    I am nearly 40 also, but I really tired to look for relationship. what do you think of life, fun? bore? differcult?

  • thanks very much De for your kind considersation..i have my stable job too, though through my working area i have no chance to meet new friends. my reality world(in HK) is small while my dreamworld is much bigger, i guess so.
    do you feel okay with HK life? BTW, what is a 'tram gal'?

  • I am Tram Girl = Electric Car Girl ....right?

  • hi rosa,

    good to hear the same question..for myslef, i'm not really happy living in HK. the main reason is my passive/cool character, can't do the the same as most of people do hanging/water-blowing around..and you?

  • mostly, ppl would say those who get stuck in the internet and cant hv real social life in tht way.. some words from Japan..nd some kind of negative meaning too (my 2 cents)

    HK life is just fine, but still sometimes can tired ppl alot, everything in fast pace, even on holidays..haha

    sounds like u r not from HK, rite?

  • De, that's cool! you're positve then u'r in international sense...life could be bright and fruitful, tight n kaos.whatever, better than slower down..

    true, i was born in HK but been studied n lived in various cities..i can feel you're too:)

  • studied abraod did help myself alot
    more independent and think differently but thats also  hurdle for meeting guys in HK too  (haha)

    but im curious why u come ove here to look for a companion? Cant meet yr dream gal in this small city?

  • that would you ask yourslf why do u land here too..we may the common fishes at the same swiiming bowl..anyway, being energetic is bonus, u can hit more than lose, you have lots of luck n guys, rite!?

  • i guess we r same species as u may say..
    try to look for something in here but ppl keep telling u its impossible to do so
    r u willing to try too ? though u may find nothing later

    lucks? yeah, u can sy so, got a stable job , nice colleagues from office, families
    but for guys? no way, seems this is the only thing i missed so far

  • humblely to say..you're a lucky one in hk, correct!?

    i think, life itself is like thousands of test n trick, games n reward...we never know exactly where position ( in advantage or worse) we're at but i believe in true heart, that happiness is made from heart of faith, honest n generous...sounds very logical but not everyone can well commit..

    on your cup(s) of tea, let me try to ask, who is your choice(s) over say Patrick Wilson, Johnny Depp, Jude Law..?

  • Patrick Wilson has too much muscles
    Johnny Depp is suuuuuuuuuper sexy
    Judy Law is Mr Nice, he can also be cute sometimes but he has the men charm too

    To me, Jude Law would be my fav cup out of these 3... 

    BTW, hi host!

  • thank you all for tonite!

    i'm off now, would most be pleased to hear you guys soon, like talking in depth.. weclome to send me message through my email:

    [email protected]

  • hey,
    it is  tough question..haha

    Jude Law..nope, myself is not compatible, from wht we read from Gossip , hes the one cant settle for someone and continue to hunt even hes married

    Patrick Wilson..hes talented , from wht i read from the internet, cos i dun know much abt him, hes ok and seems to be comfortable with

    Johnny Depp..cant imagine he can be so loyal to his gf  Vanessa, truly amazing, a good husband type

    Im greedy, can i hv Patrick & Johnny Depp both?

  • Good-morning everone here.

    It's glad to see there is someone with good mindset, before I though I've good minset too but just realized it's not true :(

    May I just have some chat with a good mindset person if who doesn't mind I'm not very well educated, sometime (often) stupid, quite empty minded, and not very out-going?

  • please to hear you, alice!

    now i'm sure there're still quality people around this platform (though i haven't been visited for a long long time).

    i guess most of us are having good mindset, however, according to us the human nature of selfishness, ego,navie, greedy..it's just the matter of how to keep the BALANCE right so make life more meaningful.

    i'm actually not a out-going person too..when i devote with my works n stuck into my dreams..em also a stupid fool to live day by day.

    wish you a good day!

  • hi Elle,

    hi De,

    i used to be the great fan of johnny n jude and collected many of their classic movies..on patrick, i supposed not to know him til the dvd "LITTLE CHILDREN" i bought for boz of kate winslet ( i like her very much), that movie thrilled me and brought out many questions n thoughts about the modern life in between us..

    of course..you girls could have many guys to get along as long as in hk.. guys please girls.

  • really? how come I don't get any =p

  • nice to see u again in here

    being a fool is good in certain sense just depends how you interpret that

  • hi, sowewhere, somebody

    how r u today? may i join?

    after reading through, u seems quite talkative rather what u said u'r not. i'm glad that we can still find some gd mindset ppl here to discuss our view towards life, work etc.

    i'm pleased to share w/ u.

    btw, i love the movie "charlie & the chocolate factory" by johnny depp, have u seen it?

    have a gd day!

  • hi moon,

    thanks for joining!
    let's share please. when i were younger i admired johnny depp a lot , and 'edward scissorhands' is definitly my all time classic ( been watching again n again). i think his life is so sophisicated for sure ..been act for both artisitc n commercial films- like the swwety ' finding neverland'..afterall, my favourite j.d.'s cool films are more of adventurous, horror style like 'the ninth gate', 'donnie brasco' , 'from hell' 'blow'...

    but of course men and women's taste is certainly in different, think so?

  • hi guy, i sent e-mail to you already, hope to see y ou there

  • see...so many gals were attracted by u and join this thread, u wont feel bored at all
    how r u tonite?

    u know what,  if a guy can be that considerate like Johnny in that movie, i could give up anything to be with him. but in this world, how many ppl can do that? sigh


    I remember two years before I meet sombody in she.com, I guess HE COME BACK, she.com lady called him "central photoman" first he talked movie, music success career and dream..... to me, when I meet him he invited me to his studio and asked for sex, I still feel how ugly to his face when I refused him.

  • Jojo, i think i know who you are talking about..... MR DW, right?

  • passby,

    yes, you know him too?

    he always mentioned how good taste he is? haha

  • liz,

    sorry, i never receive an email from you.


    what do you want/expect ppls to say? i have no right to make a comment but at moment i feel that you've blocked yourself from letting people know you. i have just one sincere ppl sending me an email and i'll try my best to make a true friend.

    jojo, who are you?

    what a thril and lie to my thread!

    through the years, long ago, i met only two persons from she.com and i can well remember. they were nice people and i didn't ask for sex at all. i respect woman and i'm also a self-respect person.

    i just wish that you're not the hidden guy/ppls who played me fool times before at she.com-- please don't tell lie!

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