SOS ... i need the money for funeral

  • just ask for the financial help.
    let me know anyone can show his/her big hand.

    my grandma has pass away, and now i still run for the money for the funeral.
    i know that, we dont know each other, but just seeking for help.

    no matter less or more, this is also a great help for me.

    i will online after 1am tonight, if anyone can help, just leave down the msn or email, i will contact him/her directly.

    or if you have any question or concern, please don't hesitate to ask me.

    thousand of thanks for your great help.

    here is my situation~
    i need around 50K in total, 
    i spent out all of mine, there're around 20K
    i loan from outside is around 15K
    and i ask friends is around 1K
    now i seeking for the help of around 5k

    please respect yourself, my grandma, and me, don't leave any evil speaking.   i just try my best in all the way i can do.

    thanks... thousand of thanks, with whole heartly.

  • there is a grant from govt, therefore i don't think u need to borrow from others!

    Go and ask the hospital staff.

  • thanks, i have try when grandma pass away, but they say i m not qualify.

  • all welfare from the govnt is at the tight require

  • you need around 50K in total

    20K from yourself

    15K loan from outside

    1k from friends

    so you now need 5k more??

    why not 14k?

  • sorry , wrong typing..

    it should be

    need around 50K in total

    20K from yourself

    15K loan from outside

    10k from friends

    therefore now is running for the 5k

  • powd, thanks for your mention.

  • 嗯, 坦白講, 你係度問都嘥氣啦, 呢度啲人點會幫你呢, 唔可以話大家無同情心, 不過實在太多騙徒了... (sorry, 我唔係指你...希望你無hardfeeling)...

    5k 唔係一個大數目, 但係亦都唔細, 你要陌生人去相信一個陌生人, 真係好難囉, 特別係今時今日香港地...

    如果你真係有需要, 而你又覺得$500可以幫到你, 你就話我知我再留msn俾你啦.... 好似你咁樣急用錢我都試過, 我好明白, 你都好呀有朋友幫到你, 我想搵隻鬼幫下都無...

    唉, 祝你好運啦, 唔係股票蝕大錢倒輸, 借5k俾你有乜所謂...不過今時今日真係愛莫能助.

    $500 我當蒲少2日, 你如果有用就留言啦, 不過我都要聽日先過到架啦..

  • 老實講,你差五千者...你咪叫儐儀代理睇餸食飯,跟番你個budget平番俾你囉...你grandma既funeral會有親友黎做帛金嘛...咪叫一人一份囉...你都己經有45k啦...呢個數目做funeral都好ok啦...好多人得幾千都有得做架...做人要實際的好...再唔係既...如果有工做既同的同事老細講..叫人夾帛金囉..都起碼接近目標呀

  • true, if u needed another services provider, I think I can help u to find a cheaper price law

  • 貴有貴做平有平做


  • you can borrow from UA or promise, only 2 hrs, u can get the cash, i'm a housewife, also can borrow 20k and 10k , even no job, Try Try, my friend is working at UA, maybe she can help u

  • I also can't believe it is a true story. Why need $50,000? Come on, you can just skip some steps and save some money. It's pointless to ask people to borrow you money.

  • 幫不上忙


  • Why need $50,000? ... actually is 48K around

    superwoman .......... i have done

    beebeechan .......... i have pay partial, i thihk its not easy to change the provider, but i will try to talk with him.

    路人甲 .............. because when there're a critical illness, i have borrow from boss, and i work for a small company there're only 2-3 staff, so i have ask who i can ask.

    夾帛金 .............. there're no garantee. i have see before 100 or 300 @@

    suesue .............. if you really can help, can you leave me your contact, either email or msn.

    the budget is for the 長生位 at the same time

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