• why we all never cherish what we have in our life till we lost what we treasure the most in our life?

    i honestly don't want to hear 'i miss you' from your mouth again, it does not and will never help with our situtation.

    what had happened has happened, nothing you can do to turn back the clock, even you regret much of hurting me badly in the past. I will never look back and we will never go back to how we were before.  hope you do get it. I don't hate you, but my passion for you have long gone after being hurting by you over and over again. You have/will never understand the pain I had suffered and the damage you have done.  

    hope you will soon forget me and move on.


  • Are you sure that you are not rsponsible for the death of this relationship. You are so irresponsible

  • hv sex yet?

  • too late to do anything. may be it is better for you not to try to reconcile becoz it will never happened. My heart and my feelings is beyond my control, my heart cannot stop aching whenever I think of that numerous time you failed to keep your promises.

    I could not feel your heart before, and now i have no wish to feel your heart.

    I hope you can make it easy for us as not to ask anything more than a friendship from me.

  • oj and toduckduck...

    if is private.. keep private la..

    wish a better 2009..

  • Benefit

    I am not sure. But i just assume 對號入座

  • 就喺你呢啲吾做情人但相做朋友心態累死人

  • just feel bad after reading his messages. need a channel to breathe out the sadism in me. i will not stay long.

    may be he will never read this.

    oj is not him, he is here to stir the water, i think.

    btw, i am off.....much to do these two days.

  • that is why i don't want to meet up and have no plan to meet up with him. but he wants to meet up, get it?

    i was sad becoz of as my topic, don't cherish what you have when you still have, but regrets after you lost it. Just too late is going to be too late.

  • toduckduck

    Sorry. No. I am not here to stir things up. Sorry.

    What you said and do is exactly what my ex has been doing and I don't think my ex has been fair on this

  • i am not going to make any comment on your relationship with your ex since i am in no position to do so.

    after reading this, it makes me think.....







    there is no such thing as 如果. sad but truth!

  • Can't agree more on what you said