I am rich and I am cheap

  • Why girls think they deserve my generosity? And why men think that I can be rich and cheap when they are poor and cheap, cheap, cheap....

    For those men who think I am cheap, fxxk u

    For those girls who want my $$$ only, no thx u, you can ask other men to fxxk u

  • fxxk off la, who cares you are rich or not, cheap or not. You're just an axxhole!

  • Thank you, The One.

    See girls, if you dislike Federic's attitude, just tell him to "fxxk off la, who cares you are rich or not, cheap or not. You're just an axxhole!"

    Stop acting like Virgin Mary or a Saint, you girls make me puke!!

  • That sounded like the rite attitude; lay and get laid or P off

  • rich or not , no defination, rich didn't mean u are attractive , poor didn't mean no pretty gal, man

  • oj,

    You are smart and you understand what is the rite attitude. Good for you:-)

  • yeah, shouldn't mix up ability and willingness to pay

  • excuse me, I think what Fed tried to say was ; F off, I hate you all stupid bar se dard.

  • CNBM,

    You will be a great Minister of Finance as you have great understanding of the difference between ability and willingness to pay. You should get Tong Tong's job instead.

  • For those men who think I am cheap, fxxk u -------->

    冇人要去諗你係咪 cheap, 事實你就係 cheap, 冇人格, 冇氣度.......諗你唔係 cheap 果個就真係唔正常

    rich 就係你自己話, 我諗 99.9999% 係老作 --------->

    次次同女仔去街都左算右度, 計前計後, 你就算係有錢都係至 marginal, 至至至........ C H E A P 果隻

  • I am cheap so I have to watch out these 2 points

    I have a question, how do you see materialism of girl?

    for me, it is totally normal and fine for me

    ow I will be scared as the girls are looking for sth else from me

  • so bloody exciting. The other day we had a thread with Fed and Benefit exchange arguments at a rate of like 30 sec per posting and now this thread seems to be getting hot too

  • 次次同女仔去街都左算右度, 計前計後, 你就算係有錢都係至 marginal, 至至至........ C H E A P 果隻

    isn't that more terrible if the 女仔去街都左算右度, 計前計後 on how to spend the men money?

  • Materialism of girls is OK as long as those girls are truly pretty. smart and sexy.

    For the ugly ones to think materialistically, either they were born rich or they have a rich bfs who have no taste, it's very abnormal for them to think like that.

  • to what degree you can tolerate the materialism?

  • you want a dollar amount?

  • in term of their attitude

    any experiences to share?

  • I am not good at defining qualitative thing such as attitude. I am a quantity guy:-)


    for girls who I bought a LV bag, I fxxk them 4 times on average.

    for girls who I bought a Chanel bag, I fxxk them 6 times on average.

  • good examples

    but I think you don't need

    you can get laid without that easily

    is there other thing you look for from a woman other than sex?

  • isn't that more terrible if the 女仔去街都左算右度, 計前計後 on how to spend the men money? ---------->

    CNBM, 而家連你都話 cheap 佬 terrible (同女仔去街都左算右度, 計前計後), 其他 more terrible 係你既假設/諗法 .......... i have no comments

  • CNBM,

    Tell me what can a woman offer a man other than sex?

    Cook? No thx, my Filipino maid can do that

    Laundry? No thx, my Filipino maid can do that

    Clean up? No thx, my Filipino maid can do that

  • you are Rich(ard) 碌柒, you are Cheap精

  • even you pay a chick for sex, u must respect her hat provide u service. The market is free, if gal request too high, and no market, she will decrease the value.

  • Ray,

    well said again. I respect my gfs wor. I just don't respect girls I don't want because they are ugly and want my $$$. And I don't respect people who call me CHEAP.

    The market is free and everyone should know respect for freedom of speech.

  • it's price

  • You are a very good English teacher.

  • If you dun want dun need to complain, maybe u feel not worth and some guys feel worth.

  • Good luck to those guys lah...... If they prefer my leftover.

  • Fed, first of all not here to fight and bicker.

    I won't call you cheap but i find it sad. Judging from what u posted above, u think women can't offer u anything other than sex, food and cleaning service (which is what u mother use to offer except sex) then something seems to be missing from your life.

