Who are you?

  • I really think you are mental as you told me.

    Sheer Mak

    Maggie Mak

    Jes Mak

    How many more IDs are you going to get?  How many more persons you are going to pretend?

    You are so sick.  Your specialist doesn't seem to be able to help you out.

  • I met this woman via a chatroom. We chatted a few times but what she told me made me sick. I deleted her and then she kept on adding me using various address and names.

    This woman is 47 years old and claimed her husband doesn't have sex with her for like some 10 years so she wants to have sex with men. From what she told me, I knew she is mental. She did say she has been seeing specialist for over 25 years and my God, I couldn't understand how I landed such a crazy woman.

    If any of you see someone with these names, better not to talk to this person. She is sick she is mad and she is crazy.

  • seems like the mm725mm I know.

  • she is mony mak

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