(Rational discussion) For those who search for their SL here, do you get what you want and happy with it? Or did you fall in the dark more deeply and become more lonely than before?

  • In the past, I spent a lot of time here, but I felt miserable about this life style.

    Because I know this is not the right place to look for a relationship (long or short, doesn’t matter), but I still insisted in visiting, chatting, and meeting up with some people, hoping to meet a wonderful person. After meeting, I felt disappointed, and then I search, chat and meet up with another person again. It repeated again and again. The endlessly searching is not exciting at all, this just brought loneliness.

    Searching for someone to help killing the loneliness, unfortunately, the search brings in more loneliness.

    What about your story? What keep your persistence in searching here?

    I feel quite pathetic to live this kind of life in this virtual cyber place.

  • i visited this place for 2 yrs, i met good girls here. imo, the harder u try, the most disappointed u will be. timing is important

  • Fallen Kitten,

    I tell you my story. I am married and hve a nice family. After bb borned I discover my wife put all the attention on bbs and ignore me. We seldom have sex (no sex with her 6 months or twice a year). Desire and lonelyness drive me to search on sex board. I met several girls I did ML with 2 but after they become frds and chat or drinks and seldom ML. I think is lonelyness and want people attentions, and so do they. However, I will drop by here and read some threat in here.

  • I joined she not more than 2 months. Like other people, I joined here because I want to find a secret lover. Someone I can chat and share with. I also find that I spend so much time here and most of the time get nothing. You may right that you will feel more loneliness after meeting up with someone.

    It depends on what type of people you expected to meet here. It is very difficult to find someone serious here but you still get a chance. For me, I just want to find a SL who can share my innermost feeling. I don't expect I can find it here or somewhere. If I can find it, I will take it for bonus.

    I will take virtual cyber place as a first step and will not spend so much time here. I still need to come out and meet her in real world to see if we can match.

    Another reason I want to find SL because I want to have passionate again. It makes me feel good in the relationship.

  • after all, how many females here r for real? the majority is looking for on-line fun or purely kill time. forget about it.

  • kurama,

    i know there are good people around, and i don't look for someone very hard. but i still think keep searching and searching is miserable. it makes people feel so lost.

  • immike,

    i think looking for passion is the problem! passion will fade, no matter with the wife/husband, or the new SL. and then we start the search again and the circle cannot be closed.

  • kitten

    take a break. relationship is important but there are many things to explore too. stay away from here for awhile, spend time do other activites, come back in a few months. u wil be refreshed

  • i have a bf, but we didn't ml anymore, i met 2 guys here...i thought i wanted sex, but turned out i want someone to care about me.. the last guy i met could be my soulmate (at least that's what i think), coz we are from very similiar background, and we can really communicate, but he only called me like once a month for ml, i wish we could meet more frequently, u know, sharing, chating, etc, but obviously, that's not what he wants...

    loneliness and disappointment, that's what i have here...

    though i really want to find a lover here...

  • sex with love feels wonderful but when love kicks in into a relation, things turn complicated.

  • mimi

    at least now u have clear idea of what u really want. thats good, most people dont, thats why they always feel let down.

    when u start a relationship with someone, make sure u both are in agreement of what both side wants.

  • kurama,

    don't worry, i am not complaining. i just find it an interesting topic to be discussed with.

  • hi

    I am a married guy and in my late 30s, with medium build body , 5'10" and 155lbs, know how to develop sweet feeling with woman, I found myself can bring good impressive relationship to nice woman. Sure, not just on physical desire..but longlasting feeling.

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  • no one can hold a 'clear' mind when love is involved. wake up.

  • kitten

    thats cool, finally we have a discussion here ,instead of all those silly seek this seek that posts, they are so boring to read~ -_-

  • kurama,

    it's never easy...i just want the feeling like bf and gf, going to movie, meals, talk a little on the phone, etc, but here, most guys just want to bring you directly to hourly hotel...

    i'm not asking them to buy me anything, or go to luxurious restaurants, etc, i'm a busy working woman too, and i can afford what i want, but they just won't spend any time on you, not even a nice chat...

  • mimi, you started with finding a SL but you ended up with finding a soul mate or boy friend. It is great to find a soul mate. However, someone come here want a SL and most have their own families. No matter man or woman, they want someone who can share his/her feeling. If they match, they can be together but they don't want to lose their families. When the game starts, both parties have this agreement.

