do u mind yr wife doesn't really love u ?

  • i don't know why she married with me.

  • are you a competent husband to be﹖

  • 咁你又點解娶佢?


  • Mike

    The woman you married who you believe does not love you

    - how do you feel?

    - what do you want to do?

    - any plan for your future?

  • 版主可能係一個好男人所以你太太覺得可以負托終生



  • 因為你有錢?


  • i hope my wife will love me more .

  • i know my wife married me cos she know i'm a nice guy and i love her so much. besides, after married, she doesn't have to work and we always travel a lot.

  • but i know she still mind. i'm not handsome enough, and i'm not tall enough.

  • we just married for a yr, and she control all my money. cos she feel more safe.

    she told me couple times. if we disvorce ? can she split all my money.

  • u know i treated her much better than myself, i have no idea why she asked me this question. any gal can tell me why ?

  • i'm not happy, but she did not know. and i won't tell her my feeling too. cos i know that, if i told , she would going crazy.

  • poor you...

    did she admit that she doesn't love you a lot?

  • Mike

    You hope that your wife will love you more. In order for a woman to love a man more, maybe you can now and again tell her verbally in words how much you still love her and take actions as well. Such as giving her flowers, presents and show your appreciation for doing the houseworks. Don't forget important dates such as birthday, wedding annaiversaries, valentine etc.

    Your wife married you cos you are a "nice" guy. Not love, just nice? Are you sure? She told you that or something you feel or believe?

    If her man is handsome and tall, that is a bonus but not vital. It is more important if he is rich and got a well paid job, obviously you are cos she doesn't need to work.

    If the couple married for love, the first year of marriage is still in the honeymoon period however on the other hand it also can be a testing time for 2 persons living together as a make or break time. She's already saying the D word....hmmm.... did she say it as a joke or really being serious?

    Can she split all your money and you have no idea why she asked you this question? Why don't you answer the above questions before going into this one unless you too are thinking about divorce too.

  • mike,

    i do understand yr feeling ..because i hv a bf really loves me as same as how much u love yr wife..he does all my housework to me ..treats me really well ..and pay all his money to me ...i always ask him can i split a half money with him if i leave him a day ....

    but honestly tell u ...she still loves u as same as i still love my bf ,but sometimes,may hv some disappointed on u ...and compare with others ,maybe u ar not the one she loves most in the world ,but at least i believe she still loves u .

  • honestly, i guess u were right . and i believe if i broke , she would kick me out. even she know i treat her so gd. but she did not appreciate. some times i was upset.

  • i really hate that feeling. but nothing i can do, too bad

  • quite sure she wont leave u since u r the ATM of her

  • she lost her competitiveness in the past year since she just stay at home with no job.

    once she left, who pay for her expense?

    I am sure she wont leave u unless she found a more rich and handsome man

    you and her relation developed by $, I think once you lost all $, she will go

  • she's not that kind of gal, and our relationship doesn't developed by money, i prefer say, she care about the money more. i'm sure she's not looking for another guy. and i just wanna she can love me more. that's it.

  • well, a kind of 小男人

    be strong la

  • Mike

    You are a very confused man. One minute you said that if you are broke (no money) and she would kick you out, then next minute you said she is not that kind of girl. So what is it then?

    The title of your thread is Do You Mind If Your Wife Doesn't Really Love You and not Do You Mind If Your Wife Married You For Your Money.

    It seems that you feel being used by your wife who you believe, married you for your money but not because of love. If this is true, you have to ask yourself that were you awared of her intention and knowing that why did you still marry her?

  • She married you beacause you are willing to spend a lot of money on her. She can control all your money, no need to work, go travelling. I think she is such a crazy woman and a money lover. She wants to split all your money if divorced...that make me sick.

    I am a girl, but I can't stand with this kind of woman,....

  • love is blind. mike, is your wife beautiful?

  • luke

    If love is blind. You should ask Mike, "were you blind then and now you have regained your eyesights?"

    The motto is "情人眼�堨X西施"

  • u know, cos she is the youngest one at home, so everybody spoiled her. that's why even i did a lot for her, still nothing for her. she's my wife, i'm suppose to treat her gd and please her. but i hope she cna love me more. that's it.

