The lie of girls in she

  • Went out with a younger girl, 24 old from, 3 am in the moring. On MSN she said it was for fun. After the sex then she asked if she worth any gift. Finally she said she would not take anything less than $2000.....

    If you are a trade girl, why not tell people straight up? 

    Also girls in here, do not get mad if people ask you if you are a trade girl or not. It just make things easier for all... not a question try to disgrace you.

  • mid nighter....bad experience...may share the girl's name?

  • i want to know

    would you pay to her

  • I am not sharing the name as it is not good. I does not mind to offer gift. Whether it is $2000 or not that is a question.

    Anyway for other net friends, we go out for dinner and drink and hotel can easily run up to $1500 dollars.... Just how do you spend the money.

    I paid her finally and do not want to mess with her. I just want to tell girls here that it is not disgrace to tell exactly what you want. It make things easier.

    Also girls do not feel bad when a guy ask you if you are a trader. Just yes/no question. No offense.

  • 可能家下難搵食 , 要出此下策

  • noah replied @ 2009-08-05 6:23 pm

    可能家下難搵食 , 要出此下策



  • i'll be offended if someone asks me whether i am a trade girl or not.

  • for me i even not pay her la.....if she is trade gal, she should hv stated in front......

  • Passby I know woman do not like to be asked. Maybe the best is your girls stated up front... look at my case... it is not nice

  • agree with mid girl should states up front....then guys will decide to go or not......

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