Owners Concern Group

  • An association has just been established as named above.  The objective is to protect the interest of all owners of any kinds, particularly property owners. No entry or monthly fee whatsoever for the moment . If u wish to join, please provide your name, phone number and email addres for me to contact you.    After confirming your accepted membership, lot of socail activities will be arranged for u for the aim of uniting all owners concerned. All people are welcome. My phone No. will be given upon accepting you as member.  No tricks or foul play,please. This is absolutely a legal association for social gathering which has been registered according to laws of HKSAR.

    President of Owners Concern Group


  • please count me in. i will send u my email.

  • can i in?

  • I shall contact u to more in details through your given email.

  • sure, u re welcome pl. give me your name, phone no and email address. if u still ve any doubt u can contact me for enquery.

  • girls re welcome as well ?

  • girls re most welcome. This is a very nice association which u can learn a lot of legal knowledge.

    dont be silent about any injustice, fight for it and i cn show u how!!! join with us, lot of fun and action.

  • sounds good , pl count me as well. let us unite together for fightingour right of ownership.

  • It sounds all good.... but little odd!! Mr. President will you explain more to me if I e-mail you?

  • Sure, I will.email now

  • I will surely fight for the best interest of all owners concerning their right being neglected. Seriously we will not be silent about any injustice.

    u may email to : gpvowners@yahoo.com

  • I ve some problems relating to my property. i shall ask u through your given email address.

  • I shall write to u to tell my phone no. email . i wish i can be enrolled in your club with people from trustworthy background

  • long time no see, president , keep in touch,check your email

  • if my ownership over a property (not necessarily realty) is deprived, is it a criminal offence which the HK police will be taking care of?

    what's the Chinese name of the association? how long has it been established? does it have an office? and where is it located? Can you provide its website for so that we can learn more?

    one more question, threadhost are you a qualified/practicing solicitor? thanks

  • mary replied @ 2009-01-24 12:22 am

    girls re welcome as well ?

    what a stupid question, ask yourself first, will a female be eligible to be an owner of any kind? i suggest the club that president is introducing is not one kind of the ChinaCity Club alike.

  • well asked!

    I would like to ask about the registration proof of the association too!

  • owner,

    Our group has been registrated with the police in english. if u re so much worried , dont send anything and stay out, nobody press u to do anything w/o your consent. in fact, no. of members of our group are growing really fast.

    anyone can access the registration proof through the society registration of police dept. u just dont ve to worry anything. so far this group is not asking u to contribute or donate anything in monetary terms. u may just regard it as a social gathering platform for experience sharing. absolutely no obligation from each other. if u wish to send me your phone no and email for further contact, activities will be arranged soon.

    dont worry, u dont ve to pay anything for joining this group for the moment.

    u can discuss anything through "she.com" , including your working knowledge, u can discuss business even if u re not businessman, u can discuss talk about laws ven if u are not a lawyer, u can talk about education even if u re not teacher, u can talk about how to be a good governor even if u re not a governor.

    your question: u use the word," deprived "instead of "stolen", that makes great difference in legal sense. when something having taken permanently by somebody with intent to keep it permanently, that is criminal offence by stealing.

    On the other hand , when something is deprived for a short time, in strict legal sense, that may not be absolutely a criminal offence, it really depends on how the offender explains his motives in doing such act for what purpose.

  • I want to join too

  • if anyone is really a sex slave or himself claim to be, then this type of people re not welcome to join with us. i ve to ensure that every member re coming from trustworthy background.

  • well done!! president!!!just kick away those people who are playing tricks and fool around here . we only need sincere people who like to express more constructive ideas to strengthen our group. i suggest background check should be conducted before allowing any one to join as member.

  • president,

    glad to talk to u through the phone. i am impressed that u re a real helpful man to me in sovling all the problems i am facing with my property. thanks a lot!! i hope u can keep serving us through this platform.

  • Dear president,

    just drop in to see your thread about your group, since i ve just bought a property recently, i really wish to know more about the rights and responsibilities as an owner. would u let know more about this point so that i can a good role as an owner. thanks.

  • dear ms lui,

    thanks for your response to this thread, being an owner, say an owner of a flat, u then owns some undivided shares of the lot the building stands, then u have right for occupation of the flat, full right to sell, assign, let or permit other owers to use the public area. , also voting right relating to management decisions of the building.

    then regarding responsibilities, an owner shall ve to pay maangemnt fee, maintain structural elements of the building, shall pay tax and rates of the flat. shall comply all house rules drawn up by the OC.In more details, please to the Building Management Ordinance.

  • Thanks president,i shall correspond with through your email adress.

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