    I am no pyschologist but something is missing in your life and it ain't money.

  • something is missing in your life and it ain't money.

    by muffintoo - 02/17/09 13:09

    True love lor!

  • true love can't even feed the poor in Ethiopia!!

  • When there is love there is generosity, when there is generoisity there is donations, when there is donations the poor in ethiopia will be fed. Love is unconditional and that is the missing piece of puzzle in you Federic.

  • Of course true love can't feed the poor. Its an abstract but it can motivate the person into doing something to feed the poor.

    To say true love is really too presumptive and getting too far ahead. But rather than only satisfying your little brother's lust, the person inside needs some attention lor.

  • bystander,

    How do you know lei? I am generous to people who are actually in need. Not the greedy HK girls and wimpy HK men who are losers in she.

  • To the contrary, I have too much love that's why I am generous to many. Only selfish girls don't understand the meaning of Sharing and Giving.

    They only take, take, take and forget to give to the needy and fight to privatize me instead of sharing me.

  • so this is what all the fuss is about ? your hatred toward those greedy HK girls without the right qualifications and those men who only bluff and talks without substance?

  • Reason why I have so many gfs is that they deserve my love and they know how to share. I am selective in who I give my $$$. Why should I donate my hard earned $$$ to some poor blokes in Africa and turned out the money went to the dictator who bought a HK$40 million mansion for his daughter at Tai Po in HK?

    Unlike some selfish girls who are possessive and control their men in the name of TRUE LOVE, my gfs are the BEST:-)

  • I am damn poor.

  • And cheap.

  • muffy,

    If you understand the meaning of true love, why can't I have multiple gfs if they all love me? Isn't that the highest level of TRUE LOVE: sharing and giving unconditionally??

  • Federic replied @ 2009-02-17 12:37 pm


    Tell me what can a woman offer a man other than sex?


    女人既偉大, 問下你呀媽啦, 佢咪為你呀爸傳宗接代囉, 唔識生仔點會有你 ..........

    一日到黑淨係諗住 sex sex sex


  • without sex, how can 呀爸傳宗接代 lei?

    唔該你檢討下 what is before, what comes after???

    It's perfectly normal to think about sex first.

  • I never said you can't. Polygamy works for some and it might works for you as long as you know what you are doing. But too often multiple partners ends tragically.

    Try for a minute and think from the other person point of view, if u r not worth her love, she will not mind sharing u or not. In fact, other can have u althogther. You may think this is possesive but the same emotion u have in wanting to posess more than one girlfriend.

    I don't think the highest level of true love is sharing your man with others. I think its call tolerance.

  • BTW, i never claim to understand the meaning of true love and i don't believe in unconditional love either.

  • so True love = love unconditionally = tolerance???

    This is very funny interpretation. Now I can see girls can interpret LOVE whatever suits them:-)

  • Instead of using abstract term, I like to use terms like fxxk, make love, have sex. These terms are easier to understand and no need to interpret.

  • Come on fed don't play dumb, i did not put that equation together. Anyway, it doesn't matter. Everyone has their preferred way of life, not trying to tell u how u should live. Live and let live.

  • oh dear fred is on the loose again :P

  • dun understand why so many Matthews come out these days. Doesn't matter Matthew is just another stupid ordinary name and everybody can name it. Real Matthew only likes to fxxk Fed as he is so fxxkable with a loose axxhole. Fed I fxxk u doesn't mean I'm jealous of or hate you. Just I like to fxxk and u like to be fxxked and we just take what we need from eachother.

  • 你話 other than SEX 呀嘛 )))))))))))

    係呢度講既 sex 好明顯係單指 having sex, normal thinking 點會將生 bb 連埋一齊講 ??? 唔存在你話 "what is before, what comes after" 既問題

    你講到自己有幾十打女朋友, 唔通你 "每次" 同 "每個人" having sex, 都諗住同果個人生 bb, 所以你既解釋唔係好 logical 囉, 好強詞奪理囉 ......

    所以, 你話 "It's perfectly normal to think about sex first." 應該係 "It's perfectly normal to think about sex ONLY." 至襯返你

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