anyone fall in love with foreigners before?

  • recently, I met 2 foreigners from the net..they kiss me (we hv french one) just at our first date. this is their style/culture? or are they serious?

  • french kiss on the first date? .

  • don't bother.. all they want is sex and ham sup..

    don't mix lust and love..

    they probably say u pretty, beautiful etc..

    and u met from the net.. means u are not the only one..

    best wishes

  • i agree with benefit....just be careful..

  • Let's get one thing straight, it doesn't matter whether these 2 guys were foreigners or chinese. Each country has different kind of men of style or way to behave toward females or good or bad. Don't category that person purely cos he was a foreigner and this will be their way of style or culture. I presume you ?live in Hong Kong and do you find all guys from HK behave the same style

    French kiss or kiss on the lips is not the etiquette on the first date for foreigners that I know of and as for "seriousness" on your first date.... come on, be realistic??!!!

  • simply replying to the facts.. no one is categorizing .. but good to have someone reminding us not to carry a discriminate eye..

    anyways.. don't be afraid to say no.. however, i image u are bit tipsy since u probably have drinks with those 2 foreign guys..

    but then.. everything has a first time.. hope u can learn about these things as you mature..

    as a word of advice for your future blind dates.. if there are 2 guys.. you should bring your trusted friend to attend.. u never know what they are up to when you go to toilet, your drinks may be spiked or when you are drunk..

    best wishes..

  • benefit, whether there are 2 or just one guy, always bring a friend/friends along when meeting a blind date or someone you don't know that well. I kept hearing stories about some of my colleagues' drinks got spikes when they were with friends in bars and ended up in hospital or things became horrible and nasty. Anyway, just be on alert and streetsmart.

  • ya.. the girl above seems too vulnerable and naive..

    normally i ask ppl to have cafe or macD breakfast if met first time..

    don't think the thread person is here anyways..

    how's ur week ?

  • I got up late n now still have not breakfast yet.....and now rather hungry?!!

  • that only happens to me when i was living alone in the uk..

    if no one ask me to eat.. i might not eat until late..

    where abouts are u ? want to grab something to eat together ?

  • I remember the movie"sleepless seatle", Tom Hanks telling his son that on his first date with a gal he didn't know he would go for a drink first and if the ride gone smoothly, then it's dinner. But never dinner first otherwise he would get stucked with someone for couple of hours and it would be difficult to get out and get off. Good tips

  • I'm in hk n it will take me ages to get ready. I just came back from trip n the luggage is still not unpacked n lying all over the floor. Thanks for asking but I stay in to tidy things up.

  • okies.. that movie made me cry..

    am at kowloon station.. so quite close to anywhere else..

    where u back from ? holiday or school or work ?

  • um.. i guess Hollywood does have its influence on ppl..

    how they perceive handsome, good looking, bad guys, sexy girls..

    but ya, understood.. we haven't chat before .. and it does seem quick..

    i intended to eat with u at habitu. just a simple cafe/italian pizza place..

  • It's all to do with work. I don't see fun n work together when abroad. How was your life in uk, studying or working or u r bbc?

  • fa

    you are just a free chinese chicken in their eyes...Love? haha...

  • born in hk, not bbc..

    um.. i met my ex when she worked in uk for a bit as she worked as an internal auditor for a company..

    life in uk , because i spent more than a few years there.. so i gained quite substantial life experiences there..

    i work full time and study part time in hong kong

  • I spent couple of years living in uk too, I found myself difficult to mingle into the crowd and always felt the odd one out. Whereas living in hkg, I am more comfortable and at ease. But then, everything in uk has changed so much that it won't be the same as before.

  • ic..

    i never mingle too well with some hk ppl.. since i don't like to smoke, play majong for money, don't go to casino, don't down load cartoons..

    i have quite a few good pakistani, japanese, korean, tawianese, arabic friends..

    u sound like u live alone.. so best order something to eat la..

    not too great for your health..

  • This week I met and spent couple of day with a colleague from Eygpt, very gentlemanly, polite, well spoken and friendly. Being with a female friend is different, we are equal and responsible of our own well being, our own boss. However, with a guy as mentioned above, I think he enjoyed he was allowed to take care of a fragile female and I felt I was taken care of and being appreciated as a female. There is sexual between us just the sense of sensual.

  • Sorry, I mean there is nothing sexual between us

  • there is sexual between us just the sense of sensual ? (sorry don't get u there)..

    is always easier to find love abroad.. because seems they are so different.. in different country.. free from everyone.. free from everything.. seems so interested in your cause and what you are about..

    one of my favorite movies of all time is Emmanuel .. very sensual..

    Egypt.. dreamy place.. love it.. and romantic too.. boat ride by the nile.. sunset by pyramids.. night markets.. many races are charming and sexual towards chinese / japanese looking girls ..

    i was nearly charmed to a get on a taxi to belly dance by a guy at istanbul.. the moment i refused . his face turned..

  • I remember I was on holiday with my family in Eygpt and I was really fed up with the way ppls always grabbing more money after agreeing on the price. At one stage, I told my family to be quiet and let me do the talking and be horrible to the taxi driver, cos he wanted more money before arriving at the hotel. So I protended to be really nasty raising my voice loud and my brother tried to calm things down. That driver was too shocked of my unexpecting behaviour. I bet that put him off about oriental girls.....haha

    Overall the sight and sound was breathtaking but I didn't enjoy the holiday

  • am dreaming of a short holiday for chinese new year this year.. u know

    the sat sun mon tues wed..

    hope to visit either ..Cebu, Malaysia, Cambodia, Borneo..

    well, some ppl just like to take advantage and see dollar sign when tourist come into town..

    my family and i were surrounded by gypsies when we went to rome long time ago.. one kid tried to steal from our pockets while another used newspaper to cover his hand..

  • yeah, I was with my parents in Las Vegas once, while waiting to check in at the reception, suddenly some guys pointed at my father's jacket got some soapy foam on the back. He suggested to him to take it off to clean and another guy offered a packet of tissue as well. Things got kind of confused and luckily there were 3 of us, and I reminded my father not to take off his jacket and I adamantly refused their offer of tissue with my mother standing by. The 3 guys backed off. Honestly when u r in unfamiliar places especially on holiday, you know you are being targeted....

  • By the way, I have never been to any of those places you are planning to go during CNY. Lucky you!

  • just dreaming.. not planning yet..

    woo.. even in LA ?! ..

    would u like to exchange msn ? as to make a new friend ?

  • wow, happy to see someone have UK background.

    I'm still stuck in UK... :(

  • tim, u work there or study ? u bbc ?

  • born in HK.

    studied for 8 yrs and then work for 2 yrs.

  • ok benefit, what's your msn n I will contact u a bit later as I now will grab some breakfast/lunch/dinner.... whatever, suggested by you

  • ic.. sounds bit simular to me .. u in london ? guess u going to marry BBC girls haha..

  • hkgal,

    breakfast? what time is it in HK now?

    my feeling tells me it must be around 7pm??

    it's almost 1pm here, but I just got up.

    it's really breakfast for me here :)

  • yes in london, but not married yet.

    i'm an engineer, and there's all guys, men and some gay men in company.

    no chance to see a girls, no need mention about bbc girls

  • hungry ...

    kindly post me ur msn to my email ?


  • hkgal,

    still here?

  • guys all over the world are the same....

    i met some who asked for sex in a direct way

    i also met some they just met and had normal dating with me. is not an excuse to be more straight forward being a foreigner.

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