My bf and I play mmf 3p last night... get so wet and high..

  • My bf and I started to think about 3p about a year ago. At first I had no interest; he was the one have interest. So I always so no and think he just want excitement. But he keep on talking about it. So we start thinking. He said he want me to try 2 guys, and at first I not interest, but after a while I think this might be good. So we advertise for a man to join us. We get many men, and we find one we like. We met several times for drink and then last night we met again and this time we went to hotel room. i was so nervous. but i like him and when we get in room... my god.. i never imagined 3p could be so great. i wanna do again and again..

  • Hey how long does it last?

    Both men cum?

    HOw old r u???

  • We got to hotel room about 8pm and left about 2am. Both men cum twice. I'm 26. I am still thinking about it, can't get out of my mind. It is the most amazing experience of my life...

  • lol sounds great but...

    1. was sex good cuz u liked the other guy? if so ditch ya bf

    2. your bf wanted 3p did he actually want another guy!? if so your bf's sexual preferences are somewhat disturbing! ditch him

    3. if you like gangbang you can make MONEY and Have a good time! ditch ya bf!

    haha im jus messing with ya

  • hi 3p girl

    i read your post here and i think you love the game now, will you consider pick a guy here for fun like me?

    i have many pictures for your reference


  • How wonderful.

    So r u married?

    Mind to tell me ur figure? Sound very exciting.

    I tried MFF. Heehee. Played whole night long and fxxked both gals a twice.

    SO exciting.

  • i would be worried if i m your bf.....

    because you might 'steal eat' with him next time. ^_^

    3pgirl, hv u ever thought of hving sex with this guy without yr bf?

  • If u like, lets share some more experience? my msn is

    I think more ppl will flush into here sooner.

  • 3pgirl replied @ 2009-08-07 9:22 am

    We got to hotel room about 8pm and left about 2am. Both men cum twice. I'm 26. I am still thinking about it, can't get out of my mind. It is the most amazing experience of my life...

    my first threesome was a Spanish couple. amazing too. the woman pick me up to their room @ lobby but only wear T-back and a see through dress. so amazing

  • Runningwild,

    Haha... my bf is good at sex; we decided together that we will have another guy for 3p (not his choice only), and I don't need money... :-)


    I really have to click with guy and am picky... this guy was very attractive... and even more attractive when in room ... :-)

  • yea daisy has a point there, I mean if he really loved u sharing you with another guy doesnt really show it. If he loved you he should be worried and doing something like that is unthinkable. Gotta say your bf prob jus thinks of you as a sex doll the future aint looking too bright lol.

  • 3p girl

    i can imagine that. if i were u, i will be picky too. but i still want to join with you guys coz you are true 3p lovers

  • giant,

    no, not married, just bf; my figure is normal lah...


    I won't do without bf; the other guy was fantastic but i love both guys together so not really have interest right now in just other guy...

    For girl, I think 2 men is really incredible

  • 我未試過, 都想試下,


  • I concur what Runningwild said.

    No man would allow another guy fxxk his woman!!!.

  • 3pGal:

    Hope that u got addicted and I got a chance cos I am good too. Hahha

    ANyway, nice to meet ya. And I am glad to see other good ppl around here. At least they split of the truth that ur bf does not love u but treat u as a sex toy only.

  • my bf and i discuss this a lot; i will not go with other guy. this was pure sex and pleasure. and it was great. our relationship is fine... my bf get high watching me with other guy

  • 3pg: would u like to talk in MSN as well?? Just to make a fd.

  • my sl knew that i m interest and curious on 3p, he also offered to do that with me together..... but i m just concerned that too. Coz i think it could hv implication between our relationship if we let someone in.

    Giant replied @ 2009-08-07 9:30 am

    I concur what Runningwild said.

    No man would allow another guy fxxk his woman!!!.

  • Dont wry too much about what i said the plenty of men think of women as sex dolls and women think of men as a money bags. I reckon yas should find another couple to do it with, it's a bit less abnormal lol.

  • 3p girl

    i want meet you 2 for drinks and share our experience

    what do you thinkq

  • giant,

    not now... maybe later. am still horny and don't trust myself to talk to guys right now... :-)

  • 3pg: Well, u can add me up now and see how it goes.

    By the way, where r u now?


    Free for a short chat.


  • Daisy,

    I understand; we discuss this too. but if you think your relationship is good then the other man will not come between you. it just makes things very hot. my bf and i fxxk again when we get home we are both so horny. and this morning we did again... so wild... we are both really high and the other guy is not in between us..

  • 3pg: I wish u ring me up now and hear ur horny voice.



  • i really have pity on you to have a bf like that...

  • 3pgirl

    thanks for the encouragement.

    Do u think its easy to find someone you could trust from the net?

  • nah plenty of guys like that around i cant say im much different, but in time he might turn out to be a decent guy. I mean the only way to judge a guy is pretty much after his brain takes over his dick in the thinking department lol.

  • or vice-versa

    a pity to have a gf like that

  • Guys, I guess we all have enough for 3pg already. Haha. Have a nice day.

  • Runningwild

    well said, thats my concern too.

    my gf got STD after having sex with 10 different guy from the net (one on one), and she doesnt know who brought that to her.

  • 3pgirl,

    really great experience ma

    someone call me try

    now i think

  • Daisy I think there are plenty of good men on the net so yes you can probably find someone you can trust but on the net there are too many ppl using a persona so it's kinda hard to tell. I guess girls like the notion or fate and stuff right? so i guess jus go for it and leave it to fate lol

  • Giant,

    it is obvious that you are looking for sex or even ps this morning,

    you went to the wrong thread i guess.

  • dude u gotta be shxtting me....can u even call that a gf?

  • u r spot on, runningwild

  • add my msn

    next time call me to joiin

  • hi 3pgirl

    It's nice to hear that you enjoy mmf. I have several experience to play mmf with other couples. And I agree it's possible that you two's relationship are not affected even played mmf with other guy. BTW, if next time you want to find an experience guy to play again, you may find me. I'm 33, 180cm, fit body and good in appearance.

  • hey 3p girl. do you need me with you guys next time??

    e-mail me some details and ill send you a picture of me.

  • 3pgirl,

    how many guys have you tried with so far?

    how did you meet him or them?

  • can i join in your party..... 30 m single .. just enjoy and share sex ....

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