To dream a dream:You are in my mind this years, and I finally found out where you are on this earth~

  • You are in my mind this years, and I finally found out where you are on this earth, I have been always hoping to see you in the street but we never meet no matter how earnest I am longing to see you, my dear friend, maybe this is only a dream that hard to come true, but I will dream for one day that I can see you~

  • Amen Omen.

    when will I see you again?

  • i miss u .

  • Hope your dream comes true one day.

    I have the similar thought with you that i always hope that i can meet my man one day suddenly in the street.

    And this hope really came true 2 years after.But my outlook was not good that day when he saw me.

    One thing made me still happy is that, I know he's missing and want to give me a help from his eyes' message.

    Till now, I don't know it's good for us to meet or not. At least, i know that he still care me very much.

    Good Luck

  • dreamer


  • dreamer,

    how good to have a dream in life!

    i always want to hit him on the street but i never know what is he look like, exactly, i dunno what is my dream.

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