45+ guy would like mature woman for chat

  • I live on my own and am feeling alone and lonely tonight. I'm highly educated and would like to find a woman who is mature in mind but young in her heart... 

    Anyone want to chat?

  • 35 mature enough?

  • 35woman: yes, of course; 35 is mature enough. I'm not so interested in age. I'm more interested in maturity -- if you understand my meaning. Let's chat here for a while.

  • tks. why u so lonely tonight. actually same here....

  • I'm alone in my flat. Just came back from dinner and felt like I have nobody in my life to share my passions... Just feeling kind of down, I guess.. You?

  • hello there, not going out at Friday night?

  • JD: I just got back from dinner. I could go out again, I suppose, but don't feel like it. Unless I was enticed... :-) But seriously, I really don't feel like it... :-(

  • same here, I like to stay at home, too noisy and crowded outside.

  • JD: I know how you feel. The restaurant tonight was crowded and noisy and I just wanted to come home. I may be alone, but at least it's quiet and clean here.. Sometimes I just want to lock the door and not see anyone. But tonight I would like to have some company. Don't know why tonight I feel it so strongly.

  • JD hi and very hot outside too

  • I am sure you can find someone nice here to chat with, Lonely Guy :)

    this summer is really something 35woman, hot and humid as hell in HK here.

  • 35woman: It's sweltering, isn't it? I felt like I was going to melt. I'm glad to be inside in the air conditioning. I can't wait for the cooler weather. I like walking outide in Hong Kong, but in this weather it's terrible.

  • JD: Yes, I think there are nice girls here. They just need to show themselves... :-)

    The humidity is killing me this year..

  • lonely guy- dun worry, woman likethat too ,will hv emotion down sometime and feel lonely suddenly, need hug too, moody

  • 35woman: it's sweet of you to say that... thanks. I think the desire for close contact and love is really powerful. Hugging is such an important thing for me. I miss having someone to hug. Even if just for a short time, it would be nice to have a nice hugging session.

  • longely guy- same here, i like a warm hugging, let me hug u here if u dun mind hahah:P

  • 35woman: let me hug you back in here... :-) Not quite the same as in real life, but it certainly helps to meet a mature woman here once in a while... :-) Thanks. You have made my night!

  • you are welcome, you know woman hv 天生母性, happy to meet guy cheer up hahaha

  • Yes, this is why a relationship between man and woman can be wonderful. You sound like a mature woman. I'm glad to meet you. I come here to chat sometimes but often find it unsatisfying. I am glad to have met you. Why are you feeling down tonight?

  • not really down....just a bit lonely , today is Friday night ar.....i am stay athome lor....

  • OIC, I misunderstood. Sorry. I know you feel. I often stay home on Friday nights, too. I would rather have someone special to curl up with on my sofa and watch a romantic movie. Just the two of us..

  • yup, so relax after hard work, yu can picture it....better hv wine hahha

  • sometimes I come chat here too, but there are not much interesting topics or sharing....

  • JD: yes, guys simply ask for ps, cam sex, sl, sp and share nothing of themselves. I am amazed at the lack of sophistication. It's as though the only thing that counts is an ejeculation.

  • 35woman: I like to have a wine after work. Yes, I like that. Do you like good wine? I have a whole wine cellar here in my flat; over 45 bottles... :-)

  • lonely guy- i like white wine....red wine ok too but not alway drink

  • maybe they don't want what they really want? maybe no one is serious here so they just look for causal sex? I don't know.

  • hi guys

    hope am not too late to join?

  • 35woman: I have mostly reds, but about 10 whites here. They are all high quality wines and not for collecting but for drinking... :-) I don't like to collect for the sake of collecting or investing. I often buy a bottle when I go to France or Australia or US. It's a nice hobby.

  • gal

    it is still early....

    by the way, do u need to work tomolo ?

  • Gal: no, not too late. Hi. How are you. We're just talking about the lack of decent conversation on here and wine (no connection between teh two though... hahaha).

  • wines are for us to taste, not to invest! open them only for special occasion or someone special :)

  • I think this is where the thread gets hijacked. Perhaps I'm wrong, but can we possibly have a conversation here that doesn't veer off into some testosterone-driven questions about the availability of women to have sex, phone sex, or whatever people want on this board?

  • JD: I couldn't agree more. I have a colleague who collects wine and never opens it. What a waste!

  • 'the nite is still young' ....those were the days we keep saying this on friday nite? hahaha

    decent conservation... guess it happens not only here in she.com but in hk i guess... ppl just too 'efficient'.... too efficient that the process doesn't count anymore..

    wine... oh... count me in!! wines are like friends... for different occassions... and some are for display or self fulfillment? like stamps, cars, collectibles etc etc or wife/husband? hehe

  • i will perfer to drink not collect too.....hvnt any interest to collect things , like doll, stamp, hello kitty and guys too hahaha

  • of course lonely guy

  • lonely guy - any good hobby except buy wine in yr trip hahah

  • Gal: the night is young.. hahaha... I am too old to remember... kakaka. I am tired by midnight... :-) But on decent conversation: I think everyone is capable of it if given patience and time. I think many people here are too busy being busy... which is a pity because everyone has so much to offer.

    35woman: I too do not collect... including girls. I like to find one who can be mine. And mine alone.

  • 35man: I like to look at historical sites on my business trips if I have time. I like to make new friends, eat new food, find interesting places to relax (if possible).

  • lonely guy- that's all, no movie,

  • people are too busy to be expressive or being too insecure to do that here in she.com?

    patience and tolerance are needed these days

    but afterall, we need to be mature enough to attain these attributes... sad enough to see we are losing this in our society... the crazy 'lanmonization' is a very good example...

    just a comment, nothing personal, dun hate me pls haha

  • hey all guys do u need work tmw ar, i need ar, lonely guy you should know why i feel lonely now.heheh....

  • 35woman: that's all... I don't watch movie when I go away on business trips. I sometimes watch on the plane.

    Gal: why would we hate you? Your personal views are just that; personal views. I have no opinion on this one way or the other. I think if we were all a little more patient Hong Kong would be a much better place. I love it very much, but I think it has lost something over the years.

  • hi hi 35w

    i dun have to.... so its time for u get ur beauty sleep?

  • 35woman: :-) Yes, I understand why you feel lonvely. I don't have to work. Will sleep in...

    If you need to go to bed, then please do so. I would hate you have panda eyes tomorrow...

  • i believe you guys respect others point of view... but there is someone out there watching us and steps in if they find anything not 'readable' lol

    yeah... i used to proud of being a chinese gal from HK... but sad to see the changes these days....

  • still early, i usually go to bed around 12:00 as u said, it is hard to meet a mature fd and chit chat here i dun want miss it.. hahaha

  • Gal: there is always someone who wants to spoil something good. With patience we can easily overcome them...

  • 35woman: I'm blushing... :-) So unusual to find someone like you and Gal here. I think I must have done something good this week to be rewarded like this... :-)

    Gal: I'm sad you are not proud to be HK gal any more... I think things have changed, but we can still be proud of what we have. We shouldn't let the bad things get us down. There is still a lot of good here.