I highly suggest people who have an ugly nose to take a nose job !!

  • Don't you think that your nose is the most outstanding and important feature on your face? Because its the only thing that sticks out and has the most influence on your overall profile !!

    If you have very beautiful eyes but an ugly nose, you are STILL VERY ugly.

    However, if you have small and not very beautiful eyes, but a very nice prominent nose, you can become VERY PRETTY with good make up skills.

    Often times I feel sorry for those who have an ugly nose. 

    Some people don't even have a tip for their nose. That's sad. Its like the nose is not yet well developed in shape !!

  • So take a look at your mirror now !! If you have an ugly nose, please admit it ! Go do something !! Go have a plastic surgery !!

    Some people may not have a 'high' nose but as long as their nose tip (shape of the nose) looks comfortable, then a little make up will do the trick.

    But if you don't have a nose tip, that is, your shape is ugly, then you are just looking like a pig !!

  • You are so funny :-P

    Are you a nurse or a doctor?

  • Carrie, so you any good doctor to refer? I want do my nose too.