We cannot be couple but only friends

  • You keep saying if we met last year things would have changed, really?

    You call me daily to tell me how much you miss me, that is so sweet maybe I have to start get used to not having that

    you really are sweet and a decent but I cannot allow myself to do wrong things again, I do not want to goto hell, and I believe I am already being punished for my previous sins :(

    I don't know where this leads us to, that is why I want a crystal ball to see if my future include you or not.

    you said we should not care about our past and should look at future together, that is really touching and sweet

    Part of me wanted you for myself, but this is not the right thing to do

    I am a little confused

  • 咁理智既肯定係女既。。。

  • eddie313: and irrational are guys?

  • 呵呵,雖然你冇將個故事詳細咁講出黎,但係表面聽落去似乎都係指個樣野,有夫之婦,婚外情,但心裡內疚對不起丈夫家庭,不想失去曾經用心經營的感情及家庭,也承擔不了背夫成為眾矢知的的罪名,最後同情人sa yo na na...

  • haha you are very imaginative/creative

    we are not married .....and we did not start anything

  • haha, guess wrongly...just for fun, dont take it serious, haha, hope u get a good relationship with yours!!!

  • can you still be friends with someone when you have feeling for her?

  • 可以...但受傷了,要過一段時間淡下來才能做回朋友...不過,如果對那人有情,但根本不值得你去愛個種, 通常很難做番朋友...

  • Hi, blank,

    Not quite understand your case, why are you so hesitate, don't be affected by your past, look ofrward!

  • eddie: then what about if nothing happened but he likes the girl then can he sincerely be friends with her??

    rick: he has gf ....I was once involved with someone who has a gf and don;t want to do it again..

  • sorry about that, then I guess you really need to consider again seriously. Everyone would be hurt (provided that all are serious person). But is he going to leave her gf?

  • rick: I did not ask and he said we can be soul mate...

    can men capcable to like more than 1? why so easy for them haha

  • I guess no if it is true love, but sure, many would do so, not just man, women also. I think they are those who are not serious in relation.

  • 記住,





  • rick: yeah sorry I am just stereotyping....human are capable to like more than 1 but should make a choice , and men cannot but women can..sound better?

    eddie: yes that is why you say I am rational, I am not going to let it happen

    also I asked him if I can help his relationship better ..he was shocked when I said then let s don't keep in touch but he does not like that idea...

  • seems he is greedy.

    Anyway, I do agree what Eddie said, if it won't affect yr emotion and you are comfortable with that, just treat him as friend until their relation is clear

  • that dude has got u down on a backup plan screw him and move on

  • rick: men are greedy so I have to be rational this time

    running: he just called me and said he missed me sighz....

  • "我想你" "我好掛住你" 三歲細佬哥都識講...問題係佢真係有幾愛你, 佢真係對你付出幾多, 佢真係有幾專一,認真,忠心,投入呢...

  • Not all men are greedy, again, some women are even greedy, haha.

    I always wonder why people would like to be involved in this kind of complicated situation, why not having a more simple life, relax....

  • RICKET兄講得啱,我都係一個好簡單既人...愛...對對方專一地好...一起...很簡單...

  • eddie: yea I know that is why I will not do anything silly

    oh ricket is a guy..I thought girl aiii

    I don't like complicated relationship that is why we can only be friends

    I also like simple things/relationship

  • So you don't have to confused, it is clear now. Just a friend although nobody knows what will happen in future. Find your own simple/sweet relationship.

  • Guys like him are so annoying, seriously he should jus make up his mind. Calling u and saying he misses u jus makes things more complicated for u. If he really loves u, he will break up with his gf but since he is not jus screw him and find a single guy.

  • Run, Eddie and I have almost same opinion la..

  • Yea but i dont think she should even stay as friends, it will jus make things awkward.

  • yea, but people are usually 當局者送, hope blank is not.

  • 妳不會天真到認為他看了妳這番話會......哈哈

  • Thank you for all the comments, I now have my reality check

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