couple years ago i started posting some of my stories on this board and for a while due to privacy issue i stopped. throughout the days of posting, i got some blames, some compliment, and of course some negative and intentional slander...

  • even a sl / sp relationship is no longer easy to develop given the trust between people in this society, the way we communicate, the busy and boring life we lead, i, however, still believe there are quality ladies who are pleasant, humourous, understanding, caring, lovely, and also wild in their deep heart.

    without giving a try, chance is zero. i am stepping forward to look for a chance - i'm not greedy, a chance that clicks would be enough for both of us

    ladies, your participation to this adventure is all i ask for

    my msn for your pursuit -

  • the new beta version is unable for me to post and when i used the old one, it showed errors but it did post

    excuse my duplicate posting, it's out of my control

  • indeed, on and off, i am on she for some casual fun, mostly chatted over the phone and i did meet few ladies from here. i found most of them in good quality, in terms of communication, thought, presentation, education, and even background. i appreciate all of you, who might know whom i am speaking to, and if not, don't bother

    but my faith to the visitors here remains - just too tired to deal with those who can't communicate properly or talk to you with conspiracy

    yes, we are all busy, but i do think we should have another side of our lives

  • sometimes i was / am commented being too pragmatic - if we are not heading to action, chat here is not what i am looking for - if this mindset is pragmatic or too pragmatic, yes i am pragmatic

    "we do have our own choices," someone said. yes we do, and that's why i choose to be pragmatic (in the above sense) because as you said, we do have our own option.

    ladies, unlock your mind and open your heart, i still hope we can have a good time

  • in the past two years i always used a "reason" to reject any unnecessary appointments, PR activities, and meetings. my reason is "i am going to die soon." i don't have time to waste, and i don't have time to do whatever i don't like to do

    you see my point?

  • ancient jewish wisdom - everything is about time and chance. see the above messages of mine and check the visit - you can see i am posting in a wrong timing and thus it sounds like an idiot i am talking to myself

    ;-P sometimes yes i am totally an idiot undeniablly

  • every romance is just a matter of feel, good luck brother.

  • Are you going to die soon?

  • i know who you are, you are pickupartist.

  • You've gotta hand it to him. His reputation is already bad enough yet he's still using the same alias - get/going / pickupartist. This man is brave.

  • honesty is always the best strategy

    Lady - i am not yet dying but who knows, thanks for your concern. i just use an alias get-going but my account name is pickupartist

    passerby - yes i am

  • thanks brother lover, well romance is about feeling but not just about feeling

    indeed i don't really grab why my "bad enough" reputation comes from, from multiple (indeed 2 only) aliases or due to other reasons. anyway, i am not asking everyone to like me, just get the chance to hook up with the right one

  • what have you done?

  • thanks for asking, jen - i guess i hunted and hunted and hunted... time is too tight for me to commit too much, anyway, i don't dig into history but look forward to the future

  • Now you surface again..... you really got a thick skin face.

    It was a bad experience to have you in my contact list, and i hate the way you ask for phonesex or offering car ride like i am a stupid gal.

    I have used 3 alias to reply the threads in this forum, and it happened that everytime you asked me to add u to chat.

    Cant believed such an annoying guy could package himself in such appealing manner.

  • monet,

    the point is, when there is supply, there is demand...

    in the cyler world, one never knows who he/she is dealing...

  • thanks for monet to your comments - well i am not seeing this kind of requests much negative, as i said, it's your choice and ours. of course you have the sole right to feel it unacceptable and rejected it as you did. but i never commented those who rejected me as my bad experience

    this demonstrates the different personality and viewpoint we have

    anyway, as i said, again, i am not asking for everyone's favour

  • Monet,

    Thx for your comment, I shared the same experience as you did.

    Its christmas and those lonely, pathetic axxhole are hunting for prey now.

    Becareful ladies!

  • it is not as matter of 'different personalitynor view point'..

    it's a matter of respect...

  • is that guy the one whom been bad mouth for a period of time here and he has an msn start with vebo? this post somehow sound like him

  • walkby - sorry i am not with that msn, ever

    kt - i guess you don't understand my point and comment without ground here. monet commented that she hated the way ... and how can you know if i am respectful enough without knowing how i asked something from others?

    don't try to bad mouth a guy by pleasing ladies please, this is by itself irrespectful, if you are talking about respect

    edith - oh really and we chatted? i cannot recognize you ladies from your aliases, but at least i keep using mine without pretending others in principle

  • last thing - i am not looking for trouble here but fun, if we match

    if i am not welcome for that here, please shout straightly, and it sounds like i am the only bad guy here but all others are perfect idealists

    i still don't see the point if you don't like the way others dealt with you, it's your choice and i completely respect that. however, i never publicly commented i hate someone blah blah blah, this shows my respect to others.

    anyway, wish you guys merry christmas, all saints

  • of coz u would not feel annoyed, coz within 5 mins u push gals to phonesex, what kind of man only phonesex huh?

  • yeahyeah

    i never said i don't feel annoyed, i said it's our choice. i am not only for phonesex but it depends upon our availability. just like now, am i asking for phonesex only by typing all these? am i showing up for being blamed? if i am that stupid or you may say brave, why have i done that?

  • once the gals added u on msn u will ask ga la, u just dun ask in public pretend u are decent ma.

  • hahaha - i guess you never read my post to ask for PS here. take a step backward, do you think i am that stupid and naive that no one will come back here and bad mouth me even i just asked for PS in private?

    don't be too naive, again, i am not criticizing and i accept fair comments, but for those arguments that are unreasonable and don't make any sense, i am not going to take it

    everyone - i am not coming here to use my old nick name for argument but just for fun. if you aim to argue, may i ask you to excuse me?

  • 各位:


  • tutor - thanks for your proposal. i believe that's why she is getting less and less popular with this kind of mentality

  • 我讀中文系




  • dunno how to 媽叉ma.

    he is a super ugly hamsup lo, pretend nice guy.

  • 你把口叻!

  • 我教妳








  • mentality? 那你的 mentality 又是什麼?


  • 收左皮?!

  • yeahyeah here?

  • tutor - i emphasized again and again that i am not here for argument but it seems you are very offensive. and with this i express clearly my mentality and your words tell us yours.

    if you like behaving this way, go ahead as you are free to do whatever you like to, but excuse me to be absent from your game

  • 嗟乎!



  • I'm not offensive, u are!

    I'm open


  • from ur words I know ur mentality!

    But u still don't know me.

  • so u mean u defeated by me n

    fled away, but as to save face n

    u leave those statement above?!

  • whatever you name it, tutor - enjoy your game here, excuse for my absence now for my lunch

    enjoy everyone, though i don't think you guys will

  • 將佢由外貌 < dunno how to say wor, ugly lor.

    身型 < short and fat.

    言行 < u should know too.

  • After u go

    gals will come here to play!

    I named it ok! Then I name u n ur

    Dad n mom as tortoise!

  • likes a hungry dog eating shxt?

  • yeahyeah it's enough

    Give me some mins

    I will write a poem now

    Wait to see ok?

  • likes a hungry dog eating shxt?

    haha yes he is like that.

  • so many gals known this shxtty dogs..

  • 贈吉高榮(Get-going)





    以上口占七絕一首,為 yeahyeah 出氣作

  • 作好啦,咁多位!