• 識左個警察個幾月, 發覺佢古古怪怪, 成日話忙, 但係又好似隨時得閒, 我又好似未係佢女友身份, 唔好意思問太多... 有無sis個bf都係警察? 有好多疑問...

  • 預左比人中出即飛啦你

  • 警察花唔花心就唔知, 不過多數爛滾...

  • 可能未知妳是否適合他 , 但又不想無人陪 , 妳當他是普通朋友 , 便不會令自己無所適從 , 緊記不要"蝕底"給他 , 便


  • 係好Q花心

  • 睇黎...無乜好評語...

  • 咁警察既工作應該有好大壓力ge


    唔通佢又將佢所有工作ge 野講曬比你知咩~

    警察bf 至少唔會令你做左d 犯法ge 野...

    一個普通bf 夠膽做,,, 而警察會因為佢ge 身份唔會咁做


  • 呢d都係睇人啫



  • playa replied @ 2009-08-10 5:34 pm

    警察花唔花心就唔知, 不過多數爛滾...

    This is true, please noted !!!

  • ee1234, 真係爛滾......?     :(

  • 差佬面對太多引誘, 其實佢地好可悲

  • 雖然唔可以講到個個咁差, 但我身邊有一班朋友都係做警察, 所見到的大部份有老婆都出去滾; 有D照講有老婆都係一樣照滾(有女受,冇計); 大多數好鐘意飲酒;  有D扮冇女友/老婆又係滾...........

    70% 放工後形像真係好差!!

  • 如果佢做掃黃, 可以有免費餐食...SOR~ 應該叫霸黃餐食.

    同埋, 我唔會覺得做警察唔會做犯法既野囉.


  • 有咩辦法 好多女人見到人地話自己係警察就當佢係好男人...

  • >> 我成日見D警察唔睇燈過馬路...

    唔係嘛, 咁你都計

  • 有D女一知係消防員仲迷呀

    個個大大隻, 引死女呢

  • 路過 replied @ 2009-08-19 12:03 pm

    >> 我成日見D警察唔睇燈過馬路...

    唔係嘛, 咁你都計




  • 唔緊要既shadow, 你咪下你果個係好仔lor...話唔埋ga ma...haha

  • *搏下

  • 係囉 警察 消防員 通通都係好男人 如果係海關 都ok 不過唔夠前兩者好男人

    依d係咩心態... 最衰係要送上門 仲以為自己搵到好樓盤...

  • Hahaha... Police? Eat shxt la.

    Imagine, a kind of job, you advance as you work, fixed 40 hrs every week, no pressure*, too much benefit, no need to worry of mortage, and so, what to do in that long off duty time?

    A. Date lots of girl (hey, if on shift, even worse, how can you check? It can change from time to time, you don't even know when he is having sex with another girl in motel!)

    B. Stuck at home, play TV games, play HiFi, play fish, or sleep all days, but doing nothing else.

    Your choice lo, may be that fit you ne~ Ahahahaahhaahaaaaa.

    *Don't tell me police is under pressure ar... fix 40hrs (ok, 41.X hours) under pressure? Eat shxt la. And some in operational team... even snake out to watch soccer game or hide at home in working hours. Never work enough 40 hrs tim.

    FSD is pretty much the same... so for those really into PF or FSD, GOOD LUCK.


  • 小麻糕 replied @ 2009-08-19 12:06 pm

    路過 replied @ 2009-08-19 12:03 pm

    >> 我成日見D警察唔睇燈過馬路...

    唔係嘛, 咁你都計




    咁你係咪當曬所以唔睇燈過馬路既人都係犯法呢 ?

    咁你阿爸阿媽有冇犯法 ?

  • 首先你要分清楚佢對你有無意思


  • 你係咪當曬所以唔睇燈過馬路既人都係犯法呢 ?

    咁你阿爸阿媽有冇犯法 ?


    多口講句, 咁的確係犯左法wor..唔係刑事姐...我就係俾d 軍裝捉過..頂佢個肺...kaka

  • 咁當然 好男人無分職業 版主反而唔好太在意佢係咩職業

    想同一個人發展感情 係應該用時間慢慢去了解佢

    佢成日唔得閒 可能去左滾 亦可能係去左做義工 依d野要等你去發掘

    或者咁講啦 o係你未完全了解佢既生活之前 就唔好同佢有進一步發展

  • ICE, spaeak a little what you know and keep quiet about what you fxxxing dont know, what a "no pressure" and working total 40 hours a week???

    pardon me?how you know? where get information from?,,,it need 48 hours ( include over night shift) thats why YOU one damn thing true is need "sleep all day"

    as a police officer, be frank to say i sometimes dislike my men gamble and smoke, but not all like this,i pretty sure you hate police ,,,its your point,,,pls shut your mouth or i "shut"" with you

  • Hai ar.. Police jeng ar!

    So many she girls here really into Police and FS too. hahaa..

  • ICE... mind to tell? you got criminal record?health problems,( colour blind..etc.?)

    and back ground fail when you apply for policeman b4?

  • 我表哥一落更就食曬煙...



    係有陣時要shift duty!


  • 有d扮自己未婚同無女友出去介女, 佢地返shift 你又唔知佢幾時返早放早,所以佢講乜你都要:信, 用普通朋友心態唔好太看重

  • 警察分幾組, 他係一舨pc 定係cid 果種?? 後者仲多機會出面溝女

  • 其實男人太集中或女人太集中既行業, 都特別有呢D情況.

    依家既人, 唔花心好似會蝕底.

  • PBP,

    Well, I do believe that you are really a officer as I see how easily you will apply foul language in an usual message.

    Of course I can't say 100% of police are BAD, but this is also the general impression of most ppl have towards police in this thread. I guess it worth for you to review on your team before you talk back?

    May be, when your colleagues going out to ask for a raise in salary do think your work is a hardship and deserve for better pay. But at the same time I guess you have no idea how police in HK is so over-paid when comparing to other regions and countries.

    And do you think 48 hours per week is a VERY BIG DEAL? I think you have no idea of how many people work in the real world need to work 10 hrs per day as STANDARD. You can try to speak it out loud, that a F5 graduate working 48 hrs/week getting 16K+ per mth (starting) and having all the benefit is a hardship. You will only see how people spit on your face.

    And be very frank, I only tell what I have seen, and not making up any story. There are some of your colleagues did hide at home and not go to work in duty hour. You better face this fact.

    Oh, one last thing, I would really like to see how you "shut with me", hahaha. You do have very fine english writing which I can't fully understand. I'm impressed for how you get through the CRE, my dear officer.

  • 佢係SIP..平時番office hour 既, 不過好似晚晚都要做到凌晨先番屋企...

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