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  • wow you are an ABC ? I am so honored.

    Please tell me if you approve of Obama's of electing Hillary Clinton as secretary of state - you think there is a conflict of interest between her and her husband, Bill's charity?

    Can you play any anti-gravity games? Can you rap like a brother?

    Which state are you from? Did you just come back to HK & did they make you take off you shoes and check for explosives? I don't even know if you are a he or s she. So much I want to ask an abc..... :P

  • hi let's talk in email.

    send me thanks

  • so fake~

  • oh did you know Michael H. Schill — UCLA Dean of the School of Law may resign due to a investaging sex scandal with a student?

    How was your lost of your basketball team with Standford ? Might that knock of some scholarships ? Poor students. But don't you hate those people can graduate even having to study. All they do are just play balls and they could leave their brains in the lockers to rot.

    As an alumnus what is the logo of you school ring? please tell me I love UCLA :)

  • looking forward to receiving your email

    your sincerely

  • 你D英文都好屎


  • why email when we can chat here as if we have anything to hide. :(

    I hate to go underground with strangers but you are no strangers to me cuz you are an abc from UCLA. Kudo! hip hip horay!

    come back don't be shy. So you have problems with speaking chinese in HK ? Maybe I could teach you a word or two. In return you must teach me english. Gosh this is so rigmarole.

  • yes... indeed - d英文.....

    咩 looking forward to receving your email...

    to 之後加"ing" 嘅咩?

    UCLA is only decent in basketball... Personal thinking, Duke is better. They are always in NCAA tornament....



    What do you mean by your intro line? I am not good at English, especially the poetic meaning one that you write, I presume.

    Were you the "ABC MAN" appeared on Kate's thread not too long ago? If you were, I have been looking for you....

    "I is look you very very hard,you is handsome man said before. Kate are no more here, I is 2 in line want love you."

    I assume ABC means "American Born Chinese" not "Afghanistan Born Chinese", otherwise, that makes more sense about you want 10 women in your belief. (I guess)

  • 你無聊夠未呀﹖

  • It's actually Ass-boring-clown.

  • CS

    Do not underestimate this person. He writes in codes and you must read between the lines. I believe this abc is of islamic origin, practice polygamy-bigamy therefore he wants more than one wives.

    In this case I have digged out a few abc abbrev. that may have significant meaning. He must work as a covert.

    Abstract Base Classes

    Assassination Beyond Conspiracy

    Abundance of Caution

    Ambassador to Canada

    Adult Bible Class

    Adaptive Behavior and Cognition

    Anti Bullying Charity

    Against Breast Cancer

    wow possiblities are endless. I love word games.

  • May be it's just Acute-bladder-convulsion that's driving his needs.

  • i love barbie doll... how's ur twin sis in hk ? =)

    i was checking youtube the other day.. u guys believe 911 was real or ochestrated by bush ?

  • benefit FYI she is my mirror image. I am schizo. :)

    Interesting discussion about the twin tower conspiracy. What I think is that they are still there. David Copperfield pulled a huge prank on us and the govenrnment is covering it up to save face.

  • Barbiedollhk:

    It seems like you are having fun to play word games more than "SMART ABC" counting his ladies.

    I agree this SMART ABC guy is smart, he can do the math: "FINISH IN LOVE WITH 10 LADIES BEFORE I WERE 35"

    A young guy already planned out his romantic life, 10 ladies in 10 years that's an average of one love per year until he turns 35, and he knows he is getting married by age 35. Not only he is smart, the crystal ball he possesses..... wow!

    As someone living a clueless life, I really admire such SMART-ABC.


  • should be ambassador to canada ^^

    .ca is a canadian web address

    ucla - united canadian law association

  • the ucpk is slipped away

  • CS

    LOL - hey I respect the dude so don't get me wrong. My inferioriy complex arises when I am faced with an abc. There is not much I can do but to impress him with my limited resources ( I hope he falls in love with me) giving so little time.

    If he wants a lady/year I want to be his Miss 2008. 2009 is a year of bad luck so I better hurry or I would be buried.

    I think he is a great admirer of Nostradamous. He probably learned a few tricks with his telescope snitching the horescope.

  • what'ssssssss up cs & simui

    any plans for xmas?????

  • Schizo is that really you?? no one calls me simui except you!

    Where is your avatar? why haven't you drop by to keep us company?

    I miss your spider man mask :P

  • Schizo pak pak....

    Yeah, the other day I was wondering where all these chatmates have gone: Pak Pak, sillythink,ron, etc....

    I assume they are now having a much better endeavor in life than being a fixture at she.com... :-p

  • He's so lucky. Allegedly-barbiedollhk's-companion for the 27 days left.

  • konger

    it doesn't feel good when you have a run away groom. I think I'm not smart enough for him and he repudiates my effort to please him. Oh well I guess I am no ABC material. Bye ABC from UCLA. sob

  • barbie I wish you find another ABC soon. He might just be too busy and went back to his Unfortunately-cramp-loner's-apartment doing his Addictively-braindead-chores.

  • ABC, you are so funny. I bet you must be a very smart guy.

    I would have no interest to read this thread if you write it in a logic way.

    'Back from US', which means originally you are not living in US.

    ....oh wait a minutes

    Maybe i make this wrong. You are a real ABC , but only born in US. Then you probably came BACK. Growing up in HK.

    Recently went to US ,then came BACK again. right?

    Thats why you claimed yourself "BACK FROM US". and your english sxxks!!!


  • All Stupid

  • I agree with you, michelle.

    then why are you here? and wasted you time to reply this thread??


    are you ABC?

  • barbie.. when u back to hk for cafe ?

  • Please don't be rude. ABC and I are just playing a game of hide and seek. It's just a case of mistaken identity so lets cut him some slack.

    benefit- I will keep my chatmates posted when I come back and you know where to find me at my regular thread. Worst pick up line: so drop by when you have time and join my family there and you are always welcome.

  • =) am stupid guy so i never like to 'diss' ppl anyways

    so u settled in the US ?

  • I'm at the ending of my practical training and my wish is for my firm to send me back to HK, probably China and if not I would settle for San Francisco. In the meantime all I can do is to cross my fingers.

  • I have a feeling that SMART-ABC thinks we are too shallow so he has jetted. :-(

  • CS

    Ping yum time from barbie

    " Yat shan warn youl yat shan go "

    Suddenly I feel so abandoned. I will try to seek for a CBC or a BBC as substitutes

  • " Yat shan warn youl yat shan go "


    yeah! ping yum time.....


    this one is easy! Any other? Please try me since Deetee is taking a break! :-)

  • Barbie,

    This is the 2nd ABC ditched us, remember ABC Man? woo woooo woooo, are we such a turn off to these SMART-ABC? (whenever I type SMART-ABC, I tended to type the other famous quote smart-ass, good I haven't slipped yet!)

  • DT is in but busy eating his poison apple tailored made for snowwhite.

    Next following line:

    Go shurn may shurn go !

  • well we are anti abc(s) so it's like robbers meeting S.W.A.T

    The only genuine abc (no offense abc until you are proven guilty beyond the reasonable doubt) I know is MrH. Others that are close to it must be coffeegal, Nayio, DT, you and some chicks from B's thread.

    It is not how they connect or relate to people but the lack of their partriotism that I question.

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