Looking for a Partner

  • i'm male, 26, who looking for a partner
    and prefer she get a great sense in music, movie,
    and quality of life.
    For mine, i would love to sharing time 
    ,cooking, massage with my partner, etc.

  • Aw, that's sweet. You seem ideal.

    What sort of partner are you looking for?

  • u could say soulmate

    i guess "part-time gf" isn't close to my requirement

  • hi jamie ...

    may i interrupt? ... ;)

  • Schindler,

    I don't think this is a good place to be looking for a potential soulmate though. A part-time sex partner, maybe, but not a significant other..:)

  • bellino,

    Be my guest..:)

  • jamie ... thanks ... so how are you today? ... are you looking for partners other than kinda soulmate? =p

    schindler buddy ... soulmate stuff you may go to relationship section ... i am afraid here wont be the right place ... unless you are looking for someone to hang out and finally sleep together ... ;)

  • bellino,

    I'm very good, thanks. Tired, but surviving. Yourself?

    No, I'm not looking for any kind of partner, well, maybe just a chat partner. ;)

  • well, i wish i can find a soulmate

    and hope she can be part-time sex partner

    the reason i didn't put sp in my topic

    is sex could be the final part, but i do really

    wanna to see if any can meet my requirement

  • jamie .. same here ... tired n surviving ... just friday syndrome ..

    instead partner such sensitive word, i used to say buddy .. haha ... so chat buddy ... welcome n thanks to be one for me ... =p

  • Schindler,

    Well, I don't know if I meet the requirements, but I do love music, movies, and cooking, the arts..;) but there are some set backs, so hope you find what you are looking for..:)

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  • bellino,

    Oh, agree, buddy seems a like a more decent and friendly term. 'Partner' seems to hold too much responsibility, lol.

    Yes, I will probably be feeling like that tomorrow..

    Thanks, nice to meet u

  • jamie ... so normally u have not much to do in office on friday afternoon? ... or just as boring as always .... or busy but boring?

  • lol, not in office, lovely Thursday at 2:30 in the morning here, but yes, boring and starting to doze off to sleep now..

    You have a wonderful evening..Night night~

  • Jamie

    shall we talk further in MSN?

  • jamie ... so u r from the east coast ... sleep tight ... add me or just come around tmr ... [email protected] ... nite

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