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  • Question: What are the top English learning centres in HK?

    Here is my choices:-

    1. British Council
    2. Wall Street Institute
    3. Englishtown
    4. Elite English Learning Centre
    5. Aston Institute
    6. Language Key

    Any others?

  • How about Cosmo English? I hear alot about them through advertising...

  • HKMA

    HKU Space

    I went to Space before good courses for adults :)

  • Elite English is a good choice..they have professional teachers working their....

  • Yeah, no surprise with that list of schools.....they are all top in HK.

    Depends what courses people want too!

    Language Key & Wall Street: corporate English/business english

    Elite English & Aston: IELTS/General English

  • Your list is ok for language schools; there are so many choices in HK and feel that if u wanna improve English, u must find a good English teacher who is native speaker (from overseas!).

    Also, the 1-to-1 class is better but small group size seems ok too!

  • what's the point of going to the best english language school when we dont speak english with each other? All the magazines are in Cantonese

    In HK, EVERY THING by default is CHINESE.

    All the bills, bank & fast food flyers, .............. any thing you can name .................

    they are all in Chinese / Cantonese

    All the signage / bill boards are in CANTONESE including the glass doors in the HK Railway.

  • bill, are u saying there's NO point in learning another language ???

    i mean ... if ur gonna invest the time and money in this ... might as well choose what is BEST available out there ( if u can afford it ) ...

  • In order for speaking / learning English to be effective, you must have the environment to support. Otherwise,

    Even when you LIVE in Canada, US in the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere in Aussieland or NZ, you dont have to learn English and you will still get by.

    When you are in HK, isnt it a waste of money and time to learn English?

    the owners of the language centres are laughing to the bank.

    Nice of you to pay for their expensive taste, nice apartment, flashy cars and round the world vacation.

  • bill, are u saying there's NO point in learning another language ???

    Of course, if you have plenty of money and time to kill, please do whatever you want.

    If not, you are literally burning your $$$$.

    What's the chance of speaking english in HK? in the school? in the office? in public places? Even all the cartoons are in Cantonese!!!!

    How come, after 10 years of Enlgish lessons, majority of those who left school cant even speak at Primary 6 level?

    This is not rocket science, right?

  • Interesting argument from Bill.

    I think however that English development will come from an Immersion style English program that can be properly set up in Hong Kong primary schools.

    Like in Canada and Australia, the Immersion program is instilled into students at an early age, so that all the learning aspects can be met. If schools don;t have this, then it's an uphill battle for students when they get older, I'm afraid.

    The deficiency of students is based largely on students' inability to converse in class time. Classes at school are strictly teacher-oriented and this has to change, to make it more conversive; otherwise the confidence in students is totally destroyed!

  • In addition to my earlier point, its perhaps not a waste of money to learn a language, as it depends on the circumstances of its use. i.e. in the workplace......some students need English to communicate with native speakers so there is purpose behind learning. Again, it depends on the circumstances for learning.

  • it depends on the circumstances of its use ...

    so TRUE !

    I got a fd with LOVES english , like she takes TONS of english courses hoping to become ' NATIVE ' one day .

    I mean I don't mean to be rude ... but I want to tell her that's NEVER gonna happen ... unless maybe she ends up marrying a 鬼佬 (of cos that's her goal .. lol~) .. then she still got a chance to become ... I wouldn't say ' native ' ... mabbe ' fluent ' ??

    And there are those who just .... take a whole bunch of those courses for NO SPECFIC reasons... just cos they feel like it ....

    Having said that... I think the majority of ppo who take these $$$$ courses are work-related .

  • cc - yes, I agree that students will not become totally "native" speakers; it is almost impossible to do so, given that the majority of learners are native cantonese and use cantonese as a medium of exchange and dialogue.

    I think apart form learning English for the workplace, they also would learn so that they don't "lose face" in front of native speakers/colleagues. Pride is at stake for some learners in this city!

  • To Janny

    I can't say Cosmo Institute belongs to this group of top schools. I

    haven't heard anything about them; what do they specialize in?

  • I went to both British Council and Elite English and think they are very good schools, with NET teacher and course materials.

    I like them both mainly cause they have native teachers from overseas, not HK teachers to teach English.

  • I also plan to learn languages.

  • I think however that English development will come from an Immersion style English program that can be properly set up in HK primary schools.

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