vaser lipo /水刀抽脂/ lipo selection

  • i am thinking of thinking of doing lipo for my legs , has anyone tried going to taipei for 水刀抽脂 ? I got recommendations to try this doctor call dr li , by the hong kong beauty guru queenie chan.. here's the website .it looks tempting , and i am wondering whether the effect /inches lost will be better than the results of traditional liposuction ??

  • my fd did 水刀抽脂 in taipei last year. it sounds ok. but, after many recommendations of vaser liposelection, i did it in hk. it sounds well as my fd said. compare to 水刀抽脂 , vaser liposelection is more comfortable and effective. so, i really recommend u try vaser liposelection by dr cheng ming shiaw who is a plastic surgory.

    hope u be slimmer and pretty~