Why is there a fuss about asking questions like age, height, weight etc.?

  • I mean this is a sex forum and one's physical appearance is certainly one if not the most important thing that will attract the opposite sex.  I am aware that some ladies prefer to have a decent chat before being asked about these personal questions but if a conversation is started out on a wrong footing without information on a person's physical appearance, which ends up in a false expectation or virtual fantasy, then it's a plain waste of time to both gender.

    If anyone wishes to engage upon a chat without disclosing these information, they should state it outright either on their thread or during their reply that they do not wishes to be asked about that information.  It is only natural that these questions about age, height and weight or photos do pop up during an msn chat since this is ultimately about sex, which largely depends upon mutual physical attraction amongst others, especially people you meet on the internet.  So please do not get offended if you're being asked about these questions or else it would only be a waste of time if you finally discover the person that you've been chatting with for the past few weeks or months ends up to be "physically" someone totally against your expectation or preference, it can be quite a disappointing experience to say the least, especially when you've spend so much time with your "virtual" potential sex partner and end up getting a complete surprise when you meet him/ her in person.

    This is just my humble opinion and I hope people will respect the reason behind when being asked such questions. 

    Remember, this is a SEX forum and people will want to know how you look like or expect at least a physical description of yourself, please don't get mad over it and treat it as some form of interview.  It is pointless to keep chatting and eventually realizing that she/ he is totally not the person whom you're expecting to meet to have sex with, be it only the sole purpose or an integral part of something more.

    If you don't click, just move on and there's no hard feelings. If you click and like the information you're given with ( and believe it's true), then congratulations and continue with the msn chatting journey.  By hiding your physical information and hoping that someone's perception towards you is going to change throught the course of conversation, it would only result in further frustration and disappointment once you reveal yourself to the other person in reality.

    Trust me, it's not worth it and it's not worth the time.

  • Well, it's demand and supply.

  • lovingyou,

    what does it have to do with demand and supply?

    could you explain?

  • Finally seeing some quality topics and English

  • I agree with speedo.

    There is no point to hide / tell false info about oneself when one is looking for sex. By doing that, one might just waste both people's time when the truth is revealed.

    I want to add one more point though: some words are quite subjective - like handsome / pretty, it may be better be decided by the other person than by oneself.

  • speedo, where ai you from?

  • I am nobody, just a local who spent a few years elsewhere.

  • i believe some individuals can achieve sexual gratification from online chatting, so face to face sexual contact may not be their first and foremost wish.

  • it could be a dilemma sometimes! he is a handsome guy but brainless and dull and boring, yucky!!!! but yes, if he is knowledgable, wise and funny, but boring looking, well... we could be friends, hahahaha.

    so am i the only greedy one? i want both physcial and spiritual attraction, LOL. and we cant enjoy the fullest of sex if we can't communicate with the partner.

    so keep it a balance... fairly good looking is the best. :P

    and agree with blackgold, avoid those adjectives, like handsome, pretty, etc. present the fact (height weight age) is good enough, isnt it? that could create more disappointment if he tells me he's good looking but in fact, he's .... ! haha

  • Who are you, speedo?

  • hi Princess, it's been a long time, how are you?

  • puma,

    yes I respect that but I would prefer the person telling me right away that online chatting is what she's after.

  • speedo

    fair enough.

  • speedo

    so what is your age, weight and height?

  • curious,

    I'm 33 years old, 160 pounds and 5'11,

    I am searching for a discreet sexual relationship if there is chemistry between the lady and myself.

    See, simple straight forward answer, there's no need to beat around the bush.

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  • I can't agree with you more, very well said!! remember once I asked a lady (in a very polite way already) about her rough appearance and occupation, very quickly I was completely told off by her saying all her chatmates are very gentleman and never so rude to ask so many personal questions, they are well educated and successful, overseas educated, blah blah blah.... altho I am a guy, but can't help telling you how much I support you!! :-)