want to meet some friends to share life & views & have casual activites together

  • want some freshness in life & want to meet some friends here. 

    Would like to meet people who can share views & life w/;
    have some casual activites sometimes, e.g., movie & dinner...
    Preferably people who work in relates to the financial sectors as I am one of them. 
    could be easier to hv consent when such kind of topics came across.

    mature individuals is very desireable; 
    female or males are both very fine. 

    I am working + studying; so don't really have much time to spend on msn.
    I prefer a real life contact more than a virtual friendship.
    But anyhow, she.com & msn could be the starting point.  =]

    if you are interested to know me more; 
    can add my msn at [email protected]

    (people who is looking for sex can skip this page; 
    becoz you will sooner or later find out this won't worth your time =] )


  • a nice long intro i am sensing a female :P

  • oh yea, i forgot about the gender thingy. haha. do I need to do those age/sex/__ (i think here is a number but not sure what it is) guess it's not really so important isn't it =P

  • the importance of gender depends on what you are after, or what others are after. After all, there is always a motive behind every action. Just watch ur back dreamy :P

  • you are right. gender is indeed important; especially when it attach to some purposes. But not too much in my case; still it would be very useful to know someone gender to decide what to talk. (in terms of topics; not attitude)

  • well, good luck finding those fit your criteria, just watch out for those hidden colors behind the grey wolf. I am just a wanderer that wanders around chatting to random strangers while watching the clock tick down.

  • Good day to you all ^^

    urgh.... I lost the chance to let you guys take a guess on my gender ><

  • haha hello abbie where have i seen your nick b4? ^_~

    how have you been? what happened to your thread?

  • dreamflies, just added ur msn.

  • well well, if it isn't the infamous Mr Benefit keke poor dreamy

  • I have not come here for long time. How have I been? Great (I guess). Haha! How about you?

    BTW, how come I don't remember seeing your alias before? LOL

  • sounds so commercial for the "criteria" @__@ omg, I am just looking for friendship. & no worries, I don't have any intention that could made me fall in Wolf's nice trap. So I guess I would be fine. haha! & you are here to advice me too, isn't it? =]

    its saturaday (or sunday you could say) Stop looking at the watch; just chat until your eyes can hardly open then go to bed!!

  • hi Benefit, I like the brand called benefit you know; their make up & skin care are really nice! haha! & their bourchur is lovely!

    Just shout in my msn & I will reply!

  • Abbie

    Of course you don't remember seeing my alias, i've just made it up silly :P

    Good to hear that you are great though :)


    Well, my advice would be ... change ur msn account ^_^ you may ask why, but thank me later. And i can't take my eyes off the clock it's clicking tic toc tic toc taunting me to synchronize with my heart beat cries

  • why poor dreamy ? and have we met Z2 ?

    i find there is at least some substance in what dreamflies has typed..

    allow me to say.. in my life experience..the worst kind of people are the ones that types/speak bullshxt behind ppl's back or/and those who believe in bullshxt and spread bullshxt and/or those who add bullshxt to facts and/or those who convincingly bullshxt =)

  • I am working + studying...I prefer a real life contact more than a virtual friendship...

    > i share the same view.

  • Z2, it is a nice name you know. Next time I will try to name myself "z4", haha! well, this is an msn account that i just made up; so no worries about that. Tho I am new to forum; but I have been "old" on the internet & borned since the generation of ICQ. haha¬ so not that "dumb" after all. =P

    if you feel like your heart would synchronize w/ the clock; please hv ur phone prepared near you & ready to call 999 at any time sweetheart!

  • i remembered the days of ICQ.. also yahoo chat pages.. then stopped chatting for long long time until few months ago came to she..

  • wooh wooh chill Mr Benefit, don't get me wrong i've got nothing against you. Why so quick to defend yourself if you haven't done anything wrong?

  • just said hi to F.. but perhaps ..too busy to reply ..

  • benefit,

    i hate people gozzip; but bs is fine for me, as long as not to bs me when I'm extremely busy. haha!

    my typing was just casual; need not to think too much! Just was trying to catch someone to watch a movie w/ me next wed but failed; so want to look for someone here. =P haha!

    I used to spend quite a lot of time on the internet; but the fact of reality just don't allow me to do so anymore. sob I don't even have time to reply sms or phone calls sometimes & got kicked. =P hehe. but my friends are mostly very understanding¬

  • Z2 , no need to defend and shared my life experience..

    just asked 2 questions, have i met you before and why poor dreamflies =)

    anyways.. won't say anymore on this cause is not constructive on this thread. hope you understand.

  • Z2, i haven't been to yahoo chat pages before. the next generation of ICQ is MSN already; & its still living in me. so hard to get rid of, haha!

    Benefit, sorry my dog just shxt in my room, so went to clean off. hes just so sticky; need me to play with him all the time.

  • no worries dream.. i type faster than i think.. so i won't think about it too much..

    but as i said.. i also study and work at the same time and i also prefer real life interaction than chatting behind screen..

    how's your week been ?

  • HELLO~dream ^^

  • dream,你的說話很誠懇,呵呵.^_^


  • dreamy

    Z4 haha or Z5, age of the ICQ then you are at least xx years old =P do you understand the term ASL?

  • nat.. how's the sit up tonite ?

  • hi natalie; same name w/ natalie imbruglia. hehe, i like her so much¬ her voice is brilliant

  • ben,我沒有做,因為唔太舒服.明天再做.^^多謝關心呀.

  • 我都好鍾意..natalie imbruglia~佢首"torn"~好好聽.^^

  • natalie imbruglia.. where is she these days.. her short hair, eyes and style is nice nice..

  • Z2, its ok, Z4 is enough¬!

    well, is it not alright to be xx years old =P

    nope, whats ASL¬?

  • hi nat

    imbruglia is nice, i like her too :) too bad she is an one hit wonder

  • natalie is actually same name as the colleague sitting opposite me.. but she will leave as of march 1st..

  • dreamy

    hehe don't worry abt ASL, it's an internet jargon for social networking. Just probing you with questions through social engineering technique, it's a way to obtain information from you through simple conversation in a subtle way. Why am i telling you this? you'll need to think about it :)

  • natalie呢個名,係我中學老師改,想當年好特別ga,無咩人用..現在好像多左人用..仲有natalie呢個名仲比人改左好多花名添.......真係....HAHA

  • nat nat .. ar nat..

  • natalie = 那她奶 kakakakka

  • ben,你的同事都叫natalie,敢佢有好唔好人ga?^^"

  • Z2...你差不多估中...


  • BEN, NAT NAT~~AR NAT~係我NICKNAME JU!^^人地敢叫我已經好厚道

  • nat.. she has not been a kindergarden teacher.. but she was very warm and kind hearted to me.. as i arrived first day she gave me directions as to where to find documents.. etc.. and i remembered she asked me whether i need food when i worked till very late for one assignment..

    so she is 好人 gar..

  • BEN,聽你敢講呢個NATALIE都幾好人WOO.佢離開左公司真係可惜LA...佢唔係比人炒GA MA?

  • z2, im getting a bit confusing now. do you mind adding my msn.

  • i don't think so.. probably move on to new positions.. 5 of my colleagues won't be there when i go back on mon.. ai..

  • dreamy

    sorry dear can't add your msn, i am a wanderer not a teacher, all i am doing is "日行一善“

    you gotta figure out the rest yourself, it's called 'experience' ^_^

  • haha, i wonder will i be here for the second day =P

  • DREAM? a bit confusing ??咩事@_@"

  • BEN,敢你都好好彩,無掉你走WOO~GD LUCK GUY~

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