decent man wanted

  • it seems unreasonable to seek bf here..since most ppl are trying to find free lunch or sex partner here.but i do meet my ex bf here ..and we had a romantic relationship.

    i am just trying my luck here tonite.

    i wish i can meet someone who is decent and financial stable...know how to make girls happy and take care of them.

    car and house owner preferred. ( just for the consideration of convenience if we really date.)

    And i am a materialistic girl, i support all of my own spending, however would appreciate if my future bf can bring me some luxury gifts.

    i am just a typical office lady , twenty something, work hard, trying to play hard. tall and slim, above average appearance. 


  • Those requirements do scare people away and will definately invite Hkgirl-haters to your post.

  • georgewbush replied @ 2008-10-25 9:20 pm

    Those requirements do scare people away and will definately invite Hkgirl-haters to your post.

    but small_lady is being honest about what she wants! and it all sounds quite reasonable...

    good lucky small_lady! or maybe you can contact with "highflyer", i remember this guy started a thread looking for some one like you. :)

  • Small_lady

    man / 29 / 176 cm / 150 lbs

    single ....

    studying master in HKBU

    want to be serious too ....

    can we talk more in msn ?

    msn : [email protected] ...

  • being straightforward is good

  • Hi Small lady, I don't have house and car. But sure I think I meet most of your requirements. Hope to meet you at MSN.

    My MSN: [email protected]

  • well.. i meet all your requirements and i am late 20s...

    plz add [email protected] if you wanna chat further, cheers~

  • I could be wrong but does relationship , any relationship, require personal interaction instead of throwing out a piece of paper with a list of wishful requirements?

    Just a thought

  • maybe... relationship is something about the interaction with someone who fulfills the requirment?

    there is no contradiction between interaction and listing out requirement... :P

  • really scare people, especially the following:

    1) car, house owner preferred...

    2) I am a materialistic girl...

    this make people think that you will not love the man, but his money only.

  • just wanna say everyone has his/her own choice and consequences are brought up from each action...

  • haha...totally agree with u ...Kelvin..

    hi everybody...^.^

  • I thought interaction is a tool for someone to discover one another.

    It is a free country, people can do whatever they want and that include listing out her wishful requirements in :P

    Honestly I don't think it works on anyway. People here are fishermen and they tend to carry a big net and are happy to get whatever they find inside. :P

  • rite....i dun think it works here too...

    yr description is really cool... "happy to get whateever they find inside"...

  • i believe small_lady is looking for just ONE who is up to her standard and who would accept who she is, but not looking for a bunch of guys who try to make her an ideal woman.

    being honest as materialistic is so much better than hypocritical


  • georgewbush,

    i like the one fisherman!!! hahaha...

  • topic changes from "decent man wanted" to

    "Rich but stupid man wanted"

  • lady,

    I LMAO whenever I see a bunch of guys leaving their MSN on every topic. Have to admire that.


    "being honest as materialistic is so much better than hypocritical" <--it is like electing the next president? ....trying to vote for a lesser evil.

  • haha....then, where to find Rich but stupid?

    my god..

  • yes....admire that very much... and always wonder how come they hv plenty of time to do that...

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