• 其實沙巴都幾靚, 不過只限旅遊區. 有機會都會再去一去

    Rasa Ria Beach


  • 諗住post多幾張相, 但係原來thread reply係唔俾咁做.  >

  • hi fabregas, your photo are quite beautiful wor.  when did u visit sabah and which hotel u were lived in?

    i also went there few years ago and felt very relaxing in the hotel ^^

  • Hi Sammi,

    Thanks for your comment.

    我去左4日住係Rasa Ria, 酒店有少少舊, 但係比較少港人, 可能比較隔攝

    妳之前住邊間酒店? 去左咩地方玩?

  • hi fabregas, yup i also lived in shangri-la rasa ria hotel, i also felt there has a little bit old and may require some renovation soon. ^^

    i had been there for 5 days, visited several places including diving in sapi island, town shopping and 'god mountain' trip law

    yr thread triggered me some memories, and i hope i can be out from hk for trip soon... sigh, day dreaming! ^^

  • 我都去左潛水, 不過唔係Sapi, 因為太多人, 我去左Manukan, 係Sapi左近

    我都係神山呀, 紅樹林呀, 商場呀等等, 同埋係酒店玩下hea下, 好舒服!

    差唔多訓啦, Thanks for chatting anyway, see you later!

  • sounds u're so relaxing, jealous! famous places in sabah are nearly the same so we also have to visit that several places

    thx for yr beautiful photos and chat too, have a nice dream!

    talk to u later in this thread again ^^

  • fab你o的相都幾靚wor, 我都好想去tim

    成日都post唔到野, 唔知依家得唔得呢

  • 係沙巴最難忘既食物唔係酒店既牛柳, 而係海鮮市場虎蝦, it's yummy!

    mandy 妳又有無去過?!

  • 我無去過沙巴... 好想去, 當地交通方唔方便?

    你同幾多人去呀... 平時去旅行有無travel partners?

  • mandy, 沙巴交通就唔係好方便, 多數都係taxi出入, 亦可以租車揸, 不過唔建議, 因為非旅遊區比較落後, 街燈都好暗, 係沙巴有架車係身都算係負累.

    沙巴我就四個人去, 通常日本台灣就會兩個人去, 又或者自己去做下旅行攝影師, 享受下自己一個人既旅遊世界. 不過就無志同道合既travel partner, seems唔易搵

  • funny to see more details about the information of sabah.

    i also agreed that taxi is the best way for the transportation

    travel partner? a good topic to discuss here ^^

  • 早晨, 又一個新既禮拜, 加油吧!!

    travel partner係需要大家對旅遊有熱情同埋體驗精神. 最怕就係同一些只想去Shopping同埋食既人去, 曬下太陽又唔得, 行多幾步又話倦... 我寧願自己去 >

  • morning fabregas, just waiting for yr reply ^^

    i guess it depends on different traveling purpose for different people, some would like to enjoy with eat, sleep and shopping only, while some (probably u) would like to enjoy experiencing the world, right? so having the same tone to go together is quite important when selecting travel partner.

    actually mind to tell how old are u? let me introduce myself first

    i'm 23, japan and europe are my dream places

  • 我32, 都係鍾情日本歐洲, 但係加埋紐西蘭...

    記得有次自己一個去左美國21日, 真係非常正, 畢生難忘!!


  • i didn't try to go travel alone, perhaps i dun hv brave. but i did try to go with my lovely sister by 2, to tokyo and osaka.

    new zeland? yeah it's very attractive... are yr job related to photography or traveling? share more photos to me la?

  • 我只係鍾意得閒影下相, 特別係旅行相, 而唔係做呢行...


    我msn space有少少相, 可以add我, 不過我只係得夜晚先可以用msn, 因為office blocked左 >cesc@she.com

  • 法比加斯兄, 你個thread好健康 認真討論旅遊 well done! 我又想加入, 唔知 Sammi 同 Mandy 介唔介意

    我鍾意Switzerland 好靚好似畫咁 無過o的野就貴到暈

  • David Villa? 你又鍾意西班牙隊?! 題外話, 韋拿好似去巴塞wor, haha!

    btw, 我未去過瑞士, 不過當然好想去la...

  • fabregas i've added yr msn ^^

    hi David Villa, welcome to join for sure.. can u describe more about switzerland, how expensive there will be?

  • sammi食左飯未?!


  • i have just traveled to hokkaido around jan/feb 09... it was the best memorized trip that i ever experienced... may share some photos with u personally later

    did u go hokkaido before also?

  • hihi, i'm back :) read back the story, i introduce myself too ... i'm 27!! fab i've added u too

    正喎北海道.. 係咪好涷? 洗好多錢?

  • Hi Mandy, welcome back and your added.

    妳可以去我個MSN Space睇下相, 不過我係Office唔用得MSN, 只可以係度Chat.

    Sammi, 我前年去過北海道, 環島遊去左12日 - 由札幌, 小樽, 旭川, 稚內, 再經網走返札幌, 係日本租車真係一流... 個Trip都令我非常難忘!! 遲o的Upload相俾妳地睇

    Mandy, 妳又去過咩難忘既Trip??

  • wow, yr hokkaido trip was excellent! i just went there for 5 days spending in sapporo only... mandy, feeling very cold ^^

    i'm gonna leave, let's chat in msn later then! thanks for having such a good post in she

    bb ^^

  • 難忘ar? em... 我去過南非, 試過係一個大草原坐車追野生動物... 有獅子同大像

    我都幾鍾意影相ga.. 同埋都好想試下一個女仔去旅行既滋味 :)

  • Mandy, 其實一個人去旅行都唔係有乜危險, 只要去一些發達國家既旅遊區其實都好安全, 又可以識下朋友一齊玩一段Segment, 心境其實好開朗, 睇個世界都唔同左

    好啦我都收工, 係MSN見啦, bye!

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    Gd Eng & Mand

    5 yrs exp in secretarial duties.

    Exp in small size company MUST

    Pls email : hrdepartmenthk@gmail.com

  • itrecruiter, 請不要騎劫post, thanks for your cooperation!

  • fab.. msn唔見你online wor, 又去左旅行?

  • sammi, nup i didn't go traveling although i wanna do so

    how ar u, still busying on show recently?

  • yes ar, very busy recently

    how about yr plan to 仙台? take me there too la.. hoho

  • 仙台... 好正喎, 好想去

  • sammi, take u there? are you a baggage? ^^

    hi angel, yep i guess there would be beautiful especially in winter...

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