I respect you all here and I wish you will do the same thing to me

  • Should you be the one that I am looking for?

    Elegance, thoughtfulness and kindness

    Can you stop by and cast me no more than a passing glance?

    Reach out your hands and let me give you a warm clasp

    Enchanters use demonic words to bias you against your selecting process

    Try not to see only with your eyes, but also feel with your heart.


    Love affair is always a heady experience.

    Over the years, I still could not get rid of pain

    Valentine, My life has been such a whirlwind since I saw you

    Especially in a cold dark winters night.

    Real love could never be found until the end of the day


    Why don’t we enjoy the moments that we can hold out.

    Abandon yourself in searching for the everlasting love will bring you to the depth of pain.

    Nascent love could let your heart beats like you accept your first date.

    Try to open your eyes, open your mind.

    Endear myself to you could never be easy.

    Dream of meeting you could be a fantasy or not, you tell me “yes” or “no”

    Lets talk : [email protected]

    By the way, I am looking for my SL AND I am a man deinitely

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