losing faith in men... just want to find some chat mates here.. anyone interested?

  • when did you start losing faith ?

  • hi carman

  • Carmen,

    Any experience to share why you lose faith in men?

  • Have you ever heard a song called 'live to Tell' by Madonna, I think it suits your thought at this moment...

  • what happen w/you?

  • Hi Carmen,

    Want to chat msn> lwmsam@live.com


  • What happen?

  • Carmen,

    How old are you?? I am 37 lu. My job is Senior manager. what about you??

  • Wow. Thank you for the replies. Just broke up with bf...he told me he doesn't love me anymore...It is hard to find someone u love in this days..sometimes.. i wonder if people are looking for companionship or really "real love".

  • Carmen,

    do you know what "real love" is?

  • It depends...

    I believe sometime you could regard love is weak these days and could join easily..

  • Are all men like this? Once break up.. he will just totally cut off all connection with you.. totally write you off from his life? Love is too complicated...seemingly friendship is more sustainable..

  • so sad

  • To hc,

    In my theory, I think "real love" is a very strong bonding/attraction with another person. You just solely want to make him/her happy despite of the fact how much you have to sacrifice. It is simple and direct. No calculating....

  • 噙晚同exbf出街,佢問我可唔可以重頭開始過,我唔知點答佢.大家俾d意見

  • 下,好馬不吃...

  • icetea: 咁係咪turn down 佢呢?

  • Hi Carmen

    i don't think all men would cut off all connecctions with their exs, it depends. But does it really matter if he left your life completely?

    You said true love icludes no calculation, now you are calculating, so that's not true love, then why care?

  • Hi Dave,

    I guess you are right. But i truly believe that even exs can be good friends? Is it really necessary to cut it off so clearly?

    well.. am i calculating? i guess i kinda did that unconsciously.. thank you for reminding ...

    it is hard to find "true love" now a day.. how would u know if he is really your true love? i wonder.

  • true love is too complicated lar ...

  • 堅持真愛既人少...

  • 真愛除左有好多歡樂...都有好多淚水...

  • Carmen

    of course exs can be fds. But if he cut off every single connection with you, why you still think he worth to be your fd?

    real friends go closer, not farther...

    it's never been easy to find true love.

  • 做人都係清清楚楚好d,唔好咁複雜

  • Can I help?

  • Carmen

    you took my statement.

    Did anyone ever tell you what your name or the alias you picked mean? Girls with the name Carmen should behold great luck and fortune; as Carmen= Car+Men

  • Hey Happy 66,

    I agree with you. I have shed many tears.. for the one i love. Love is something very hard to control.. A very strong feeling yet an intangible. And you can never force thing to happen. There are so much uncertainities in love. IT IS HARD.

    Hi Dave,

    Maybe you are right. If he doesn't even bother to be friends with me.. why do i care? But is it really that easy to forget? As i said.. sometimes.. you just can't control love... nor the feelings for someone. We are human.. not a robot.

    The searh for a true love is always tough.. u never know when.. u never know how...

  • Happy66 replied @ 2008-12-27 8:51 pm


  • Carmen replied @ 2008-12-27 9:15 pm

    The searh for a true love is always tough.. u never know when.. u never know how...

    Wanna know ehrn? and how?

  • Carmen, only the one you love could make you burst into tears ... but as you said a lot of things you can't control. Time will heal ...

  • Oldjac, unfortunately very few could make me shed tears lu...hee

  • Carmen

    No, we are not robots. We are far more advance.

    Robots do which they are told to. We, human beings, do whatever we think or believe are good to us, e.g. love someone, hate someone and most prominent, live a way we are happy with :)

  • broke up.. sad and tears and memories = you have used heart..

    if he never replied, showed no emotions = could be a good thing.. don't want to drag if there is no feelings

    no idea why you guys broke up..

    true love.. i am waiting for it but am not looking for it..

  • 想起向左走, 向右走...

  • Hey OJ,

    Thank you. I never know what my name actually behold. I hope what you said will come true then. haha.

    Hey oldjac,

    tears shed as often as we pee? What a phrase. I do cherish my tears though.. i dun want to cry that often.

    To Dave,

    i will try to cheer myself up... It is never easy though..

    Action is always harder than words. I want to remain "human". Cry whenever i am sad, smile when i am happy. Just want to be simple and direct.

    Do you agree that as you grow older you cry less? Or no?

    Hey Benefit,

    It is not easy to find true love.. i envy those who have found their other half/ soul mate. How lucky they are.

    While i am still on a quest to search for mine.. will he ever appear? i wonder.. or did i already missed him?

  • i did named my ex love of my life.. but we argued too much at the end so i had to terminate my relationship..

    envy.. well, i attended wedding today and will attend 2 more tomolo.. and have 2 more to come...

    please don't think backwards.. i don't want to ar..

    2009, wish u happy !!

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  • Carmen

    Happy is a subjective perception.

    You feel upset of your ex, I feel happy as you said goodbye to "fake love" and now your door is open to "true love"

    nothing is easy. some ppl can find true love easily, some can't, it's about fate and luck. That is god's job, not ours.

    I cry when I need to, I laugh when I want to. Life is simple, direct and should yet happy.

    I think I cry more than before. Sometimes I find crying makes me feel better. I see "cry" as a mean to "happy" (an end).