    You are lucky because you can find someone you can share. Not so many people can find a soul mate here. I also don't expect the SL relationship can last for. Just take it a long holiday in your life and enjoy the relationship with your SL.

  • mimi,

    wake up, there is no free lunch to the man and there is no free love to the woman. everyone has to pay.

  • Hi mimi and Fallen Kitten,

    May I try have a nice chat with you??

    Add me msn and give you my number> lwmsam@live.com


  • immike,

    i understand what u just said. i'm not asking my partner to leave his families/ gf/ etc, and i'm not demanding, i just silently wait for his calls, but deep in my mind, i hope he can see me more often, once a week maybe? even he couldn't see me, i hope he can call me like once a week...


    i don't know what to pay...and i don't know what i can offer...

  • Fallen Kitten, what is your expectations about SL?

    It's as difficult as finding a normal relationship. You may get a good one. It's just by chance and what we call destiny.

  • and sometimes when some new guys here approach me, they only want to bring me to hourly hotel too, they said they want a sl, but i think 99% only want a sp.

  • mimi,

    sadness, hollowness, tears. smarter the person, less the payment.

  • mimi, if that guy doesn't call. You should forget it and return to your boy friend. May be that guy just want sex in the relationship.

  • waterman,

    then why r u here? what r u doing here?

  • will u guys call your female sl? just for chating a while, like bf/ gf?and have something to do other than sex? movie? meals? tea?

  • mimi

    most people here are looking for short-term relationship. at beginning everything is well and happy. after while, they will make up all sorts of excuse, simply becoz they already grown tired of it.

    i had similar experience with my ex sl. we first developed a very close soulmate relationship. one day we cant control our passion and we fall in love. couple months later she didnt find it exciting anymore then she depart from me. i wished we had never started..

  • mimi, if they really want a sp. You have the right to say no and told them that you want a SL. Not just go to hourly hotel

  • kurama,

    but i least u guys fell in love, that's what i want...

  • mimi, I will enjoy the dating like what the relationship I have in my college year. Those feeling I cannot find with my partner at this moment.

  • immike,

    yes, i told them, i'm not looking for sp, but then guys would say, we have different definition of sl. for most of them, sp=sl= free lunch.

  • mimi

    in those days, i told her even she is too busy to see me. i can go to see her after she finish work, even a 5min meet up in 7-11 would be good enough for me. but she simply couldnt (or perhaps wouldnt) give such time for me.

  • immike replied @ 2008-12-09 2:05 pm

    mimi, I will enjoy the dating like what the relationship I have in my college year. Those feeling I cannot find with my partner at this moment.

    that's what i want too.

  • yes, kurama, at least you have a good moment with that girl. Both parties shouldn't expect the SL relatinship should last

  • mimi

    i think those guys are just too impatient. for SL, the main dish is LOVE, no question abt it.

  • kurama,

    yes, that's what i think too...

    but most guys here, just want sex.

    whenever i say, let's go for a movie/ visit art gallery/ take a walk/ etc first, they start worrying i want to be their gf

  • mimi, if the guy has gf/wife. He will be afraid of someone he knows when he go out with you like a gf. I guess it is his major concern

  • i have to work now, nice talking to you guys, good luck

  • mimi

    you got it, girl.

    just take it as an experience. u learned something, now u have grown up.

    so be hopeful, next time you wanna find sl again, you know what to do.

  • ladies

    i beg to differ , if i may!

    these days gal arent exactly 'angels' either.

  • mimi, i agree with you, i also want a sl.. not just for sex.. i want love, romantic feel.. like bf/gf, but hard to find the right one.

  • ok mimi, take care, want to chat with u more... if u like, add my msn, take care.

  • HI



  • Understanding yours and your partner's expectations on a relationship is equally important.

  • lulu

    do u think an sl relationship is possible if she wants multiple partners? is that an sl or sp relationship? ^^

  • lulu agree ^^

  • question,

    Anything is possible, does she want 1 SL and multiple SP's or multiple SL's? In any case, as long as she has good time management skills and the partners don't mind, I don't see any problem.

  • lulu

    if i has multiple sl . i dont think i would define them as my sl's though.

    i am old fashioned. ^^

  • lulu,

    love will confuse n corrupt one's mind. expectation rises when more love gets involoved in a relation.