HK girls are so poor and cheap, a car ride could give them satisfaction of a life time.

  • Everyone thinks people in HK are rich but actually most are poor, cramped in a living quarter of a 400 sq ft in a family of 4-5, get sandwitched in the MTR or buses and never had a chance to enjoy a nice dinner in some fancy restaurants.  It is perfectly fine to be poor but it is not fine to ask for stupid favors such as " Can anyone offer me a car ride ????!!!! "

    I am just sick of Kong girls requesting for car rides as if they have never had a ride before in a private automobile other than public transportations.  People living abroad could own a car.  They are infact sick  of driving. No big deal ! The fact that Kong girls asking for a pitiful ride as a prerequisite in a date is a major joke if you tell people living in Nothern America.  Of course I'm not being fair ! How many girls have actually been abroad ? In fact I doubt if majority of the kong girls actually have a passport.  Now may I have a ride please ?????? then you can screw me big time.  Pathetic people.

  • good......

  • Agree

  • well said.  I totally agree.  I have a car but I never answer to those that ask for a car ride.  They are really low life and low taste. A girl does not have to be sophisticated but not cheap

  • No I do not agree - you're being too cynical here. I would take "a car ride" as something similar to "having a dinner together". I can understand that those who live in foreign countries drive too much, but it may not be applicable in Hong Kong.

    Or put it this way - would you say to those in Ethiopia "you guys are being pathetic for wanting a bowl of rice, since those in Hong Kong have eaten already too much"?

    You're comparing apples to oranges here

  • EatUslef, did you have a very bad experience?

  • You are simply missing the point. First of all, the car ride is just a way to enjoy cruising around. While many do own a car in US or elsewhere, the point is enjoying a cruise, enjoying the breeze and just another way of hanging out. If you ask me, I think people start boozing after lunch on weekends in London and everywhere in US are just as pathetic too, isn't it?

    Secondly, before you start screaming out about people living in tiny apartments, but I am sure you realised that these tiny apartments cost a lot more to rent than many of those across US on a per sq feet basis,

    If HK is pathetic, isn't Tokyo worst? If you are so upset about living in HK, why bother to live here?

    You choose to work in HK because you know you are not being recognised in US and that you cannot even get a decent job or have yourself heard in firms in US.

    Grab a life, dude.

  • how many kong girls here?

  • you must be one, jillllllll

  • one of what?

  • one of the stupid girls

  • dlmn, show me ur heard, dont be a tortoise.

    I am one of them, so what? still many guys wanna date me...

  • yes. date u and fxxk u. that's about it.

  • I have a confession to make.

    I hate being looked up from cars while I have to stand in a bus sob

    I want to look up from below without having to smell the terrible BO from people. sob

    So what if you are right? is it a sin to have a better life?

  • Why do you bother looking at cars and people inside? I could have better things to think about and care about when taking a bus ride

  • car rides? sorry I have car sick

  • dlnm

    It is called jealousy and envy.  Why do some get the luxury of a car ride to work or off work while I get salty pig handed by perverts and suffer from BO ?? I hate it when I look out the window and see people enjoy while I suffer.

  • Last thing, because most are expected to own a car in North America, it is somewhat expected that you do own one or she does own one. Try dating someone if you do not own a car in US and suggest taking bus .. unless you are in a major city like Big Apple.

  • dlnm is just a loser who is looking for free lunch....u had better save ur time to make money better than waste ur time here....stupid loser

  • dlnm is just jealous about rich people, coz he i snot able to afford urself...

  • look further then

    why do you still have to drive to work? spend lots of time finding a parking space? Got jammed in traffic no matter you're in benz or ferrari? Being watched by onlookers like people looking at their pets in a cage?

  • obviously DKMY is jillllll...and she begins to enjoying being tortoise in her own words

  • why would one drive to work and yet still need to fight for a parking space? There is such thing call car park. All you need to do is pay. Question is, can you afford it?

    Traffic jam... sure.... but are you not jammed too? Either stuck in the traffic if you are on a bus or squeezed with strangers in mtr who may.. who may spread swine flu to you.

    Being watched? Are you not being watched when you walk on the street? Maybe you ought to find a better job or blame yourself for not being able to live in a nice new apartment and/or buy a nice flashy 2 seater European sports car.

