Why 18 years old 援交妹 is better than 30's pretty girls

  • 1/ They are more willing to serve men without asking for a lot of monetary return (pay 2K you can have sex with a pretty young teen and 5K you can cum in her mouth). 30's girls will never have sex even after you bought them a 25K Chanel bag, and when have sex, act like dead fishes.

    2/ Young 援交妹 are more health conscious: almost all of them would have taken the HPV vaccines already and also check for AIDS. 30's girls are too shy to do regular body check (imply they are sexually active - they all pretend to be virgins) and would not take HPC vaccines because they believe the vaccines are useless for them.

    3/ Young 援交妹 are not emotionally attached after sex. They know they have a big market and should not be privatized by a SINGLE man. 30's girls are emotionally crazy - after sex, they will stick to you like those self-sticking tampons - they are marxists and don't believe in free economy.

    4/ Young 援交妹 can keep secret because they don't want their friends and parents to know. 30's girls are mostly big mouths and would tell everyone (including those in she.com) either they were cheated by a cheap guy, or they were lucky to land a rich water fish like federic........

  • 一派糊言

  • well saying, shining speech :D

  • someone,

    Thanks. I wonder why so many girls/ladies in their 30's dare not admit they love sex and pretend to be old virgins. Virgins have no market lah (OUT) and "Lan Mo" who love sex are IN.

  • the sad reality is.... not everyone can handle the truth.... haha

  • It's especially true that most young girls nowadays are very environmental and health conscious. They would not hesitate to take the HPV vaccines to protect themselves whereas many girls in their late 20's/early 30's still pretend to be Virgin Mary and refuse to protect themselves and be exposed to UNSAFE SEX.

  • 25K for deadfish? and they think they r worth? such sacred?

  • sad but true. I agree. I also prefer pinkish private parts more than dark brown and I might add this to your list as additonal bonus. You sure live up to your reputation doc F

  • Ha ha gd pt fedeeiee

  • 因為佢地塊野係鮮紅色,而你塊野係死黑色

  • wat 塊野?

  • 援交 =/= prostitution

    援交妹 has freedom to choose sex or no sex. Difference is that 援交妹 place more emphasis on money when they decide to have sex or not. 30's girls place more emphasis on "love" (to disguise their love for money) when the decide to have sex or not.

    At the end of the day, 援交妹 and 30's girls have the same motive, but service level of 援交妹 is definitely better according to my own experience. Andy Lau did a great job promoting customer service level thru his ads:-)

  • 雖然我唔支持妹妹仔援交


  • Federic 叫雞王


  • 一句講曬....少女十八無醜婦




  • 查實男人有幾buy天真同傻?


  • 30 something old virgins are 天真同傻 to believe they still have a market when their virginity has way past the expiry date.

    Compare to them 援交妹 understand virginity has expiry date and after certain age it's valueless.