meet Japanese girl

  • I would like to meet friend with Japanese girls...........Just for friendship and culture............

    Anyone can channel me ??  Thanks

    1. learn better English

      2. learn better Japanese

      3. go to Japan

      4. find an AV shop

      5. buy the AV

      6. pay the $

      7. get back home

      8. turn on the dvd and tv

      9. put it the DVD and enjoy the AV

      have a nice trip

  • I don't like AV.

    And even I like AV, I don't have to go to Japan to buy. There are a lot in Hong Kong

    1. buy a boat

      2. learn how to fish

      3. be a fisherman

      4. move to Japan

      5. be a Japanese fisherman

      6. fish Japanese fish

      7. treat Japanese girls with sushi

      8. ask their phone number so that you can treat them more sushi

      9. next time they eat sushi you also ask them to drink sake

      10. they get drunk & you can AV them

  • That's better..............

  • 你甘想識日本女仔,你去日本識最多你選擇,^^

    1. meet a hk gal

      2. beat her

      3. force her to learn japanese from AV

      4. if she doesn't learn good you beat her

      5. ask her to forget cantonese

      6. if she doesn't forget you beat her

      7. ask her to call herself Sakura

      8. if she refuses you beat her

      9. ask her to call you Takeshi

      10. if she doesn't call you Takeshi you beat her

      11. finally you 2 become a japanese couple


  • こうちゃん”HK 男!! レシピ トップぺージなど!!!!!


  • Hi Nikiki,

    Thanks for your information but in fact i would like to hang out with Japanese girl regularly like real friend so I think girl meet in Japan can't help............

    Hi 講認真,

    '_'" it can't help and I think you are not serious lor.........

  • Hi 日本妹,

    Have you been tortured before ???

  • I really cannot believe HK guys nowadays are so 7


    you read Brutus?

    do you know what this is?

    do you read non-on?

    do you know how to dress?

    do you know 梅佳代?

    ok you know nothing about this stuff

    it's ok

    but it's not ok you are so boring

    why do you think a japanese girl want to make friends with you ?

  • HI 講認真,

    I can't believe that you are so boring too in replying me again and again if you think I am crazy and wasting your "valuable" time for me... How come a person who is so impolite but replying me again and again....

    I think the root cause is you have no friend at all....

    Pity 講認真............

  • chinese

    I am just making of fun of you.

    it was funny but I get very very angry later when I realised you are far more on9 than I expected.

  • Hi 講認真,

    I am sorry I give up la.....I don't have much time for you..

    It was angry but I get very very funny later when I realised you are far more on9 than I expected.

  • go to sleep and have a nice dream.

    a short cut for you