sleepless night....

  • Sleepless night, lossing memories flashing through my mind in the darkness night.

    Feeling pity of lossing a soulmate.

    We were once so closed and suddenly all went wrong without a hint.

    Just still cannot let go of lossing such a soulmate who once shares ups and downs with me, and our heart were so closed once upon a time.

  • 而家唔係朝早咩 ?

  • Thought we could be good friends till the end of time.


  • yes, it is morning now. And I have a sleepless night.

  • 咁 good friend 咪好囉

  • Have you ever lost a soulmate who touches the deepest part of your heart?

  • sure !!

    you can do nothing

  • I don't have a clue what has happened. Just pray that this soulmate is doing fine and well, and live happily, that is all.

    Just suddenly feel sad after remembering the good times we spent talking about everything and sharing everything in life. It is difficult to find someone like that to share lifes freely.

  • same here la

    all i can do just pray for that soulmate, actually more than soulmate

  • geess...tht's more than soul mate A...u r trouble-ly in love with tht fella. Once upon a time takes once awhile in time to let go or at teast "soulmate" drop out from the phase of earth all a sudden...makes me wonder.

  • B,what is your story then?

    AB+, I probably would not say I am troubly in love with that fella. But just feeling I have lost something important in life after lossing that soulmate. I thought it is a mutal two way feelings, apparently may be I am worng.

    I am letting go. It is just sometime, the old memories pop into my mind and make me feel a bit sad of lossing a good chat mate........sigh...may be it is all fate.

    Hahaha, I think that fella finally migrate to Mars.

  • Dear A

    first of all

    you are not alone..

    millions of ppl lost love ones today.. lost love ones yesterday..

    we often try to seek explanations..

    but if there is such explanations.. we would call ourselves robots..

    you may have to see things in a different perspective..

    you vcan see a lost is something that is gone forever.. but another view maybe is that they are standing still but you are just walking forward..

    you have to also learn that there are no guarantees in life..

    some ppl believe in destiny, fate, god etc to seek explanation.

    some ppl say they will feel more comfortable if they have an explanation..

    you haven't lost anything.. because you are celebriting relationship between your soul mate and yourself..

    what you have gain is the chance to learn more about yourself and how to deal with this situation should anyone else experienced the same thing as you, provided you learn by yourself how to recover..

    you have one life.. everyday.. you either try to be happy or you be miserable .. choice is yours..

    cheer up.. everyday is a blessing..

    if you have lost love from soul mate.. then maybe you can consider seek love by helping others who are most needed for soul mate.. like parentless children.. old people.. etc etc



  • Benefit, I think you get it all wrong. but thanks for spending time writing such a long message.

    I am living happily everyday, and I treasure everyone around me and I cherish life. Life is too short to be miserable all the time. I always think everyone should LIVE A LIFE, be happy. Nothing in this world cannot be solved.

    I am just feeling grief for lossing one good soulmate after the good momeries flashing through my mind last night. It doesn't happens often.

    And to be honest,, I am more worried of the fella's health than reconciling our friendship.

    I am not seeking explination, since i am wise enough to know that an explanation does not and will not change anytime, why wasting time getting an explanation?

  • the above message was written by me. typo

  • alright spare me from writing lengthily, my lingo su* cks. so, no essay for me.

    Here’s a bit from experience...sometimes two way street only seems like as two way as it is on one side...I hate to say it. There's no good way to say good bye of course (actually there is, but it takes one heck of a person to have that depth to play it well). If it is just "chat", [ well, of course without chat...there's no relationship, I knew, but that's the part of the deal], chat as is ill get u thus far. When chat topic is out...u retain the best, and walk out with hands full of good memories instead of a scarr'd heart.

    Okay, I am not gona fall into the track to put a hand on your hallowed soul. If it is soul-soul chat mate, trust me...words can transcend so much, and so much beyond your anticipation. To find out you just need to move on, step out, and face the sun.

    Why wouldn't a new start be a good start..agree?

    (alright, I hope I didn't kill this around until sleepless to sleep soundly)

  • A,

    What's wrong with your fella's health?

  • A

    grief for lossing?

    what did you loss?

    you loss of what you gained.

    even he/she has gone and will permanently vanish

    but you got the memory, the good times with your fellow !

    What would we have after 100 years? nothing

    we loss everything..sooner or later

    i see what you obtained

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