decent gentleman looking for SP/SL with/without sex is fine

  • Why did i make up this thread?

    I would like to meet up ladies shortly, just be straight and make it quick.

    Though some may enjoy the long process to flirt and get to known each other (actually not much), I put more concern on outcome.

    Self description

    25 year old

    175cm 75Kg

    average body build

    bronze skin

    university graduate

    good manner

    above average looking (u know, looking is subjective, but I am glad most people said mine is nice/okay)

    Photo exchanged can be requested

    Drop me lines at MSN/E-mail: or PS me.

    By the way, if u like to be normal friend, I am alrite too.

    Hope to meet u up soon.

  • Is there anyone out there?

  • It 's unbelievable that can knew such friendly ladies

    Thx for adding me

    nice chat with u

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