  • dlnm - I hate to disappoint you but getting jammed in traffic or go in great distances in finding a parking space sure beats the hell out of getting a heat stroke while waiting for a bus or being squashed in the mtr ! besides, you have no idea how many chicks I picked up with my second hand 911.

    Chicks think they own the world just by sitting next to me and vanity is my ticket to get laid.  Sorry pal I agree with the thread master.

  • now that's something i don't get it

    you're looking down upon the girls you pick up...then you're showing off you could pick up such cheap chicks

    what's the point?

  • Sorry to jump in, but may I ask: what's wrong with a gal asking for a ride? That's simple, she wants a ride. Does that mean she is poor? Does that mean she has never had a ride in her whole life? I don't see anything wrong with that. In fact, I do ask for a ride sometimes after parties, what's wrong with that?

  • nothing wrong, just not everyone can afford that...and someone not able to afford that, but wanna date hight quality girls....and u know what is going to happen.....

  • 本人今晚系she.com奇遇, hooked up a gal with one of car rides thread out there, where with the msn dialogs she asked in the very beginning conversation.

    quote !!!

    1 .aren't u 35+??

    2. what is your job

    3. how tall are u

  • I had been lived abroad for 10 years and my family have cars. are these factors make me not a kong girl even if i ask for a car ride in dates?

    no matter being a rich or a poor, What's wrong for girls to ask for car rides as if Guys, A,B and C, can offer them? Having pravite cars in HK is very common too as you can see there are many beautiful private cars (much more than in the N/A based on %) in HK.

    You can choose not to have dates with those, who so called kong girls. but...they can choose to have dates with those "gentlmen" guys. that's fair.

    You can't/ don't want to offer them doesn't mean they don't worth to have car rides from other guys!!

  • I never ask those questions..haha...

    But i know many many many guys would ask another 3 questions..

    1) age

    2) body figures

    3) what are you looking for in she, sp/sl ?

    of coz ..they ask what you do in advance too.

    I think their purposes are similar..

  • HKer, these are the same questions asked by guys I knew from internet. Except the different from your question 1 would change to "how old are you"

    So what does that mean?

  • Girl

    can agree not more about we are looking for similar - hell

    btw, you are not a "typical HK gal 'then. nice

  • B

    my issue is I never got a chance to ask 3 questions of "guys", then she "disappeared" :-O

  • HKer Yes, i think i'm not a kong girl as i don't even have 5% similarities with them.

  • HKer haha....

  • HKer, that's good for you. At least you got to know what kind of a gal she is.

  • for your own good ;), Girl

  • B

    frankly, I got no clue she is, the conversation window was not yet established.

  • HKer

    I won't ask for a car ride, but I would expect him to send me home (it is ok even we take public transportation) if i have dates with him at night. is this one of the kong girls' attitudes?

  • nevermind. so did you manage to go out for a ride today?

  • B

    Yea, cruised with family, daddy's day. hot like in hell out there, no chance to open windows and take a breath.


    you are so sweet :), not an HK gal at all

  • well, in general, well said.  

    I lived abroad for 20 odd years, never once a girl asked if I have a car or not before dating me.  In fact, in places like London or Big Apple, they said it's best to leave my car home if I have one.  

    what a contrast.

  • totally agree with u ,EatUself

  • HKer, I drove a lot today as well. The only time I felt good was when I drove home from Stanley. Short ride but I could finally feel the breeze.

  • O by the way, HKG just a small town, to own a car is not necessary - my stand-point

  • B

    sounds you were in a convertible :)

  • For those who don't have cars, please stop blamming on the girls. If you cannot offer car rides, I think you can offer somthing else to impress the girls. You can do somthing that the riches do not do. It is easy to soften a girl's heart by being sweet mouth.

  • to all

    car ride thread is evergreen and attractively @

    drivers should try their luck :)

  • I guess owning a car in HK is not the matter or you whether you need it or not. It's whether you like driving or not. Unlike other countries, here you buy a car because you enjoy driving. If you don't enjoy driving, you can hire a taxi where ever you need to go, right?

  • my tender Gail, you are lovely, envy the guy with u if there is one.