• 如果你明天便離開呢個世界......
    你有什麽说话對你的親人/愛人/仇人, etc.....說呢?


    你會帶着遺憾而去 , 還是去得心安理得嗎?

  • 有兩個人好想見翻, 好想話佢地知我好掛住佢地

  • if tomolo i leave..

    i think i would leave happy..

    i have learnt to cherish the little things in life.. i am in touch with my emotions yet hopefully can have rational mind..

    i have always tried to sort out my arguments with family (ie, i would say sorry after yelling)..

    i have had 2 serious relationships.. one with gf left me for another guy.. one i terminated because too much arguments and i think it was for the good of both of our health, both physical and mental, for her to find a better one..and she was 8 years older than me so i do not waste a woman's time.

    i had a good fair share of sexual relationships with fds, which i did not take advantage of them, and they have returned so i guess that's a compliment..

    i am fit, ok looking, gained about 20pds when i returned back from uk for a year but now getting my tone body back..

    i now have a job in central.. thax my last company oasis folded early.. am studying part time as well..

    play football, basketball, tennis, badminton, squash.. etc

    likes good movies.. plays music.. sing..

    clubbing, drinks

    likes to shower and sleep and travel..

    regularly do volunteer work on sat

    so not bad.. i like to think i can die happy but all in all,

    god decides..

  • 我會將我所有既野都過曬俾我老婆先


  • Hi benefit, what kind of volunteer work are you doing?

  • at nam cheong estate..(sham shui bo) tutor little kids there.. at a charity founded by mother teresa

  • 我想入新屯中打人一巴~

  • I also want to do some volunteer work but don't know what to do.

  • r, 好多地方都有義工可以做, 但要視乎你想搵乜野做服務對像

  • depends what time u have.. u can always come with me but i opted to do sat morning.. there is no registration what so ever needed..

    u can do sat morning, sat afternoon or sunday.. or in the weekdays u can help distribute food to the needed..

    but u can also check out websites from the internet, lots of charities in hk.. ranging from old ppls home to helping at cancer homes.. get a number and call them..

  • 我會對我親人說不要為我傷心, 我會去一處比世上更好的樂土, 現在只是暫別...後會有期的. 要他們好好生活.

    我设有仇人, 我亦沒有負人. 唯一一個人有幾年不敢抬頭直望我的, 我也對佢说:"我冇嬲過你, 過去就過去, 是經歷一課." 自己能夠放開, 比記仇更寶贵.

    如要找一樣遗憾的, 我還在等待"Mr. 正"的出現.

    其他一切, 我都很感恩.

  • did u went to nick's talk ?

  • 老公,對不起我不能遵守承諾與你渡過我倆一百零八歲的生日.我最慶幸為你誕下我們的兒子,我明白你需要一個女人照顧你,兒子需要一個母親,所以我並不介意你再娶她人,但她必要愛我們的兒子如已出.請不要帶我們的兒子回英國,因為媽媽剛失去一個女兒,她不能承受孫兒離開她,如果情況許可,請直至媽媽離開人世.



  • 我老公唔識看中文,所以我一早寫左英文畀佢^^

  • To my son-

    If I could

    I'd protect you from the sadness in your eyes

    Give you courage in a world of compromise

    Yes, I would

    If I could

    I would teach you all the things I've never learned

    And I'd help you cross the bridges that I've burned

    Yes, I would

    If I could

    I would try to shield your innocence from time

    But the part of life I gave you isn't mine

    I've watched you grow

    So I could let you go

    If I could

    I would help you make it through the hungry years

    But I know that I can never cry your tears

    But I would

    If I could

    If I live

    In a time and place where you don't want to be

    You don't have to walk along this road with me

    My yesterday

    Won't have to be your way

    If I knew

    I'd have tried to change the world I brought to you to

    And there isn't very much that I can do

    But I would

    If I could...

    Oh baby... mummy wants to protect you

    And help my baby through the hungry years

    It's part of me

    And if you ever... ever need

    Sad shoulder to cry on

    I'm just someone to talk to

    I'll be there... I'll be there

    I didn't change your world

    But I would

    If I Could!

  • ? should someone call the Police ? c, please call the suicide prevention line 2382 0000

    do try to live, you can give love to many many other people who do are lack of love.. and think about ur parents.. who feed you and grow u till now.. you think they will be happy.. u really think by leaving, your children will grow up happy .. please think again.. grow up and be responsible for your action.. whatever circumstances..

  • guess ur husband is BBC or gwai lo.. they always get the girls (look at LKF and TST and elsewhere) so don't expect too much of them..

  • oh, benefit

    see the topic!

    IF I will be passed away tmr or in accident!!! I do love my family and enjoy my life.

  • Yep, my hubby is BBC.

  • oh great.. u got me worry man.. weekend coming up.. u really should cheer up

  • I always cheer up, mate!

    Have a nice weekend!

  • CS she呢個topic,如果要我答,真係有排講

  • I'll see you in hell......Kikikiki......

  • 有遺憾~~~

    啱啱睇完令一條thread: o的港男港女仲未死曬


  • 甩青

  • 我會同劉青雲玩一個24小時既遊戲

  • 梗係寸下你先la

  • 我會好開心

  • 都唔記得起我曾經開果啲咁既thread。。。。。

  • 我都會叫屋企人唔好傷心, 因為一直我希望得到既, 終於得到喇.


  • 我會攬住我最掛住果個人,同佢講我最愛係佢

  • 如果聽日就離開呢個世界既,我可能今晚就會出街俾架巴士撞一野先...到時巴士公司會幫我照顧屋企人架喇...

  • 如果我明天便離開就慘.....



  • 去電視台姦曬所有女明星

  • CS SHE 同埋多謝妳,姦埋妳

  • 我可唔可以講一個題外話呢?

    我覺得, benefit 會係我鍾意果種既男人.... 哈哈哈哈

    and back to the topic, i'm happy to die tmr, but one thing.... i would let someone know i do really like him, i do really wish he would know he deserves so much more and he would live a happier life. :)

  • 如果你明天便離開呢個世界......


    你有什麽说话對你的親人/愛人/仇人, etc.....說呢?


    你會帶着遺憾而去 , 還是去得心安理得嗎?



    親人就一定係笑住講, 等咁耐終於等到去第二個世界睇下印証下, 又可以再見已去既親人, 心情又驚又喜...

    愛人就一定係好遺憾, 不能開花結果...

    仇人就咩都無, 因為我根本無興趣再理會呢d人...

    既然跟隨夫子之道, 當然去得心安理得, 人誰無過, 業預左要受所以唔驚

  • 張開雙手迎接它

  • 係銀行度拎曬d錢出黎,擺幾圍請曬d親朋戚友,好好咁食一餐聚一聚。

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