Anyone from Taiwan and working in HK right now?

  • As title~Please feel free to drop me a line, thanks!

  • i am not ~ but just want to associate with you

  • 你好, 台灣同志

  • Hi both, nice to meet you - basically i am not really from Taiwan, but my mum was from there.

  • Hi Daisy

    Depends on what kinda job u expect... if yr mom can speak Cantonese, its not hard to get job, gd luck =)

  • i have a lot of classmate from taiwan .. so u are half taiwanese girl lor ,,, u raise in taiwan then ?

  • hi, daisy, nice to meet u, but i am neither taiwanese too

  • hi daisy,

    我們可以做個朋友啊! 我都會說國語, 可以加我msn 嗎?

  • Hi all, nice to meet you. My mum could speak cantonese and i could speak cantonese as good as you all too..=) I did my high school and finished my year 1 in Taiwan - does it count 'raise in Taiwan'? Luckily i got a job in HK - just want to look for more Taiwanese friends to discuss some taiwan-related issues, all my hk friends are not that into politics, especially Taiwan's issues

  • Hi Daisy

    I guess its not much can discuss about ex-president in TW... since all "blue ppl" wants him die...

    the politics in TW is really unhealthy... its not personal, I just can feel it... my GF is TWese... she doesnt like those politian also.

    Gov should make good economy for the country but not talking about who should get the real power or finding others demerit and make news...

    especailly the TVBs in there... all is just too personal news...

    Well, u finished yr degree in hk?! and yr mom just come by?!

    I guess... ppl in HK wont dislike TWese... just most ppl doesnt undertand how nice the TWese is (mostly)

    Nice to meet u2 ^^

  • Hi Simon

    Back from dinner.

    Yes, not much taiwaneses want to discuss but they still love to wach those funny talk show..maybe i am strange - still wish to know more taiwanese friends in HK, juso that we could have some similiar point of view.

    No need to worry about my network, i have lots of friends here..=)

    I finished my degree in overseas.

    How's ur gf? Is she in HK now? How long has she been here?

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