Lissie, Lissie, where you go? Love your squirting and let the water flows...

  • Hi Lissie, what a wonderful night PS with you on the phone! still feels like floating on the water, love to hear that lovely wave again...

  • Hi Fantasy, can you give more details?

  • hi gal

    u want ps tonight?

  • gal

    do u wanna try role-playing ?

    doctor, teacher, nurse, boss, driver....etc

  • wow fantansy! are you insane!!!?? ummm.... u r making me embarrased ><

    PT, oh my dear colleague, in horny mood today!?

  • hello lissie

  • lissie

    u are PT too?

    what make u moody tonight?

  • hi lissie, are u good and wild on phone? i always enjoy having ps with such type. May i enjoy with u tonight?

    my msn:

  • PT, heehee, I'm an OT. But I do work very "closely" with PTs.

    I'm always in mood. and you?

    bush: ummm I would refer ur question to fantansy to answer, if he's around tonight...

  • Oh Lissie, U finally showed up. Can't stop thinking of U in the sexy uniform and sexy voice, was damn hot...

  • o really?

    so should we chat in msn?

    i am fine..just tired every night after work..

  • lissie, i would love to feel how good u are, may i have a chance? I think i can satisfy you on phone and even in real too, can add me first?

  • Lissie

    do you have wild phone tonight?

  • Lissie

    maybe u can add my msn abd chat further..


  • Lissie, my pleasuer to answer Bush..

    Bush: I am not suppposed to tell how hot and wild Lissie is, or I am creating competition for myself. But ironically, if U have read her post before, U should know she is one hot lady, with wild imagiantion... Good luck,..., but watch out for a heart attach, U may need another PT to help U out...

  • Fantasy, really?

    Well, it is so hard to find a real and horny lady on phone recently, i do want to try, lissie, may i have a chance to enjoy with u tonight?

    I want it badly recently, i can say, every night, as long time no sex for me.

  • guys: I had given 6 good reasons for Lissie to add me to her msn, U better start come up with the answers fast... haha, good luck

  • kel & bush, then pls work very hard to attract and seduce me, haha

    fantansy, define hot & wild? I think I'm just so so actually, but last night was too much fun... so high

  • Lissie

    can i have chance to hug and kiss you gently? romantic talk

  • lissie, sounds u are someone who knows how to enjoy too. I would love to do much foreplay, licking,kissing, sxxking...and share alot of our feelings, views...fantasies...

    And i may do two times if u are good enough, do u like the guy to keep moaning and cumming?

    Hope we can talk soon, as im in a good mood now.

  • U have fulfiled every man's fantasy with a sexy, slutty woman in uniform. Being fondled in physicl exams, high degree difficult positions that can only be performed by qualified medical personnel...hearing of your water flow... vow, too much to describ, one has to experieince to undersand...

  • lissie

    i am in 6ft tall and muscular body to give hug. kiss your neck gently and hold your waist. and feeling your sexy body smell

  • Fantasy, really sounds fun to have ps with her then.

    Lissie, i would love to hear how you squirt, do u like to hear how a man touch his dick? i would like to know how u feel when i do that.

    Sometimes i like foul language ps, but sometimes soft, depends on the mood, we can try both if u want.

  • fantansy, are you planning to make me wet again tonight?! Our fantansies of physical checking was too much fun really, lol

    hope u wont get urself erected whenever going to hospitals again.

  • lissie, i guess u are easy to get wet, right? im easy to get hard, even on day time....

  • lissie

    i am so glad if i have choice to have romantic moment with you and make you wet

  • bush & kel, yea, could get wet easily, would enjoy all kinds of moments. just depends on if we click to each other.

  • lissie, are u fingering yourself or using vibrator now?

  • lissie, i would like to have some soft and romantic sex, hugging, kissing...chatting slowly...then can do much wilder and harder, i do have many fantasies to fulfill, but so far hard to find a good and wild ps partner/ real partner, are u the one?

  • Lissie, count on it. When U see an erected guy walk into your office next time, it could very well be me. haha

    hey, are U online? U like to continue the un-finished business or U already playing with one of the guys?

  • Lissie

    are you going wet now? i would like kiss and lick you gently, soft massage on your back as well

  • Lissie, do u like to feel all....the man's sperms when he cums? I do want to let u feel that.

    Add me ok? I m looking forward to bringing u orgasms!

  • bush, I'm doing nth but surfing around + playing pet society now :p

    no one set a fire on me... so I'm just sitting here doing useless things, lol!

  • lissie, can add me and chat?

    Im having holiday mood, and prepared for some wild ps and even real fun. My tool is always on fire, how do u like to feel it?

  • bush, ummm sounds tempting. i enjoys the hot sperms a lot... love to feel it jerks deep inside me.

    but if u want me to add u, u better give me 6 good reasons, so to be fair with Fantansy)

    fantansy: no ar... nth much, not even start hunting yet.

  • lissie, im ready to give u some im already touching my cock...

  • lissie

    you are the most attractive lady bewteen us

  • Lissie,

    want a good CBS session here?

  • kel, between who?

    fantansy? u there?

  • i know CBT, but didn't hear about CBS!

  • lissie

    between bush, fantasy and me.

    do you want to get we tonight?

  • well, haha, maybe i cant come up with so many reasons, but u can always choose me or fantasy to enjoy with.

    Let me try. First, im single, 30, always want it, eveyr night, im serious, so i can always satisfy u as u want.

    Second, im experienced on phone and real.

    Third, im patient to do, love more foreplay, sharing, kissing, i mean on both phone and real too. Once i did with much foreplay, fingering and licking...that the lady asked me to lie down to let her sit on top right away.

    Fourth, i can endure for quite some time, i dont want to brag, but it's true.

    Fifth, i can recover soon, can do 3 times in 2 hours (i did it just few months ago, heee)

    Sixth, i can be wild and soft too, so u can enjoy both types!

  • Lissle, remember last time we chatted about sex in the beach. late at night, under the moon light, sleeping on warm sand, feeling the cool breeze caressing your little sister, sxxking your Cs, it will be lots of fun; especially, still with people walking by

    Would U like to try it out?

  • CBS = Cyber Sex.....

  • Lissie, gone? quite hard now...want to shoot all to u.

  • fantasy: ummm I'm more into indoor sex tonight. wanna do it in the bathroom where i can enjoy being showered and washed by a guy.

    strong enough to make me feel high.

  • lissie, sounds u like 3p...or even 4p? heee.

    I want it badly too, can add me to chat now?

  • lissie

    that's excitement. sex in the bathroom. both are standing in the shower. push you lying on the wall, hold your leg up.

  • Lissie, how about bathing in the tub filled with water and rose pedals, I can give you a love massage in the tub, U like me to shave U? splash the hot water to your pussy? sure sounded like fun, we dun have to worry about cleaning up after the squirt, U can squirt all your to hear that squirting again

  • fantasy: yea.. would really love that love massage

    esp. that love massage on my pussy

    shave it for me and just gently splash, rub and massage it with hot soapy water

    would love u slide ur middle finger between yet along my pussy lips....... back and forth, rubbing the finger root against my clit....

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