Frency & Mercury 太陽眼鏡一問

  • 有冇人聽過or買咗Frency & Mecury 嘅太陽眼鏡?  上次喺間shop 見到,個sales 話日本好興(?),又係hand-made(?), 不過平均都二千幾一副,又好似貴咗啲喎. 所以想問吓有冇人買過,睇吓點.

  • i bought a pair of Rita the other day, it feels quite confortable, i once read it on Oggi japan version

  • Did you buy it in TST Harbour City? I also bought one (No Darling) in September. It costs over $2000... but my freinds said the sunglasses are special and nice =)