Just a short holiday break to Vietnam or Korea?

  • Hi. This may sound silly but I am wondering if anyone would like to take advantage of discounts offered by Cathay to go either Vietnam or Korea for a short break?  Tentatively, I am planning to depart on July 1 and back on July 5.  

    I am a guy and am looking for travelmates. Does not matter if you are guy or girl and as long as you would like to join me for a short holiday.  Free and easy, not planning to join tour groups. 

  • i m interesteing to join. i m a girl. how can i contact u?

  • Hi girl

    email me at [email protected].

    Guys and girls, this is not intended to be a sex tour or anything sleazy. Anyone who is interested, regardless of gender, is welcome to email me. Just a very slow, relaxing holiday break. Thanks.

  • how much is ur budget ?

  • Can I join with my bf

    what is the deal with CX

    We perfer to go Vietnam than Korea gar,

    afriad of missiles ma, hehe

  • 644, I am totally flexible. I do not mind 3 stars or 5 stars as long as the group prefers.

    633, my preference is Vietnam too and possibly a beach resort. Definitely welcome if you and your bf would like to go, assuming you do not mind me being the lightbulb.

    Anyone interested to go, please feel free to send me your contact details and mobile. Male and female are welcome.

    Trip is AA basis.

  • Tentative plan is to go to a beach resort and may stay 1 day in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).

    Here is the information:


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