  • female,

    i said she is not that kind of gal, mean she's not looking for a rich guy to replace me. that's i'm sure.

  • she told me a lot of her fds so jealous on her. she was so mad. cos she think she's not special.

  • maybe she's still young. the only think i have to do is wait. i hope she will love me so much.

  • i feel sad too =(

    cos i know that the ONLY reason I'm still with my husband is becos I don't need to go to work... and bascially get whatever I ask for.

    i also know that I love him more than he loves me ... and that's really painful sometimes.

    he doesn't spend enough time with me .

    he never does housework ... i mean N E V E R !!!

    when I show concern , he ALWAYS says ' becos i need to make money ' !

    in his mind ... is all MONEY MONEY MONEY !!!

    I swear to meself ... as soon as I find a guy who doesn't only love money ... i will leave my husband once and for all !!!!

  • 咁好明顯佢同你結婚只係因為你有錢....

    sorry to tell you ....

  • i guess you hv to think what she really likes. it is a bit strange to me when u say u treat her so good but she doesn't appreciate, coz women are easily "tum"ed by men,

    i guess the first question is find out what she likes u to do to "tum" her, do what she thinks fit, but not what u think fit lei~

  • may i also suggest u a book called " 5 love languages". this is a book about different expressions of love, towards different ppl u have to use different "love languages". if u use the wrong language to show your love, it will be hard for your partner to sense how much you love.

  • but i know she still mind. i'm not handsome enough, and i'm not tall enough.

    by mike - 08/01/09 11:34

  • i know she doesn't love me very much.but it's doesn't mean she doen't love me wow. she's still enjoy how nice i treated her.

  • i will give her more time. i believe that one day she will love me so much.

  • any gal can answer me ?

    i know when she still doesn't love me so much, but i still treat her so nice and take care of her. do u think she will love me so much one day ?

  • mike,

    I haven't got enough patience to read yours. From my own experience, I am able to feel 'love' if it is there, and if my man deserves the my 'love' back, he will have it. Therefore, are you the one in the eyes of her? Do you know your status?

    In a long run marriage, endurance, sacrifice, tolerance, compromise, understanding, etc... are essential to maintain the relations. Treat her nice/ Take a good care of her is one/two of the tools to maintain a relation, it is not necessary equal to 'you love her'.

    My humble opinion!

  • 吾好話兩公婆

    情侶都係 .. 我都好想我男友愛我多 d

    但可惜他太忽冷忽熱 ., 最近大家重係冷靜期

  • 得到個人, 得吾到個心.. 無意思

  • mike,

    situation similar to your wife and your situation is not uncommon. it is more popular that you thought indeed. so you are not alone.

    she loves the way you treat her, that doesnt mean she loves you. and she probably view how much you love her by how much you give and spend on her, which is ridiculous, but very common.

    the way to handle is:


    but you hv to be mature enough to do that.

    maybe after 20 years, she will love you in the fullest sense. it does take that long for a person to truly loves another one.

  • xanadu,

    cso u did not know what i did for her. if i don't love her. why i still waiting ? a lot of people told me i did too much for her. i don't mind. i just hope she can love me more. that's it.

  • i asked myself before. why i still treat her better than myself. but u should know that. if u really love someone. u can't control yrself.

  • mike i am sad to read your story. some women want your time, some want your body, some want your reputation, some want your money. if you treat your wife like a queen then she will treat you like a dog because as a queen she expects people to wait on her hand and foot.

    i could be wrong so i would try a few different approaches. i would spend more time with her and slowly cut back on the gifts. maybe she wants time with you and not possessions. if she complains about less possessions then she may only be with you for your money.

    if i were you, i would also look over the finances. she might be saving money away for herself in case she does decide to leave you. if you make a lot of money but there is nothing in the bank then there could be a problem.

    i have a friend who was very nice to his ex. he treated her like a queen and showered her with affection and attention. he treated her family like his own. after the first two years honeymoon period, they divorced when she realized he had no money. it is sad that she treated him that way, but some women are like that. i hope that your wife is not serious about divorce but you have to ask yourself why she would say that. if she does not love you now, she may never love you but just appreciate what you do for her. as someone mentioned before, yo are just her atm. personally, i cannot be married to a woman who does not love me.