My Fantasy

  • I always fancy to know guys from Singapore or Malaysia, even Taiwan.

    Their accents and their culture always amaze me... Am I lucky enough to know them from here?

  • I can speak English with Singaporean accent. and I know some 台語 and how to sing 愛拼才會贏. ok ma..?

  • I like Singaporean accent too, so cute!



    (Sing.) 摩-dell

    (港) 菠蘿

    (星) 黃奶



    Love talking to them, such a "turn on" :-)

  • CS, try try this....Thai..:P

    I am sorry, it's nothing about racial discrimination. and I am not that 無聊, I found this when I was trying to see more Thai Boxing clips...:P

  • my very first encounter with a Singaporean back in school was like:

    what the heck? would you please stop acting so silly and please talk serious please we have a project to complete and it's worth 50% of our total grade.

    Then he replies with sincere retorts and I was like: if you don't quit clowning around and behave like a retard I will report you to the professor for being a jerk.

    Finally I found out that this was their accent and it takes patience to get accustomed to but they were very friendly and nice people if you ask me. One actually became my good friend and helped me proofread all my papers for gramatical mistakes.

  • hi barbiedoll

    nice observation.

  • "摩-dell "其實係法文黎架 :)

  • anyway i love Singaporean as well

    they are always be friendly

  • Sorry guys...busy morning..


    u r funny, but i like the original more..hehe


    nice to see someone agree with me finally, cos most of my friends were giving me faces when i told them my comments on Singaporean..

    They think they r arrogant, mean, self-centre..but in fact, they r just being realistic in some points. They could be caring too...

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