To Benefit

  • Benefit wrote

    think we could be friends.. am not looking for gf or wife.. just someone to have cafe, walk and chat, companion to movies or chinese dessert etc.."

    why dont u find a gf instead?

  • Fresh!!! you know?

  • Who know?

    Maybe he can ask his own mother

    to so the things he mentioned here.

  • 唔拍拖有問題嗎

  • Sometimes connections between two companions are closer than a bf/gf because the former would share things the latter couldn't. Additionally in my experience chances are genuine friendships last longer than a trial/error love relationships. Between friends there are no conflict of interests (there shouldn't be) it should be unconditional (marriages aren't), friends are less demanding and usually accept the other companion the way he/she is but love relationships are conditonal and usually must meet a certain standard or criteria , friendships are not bound my manipulations and many love relationships work the opposite by either side being manipulative or wanting to be in control, thus usually ending in mayhem.

    Last but not least, the sacrifices that one has to give inorder to commit in a love relationship is enormous.

    Giving the fact a person is a veteran in datings and through datings he gets 'cold feet' when relationships turn out not the way he wanted and in time, when a companion is juxtaposed to a love relationship it is not hard to see why some people may rather choose a "close friend'.

    I'm not speaking on behalf of benefit here and I have no idea why he chooses the way he did but just sharing that there are hundreds of reason that offer an alternative lifestyles other than wanting the average "pak tall" or engage and commit oneself in matrimony.

  • Some guys like Benefit enjoy the dating process and will be careful selecting his gf. So he just want to be friends first.

    Some guys like Federic enjoy the sex process so will select girls who are willing to sex and compensate when they can no longer be friends later.

  • Barbie, when i saw the thread i wanted to write something similar but thinking "Nah, they won't understand". Good to see we have similar view again.

    One more I'd like to add, one don't go finding gf/bf, they kind of happen. Boy meet girl, chemistry click & Voila. Go scouting around only ends in frustration, besides in SHE might get labeled as "揾食男"

  • I saw benefit wrote:

    "he wish the next girl he meet is the one"

    look like he met half of girls.

    he is looking for sure.

  • Yes fredy money makes the world go around doesn't it. :) I understand the theory behind Demand & Supply.


    Muffy - yeah reputation is important so is first impression. One has to score high in originality to lead in this game.

  • maybe u are not his type, that is why he said that to you nei.

    or u didn't sex with him? let him try u out first ma.

  • I thought HK is a free country.

    Why can't Benefit just seeking companionship?

    People so weird on

  • Sounds like both fion and kittyc want Benefit:-)

  • Federic,

    If I ask u why u only want SP and dun want GF, what will u say?

  • My answer is simple: GF wants exclusivity and wants to privatize me. But I am a CEO of a listed company, so I'm used to many shareholders sharing my company. SPs are good shareholders and they can co-exist.

  • Federic, the CEO excuse is becoming quite lame and tiresome. Got any new one?

  • That is your choice right.

  • HIHI

  • 笨你罰, 係唔係你自己出post 來自我推銷ya

  • 笨你罰 or 你笨罰, ate and run?

  • sorry, i was seriously ill (stomach bug and a bit of headache) for the past two and half days.. recovering.. hk bit cold without heater..

    didn't know there was a thread about me until i look very closely..


    Sidebyme replied @ 2009-01-12 8:05 pm

    笨你罰, 係唔係你自己出post 來自我推銷ya

    (please kindly refer to a reply i wrote to a thread)

    benefit replied @ 2009-01-10 1:35 am

    大部份都喜歡靚仔... u are wrong

    說出來,我都怕你們笑我... u are wrong..

    in all.. just be urself.. no need to list so many things..

    keep it simple..

    who ever appreciates u will come.. no need to find and search that hard..

    u seem nice guy.. but hard sell sometimes scare ppl away..


    therefore i don't know why u still think i am keen to sell myself or post something to sell.. unless u are joking..


    kitty.. thanks for the suggestion..

    i guess sometimes i am too serious about the word gf, or relationship. If i am in one, the other person can have my whole world..that means i shall share my energy, time, feelings, tears, cooking, sports, style, anger, laughter etc with that person..

    some ppl see relationship as a way to have companion, pak tall see what happens lor, have feel or not lor, or just to use relationship as an excuse to engage in sex..

    i admit i am a ham sup and passionate guy but i don't want to play with feelings, play with relationship, wasting a girl's time.. unless she also wants to play.. but then i don't think i would find it hard to call it a relationship..

    yes.. single life is good of course, can meet different ppl, don't have to consider other's feelings etc etc..

    but part of me of course want the next one to be the one... don't anyone ?!

  • to be frank, i dun like benefit neither

  • coz there was once he was kinda "little air" to be


  • i prefer more ppl to like apple because a healthy apple is definitely a more nutritious option..

  • i should have just had around 5 apples in 2008.

    eating apples is troublesome.

    there are lots of pesticides on the skin, i'd prefer not eating it than shredding the skin

  • Benefit, I prefer more ppl to like sports because a healthy life is definitely more exerise. When we play badmintion? hehe. I also eat apple every day. ^_^

  • Benefit, I dun think you are a bad guy..see, you make someone jealousy on you..that's good..but you seems a little bit weak under this cold weather..hehehe...wear more clothes or use some warmer know who I am, right?


  • Hi lady, see you everywhere...kekeke


  • Fi d a call girl is better way to accompany and satisfy your desires.. I guess..

    I am a call girl just drop me a litte message if you want me..

  • harlo call girl, how r u, I take u're the oldest profession in the world, something can be proud of.

  • I love benefit

  • kitty ,here i am not agree with benifit /

    if u feel some one and u play her feeling thats means u like only (sex).

    but i think if u find one lady in ur life who is match to you is more then enought .