Fun and Hot Sex tonight (I am a early 30 gentleman with decent and gentle appearance)

  • I am in my early 30s, with decent and gentle appearance.  I am towards the tall side with 6'1 estimated height (I have not measured my own height for a decade... soo .. just an estimate), 155lbs weight (this is more accurate as I do care about my weight more than my height).  And a thick and hard rod when in mood.

    If you are in your 20s or early 30s, I would love to meet you for fun and hot actions tonight.  If you are sluttish in bed and best yet if you are married or already engaged in a relationship and enjoys swearing in bed.  We would be a good match.

    I am indeed a little bit picky, as I do appear above average as a gentleman.  If you qualify yourself as an above average girl, please add my MSN at :

  • I guess is no longer a place to attract decent women and men for intimate exchange as compared with 3 years ago ....

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