Sex problem in marriage

  • I love my husband, but after one year of marriage I accept that he is a very poor lover in bed. My problem is that I previously had a foreign lover who made me so wild and high that I can't accept my hubby's poor performance. He usually ml for less than 10 minutes before cumming. I wonder what I can do. I wonder if I could send him somewhere for lessons! And I am thinking of seriously of finding a sl to meet my sexual needs. I have tried everything, from how-to books and videos and sex movies, to trying to teach him myself. Any advice.

  • finding sl / sp is avoiding the problem instead of solving it. you will create more problems in relationship.. but i am not in a good position to advise anything on how to solve it, sorry.

  • Fu,

    you may try to train him last longer..

    stop moving before he cum..

  • did u sex with him before married?

    poor u, if he is a person willing to learn, he has learnt that already.

    my suggestion, find him a teacher to teach him instead of u getting a sp.

  • NC: I have tried very way I know and have researched to try to train him to last longer. I also try stop moving. I have tried traditional medicine... everything I can think of...

  • People will start pouring in and leaving MSN and claiming that they will satisfy you. Pathetic.

  • perhaps his brother's head is so sensitive. Try to wear condom to lessen the feelings

  • Kitty: yes, I think he needs a teacher. But where?

  • Frustrated

    Pre mature ejaculation is not anything new. The cure is simple. Go visit a sex shop and ask for a spray that would numb your partner thus prolonging the time during his love session. You should know this. They invented this stuff back in the 80's.

  • Fu,

    u need to be patient in this stuff,

    u dunt even aware the imrpovement after months, but maricle happens..

  • No teachers or visual aids could cure a person's limited endurance sexually. It can only be treated medically with oral or external aids.

    Every person is born with a different chemistry and sex drive and your husband is unlucky to be the ones that are short lived. Some men don't cum at all and they make love for hours until the his partner bleeds.

  • LOL how can one expect a medical when the fate of person is sealed. You can improve the technique but you cannot alter the biological body. Sometimes the mind effects how our bodies behave but that is a very deeep issue that may be adressed by a sexologist which even if you have the time you will not have the money.

  • hi Frustrated =,

    Could you tell me how old are him?

  • 可以試下用加左麻醉藥的condom,可以令男性無咁快高潮,杜雷思出品

  • Try not to avoid sex with him even if you are really frustrated.. My husband was even worse few years ago and I have stopped making love with him... he didn't complain or ask for anything till I discovered he has started the habit of hunting sl / sp for two years.. Now, I am suffering for my own deeds. Hope you can sort out the problem without creating more problems for yourself.

  • 可以試下用加左麻醉藥的condom,可以令男性無咁快高潮,杜雷思出品.

    let me try next time also

  • Frustrated

    i think you need a secret lover

  • Consider my story is worst. I've dated a girl for 10 years I truely love but she has pain when having intercourse. All these years I've been giving and recieving oral sex and nothing else. Do you know how boring and how much frustrated I would be compared with your case?

    How much temptation I've been having to find another sexual partner outside of our relationship? I've been loyal but patience has a limit.

    Whether it's fortunate or unfortunate we broke up recently. Imagine marrying a partner that can never enjoy sex. What a nightmare!

  • Joe, I feel sorry for your story. Hope you will find a nice lady who enjoys sex very soon.

    Fru, my best wishes to you for things becoming better.

  • 就算佢表現點差


  • I feel like crying... I have tried the penis numbing spray. It didn't work and he felt shy. I want my husband to enjoy sex like I do and he's perfect in every other way...

  • frustrated,

    so sad to hear that. can I talk to you in msn?

  • frustrated.

    Hold the tears. I should be the one crying after 10 years of torture from a impotent love. Not trying to belittle her but she is a handicap and I lived with it for over 10 years. But the major difference is you are married for life and I'm not.

    Go find a good urologist for your husband. Those are specialist in bladder and reproductive systems and I suspect they might have medications that may help. If they could invent Viagra there is nothing impossible to cure a small problem of premature. You should check into it. Remember you are not alone!

  • now you know why I call people pathetic ? people like the alias above me would start pouring in and take advantage of your vulnerable situation. These people just make us men look bad and I wouldn't mind puking in their fxxking faces.

  • u dunno that he's lame before marriage?

    It's very easy to solve the duration problem

    Of course i dun hope that u go after sl/sp for a outlet of desire.

  • I know the great inharmony in marital sex is

    The wife likes to prove the husband's loyatly, love and care to her and her own atrractiveness from his sexual devotion. Men are all visual and freshness beings and all women are eqaully facing the tragedy of aging and fading. So ladies dun be idealistic towards marriage. So many absurdity and fatal imcompatibility btwn man and woman. That's why I like to study gender psychology ans sexology. It makes me a good gf and would-be wife so far

  • Sex should be and is supposed to be romantic and passionate in nature. When it comes a necessary devil, the end of harmony comes .

  • i just sense that ur communication with him about performance may not be open enough

    u may need more open discussion with him

    and i dun think u really tried everything, or u are depriving him the opportunity to mend the problem

  • llm

    i thought u r a guy?

  • lemme say it explicitly

    ask him to use finger or tongue to thrill u before his d.i.c.k, or dildo and vibrator

  • If u can appreciate a good partner from a bad one, then surely you could turn him into a better one. A husband's duty is to do his best not to beat the rest. Be fair lady. If you wish to have fun, don't use him as an excuse

  • can be ur sl but i am foriegner guy if u like .

    we can chat b/4 meeting.

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  • doctor sex is indian

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  • haha replied @ 2009-01-07 11:33 pm

    doctor sex is indian

    he and benefit is the same guy!!


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  • haha

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  • K replied @ 2009-01-07 11:45 pm


    Go eat yourself. Everywhere you go you like to degrade and talk stupid. You're a total imbecile and a degenerate. You might want to check your english dictionary if you want because I know your whimpy intellect is equivalent to a 10 yrs old.


    Thx for teaching me the new word imbecile and degenerate

    But what does whimpy mean?

    Please kindly advise

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