The weekend is ending. I need someone to cheer me on to overcome the Monday Blues. Would that be u?

  • Here's a song for my potential cheer leaders. :-)

    Anyone likes Jason Mraz too?

  • OH!!!! Your great!! I feel exactly the same of what you are feeling..... I have serious Monday Blue too!!!

  • Great minds think alike eh. Does the song help a little, I'm yours too?

  • I haven't listened to the song yet ar

  • then what are you doing you busy thing?

  • lets try some unconvential methods to help you!

    NOW GET YOUR SORRY ASS UP and prepare to work you lazy slacker!!!

    LETS think about what you could buy and eat on your next pay day!!

    Just joking LOL

    I love you video and this is one of my favorite song but never seen it live. Thanks for sharing.

  • I am listening now.... but when I reply your thread...the song will be cut woh

  • Woah, isn't it a little early for a pseudo-sense-wake-up-act like that Mr Lector? But it turns out that you're actually Mr Nectar. I'm glad you like it.

    And I assume that you're a mister?

  • Are you Chinese? I am Chinese.... sometimes I don't understand what you all talking about

  • I'm yours too, yes I am Chinese. Well...what can I say? Tough luck.

    Just a suggestion. You may want to go to some Chinese threads perhaps.

  • I would like to call it my Melodramatic entrance to a wake up call.

    The song makes me all jittery and jumpy in gay.

    Yes I am a he. Straight. :)

  • but i can't understand your english ar...>_< crying

  • Can i have your msn?

  • I'm surprised that a straight guy like you likes this song too? haha Who else do you listen to, except your parents that is? ;-)

  • I'm yours too, please refer to my reply posted at 9:15 pm. Thank you for coming to this thread and I assume that you can see yourself out of the door.

  • ROF - Are you insinuating this may be a gay song? I was using the word gay the true meaning that was lost long ago by abuse. I meant gay = happy.

    My taste in music is quite strange. I like new age music. I believe sometimes the tune would convey a message better than lyrics but this ain't the golden rule.

  • I am yours, 3

  • i'm yours

    you are so mean

  • LOF

    Individuality adds a certain charismatic touch around the edges. If you see it objectively that may be the case but if see it subjectively I see style.

  • Well, not at all. it sounds a little queer (no pun intended, I promise :P) to me coz I've always thought the song sounds quite chick-ish if you know what I mean. I'm putting it to my list of wedding songs.

    New age music? Not exactly sure what it is. Can you name some major figures?

  • Lector is intelligent but a strange gay to make friends with, do u think yrself so?

    then 'i'm yours' , mind to show up your character, say sth abt yr points of view please!

  • Forrest gump, welcome to the thread. I'd like to talk to different chatters instead of talking about them.

    The same goes for me, I'd like you to talk to me instead of talking about me really.

    The movie just started huh? How do you like it?

  • Enya would be a good start but that is sort of old school.

    I like Delirium, Enigma and a few amateurs that are emerging from the main stream genre. Basically when you hear the kind of music fashion shows use behind the cat walk stage would be the kind of music I like to hear but hard to find.

    Chinklish huh? that is be it sounded more jamaican and it reminds me of the oldie " don't worry be happy" kind of style. Well at least you are jumping out the loop for not using pachelbel canon in d, for a change in a wedding.

  • thanks I'm yours..good host..let everyone free to go...

  • i love Schubert, Eno, Air, Jean michel-jarre, Secret Graden and the master Vangeils...

  • right so that's what you call New Age Music. I've always liked runway music too and music with a strong beat. There used to be this website listing all the runway music's title and artist after major fashion shows but their business model's changed. Now they charge you for viewing their pages. sigh...

    Lector, you sound pretty well-versed in music huh? Do you play any musical instruments too?

    Forrest gump, thanks.

  • woopsie, a bit of nip slip. the last message is from me.

  • Miss Oomph - please, call me Hannibal...

    Are you the thread hostess who changed to a new alias? matters not.

    Well I am a consumer not a composer so I pay my contribution to keep the industry alive. I'm afraid my fingers are only good at using a keyboard. You made me drool after telling me a website for runway music but I lost my libido right after it's conditional. Bummer!

    This is so hilarious - right after the commercial break watching Forrest Gump this You Tube song (above) was advertised on TV. Deja vu

  • haha where are all the paparazzis when you needed them....

  • I'm reaching a climax just by reading your replies Lector aka Hannibal. I'm loving your wit.

    I have to confess that the ad itself actually reminds me of the song so I went to youtube to look for a live version.

    So besides listening to new age music, making your pilgrimage to record stores and doing all the finger-work on the keyboard, what do you do for fun?

    It sounds like Forrest gump and you make very good friends becoz of the common interest.

  • Nah Gump is a much happier man cuz he needs no shrink.

    My lifestyle is quite unorthodox to many and some may see it as pure boredom. I like to open a bottle of wine and play with my Audio/Video at home when I'm alone and believe it or not sometimes it is more stimulating than sex. I mean after dealing with all the drama and hypocrisy with people at work what is more relaxing than being by yourself enjoying some quality time by yourself. Being a movie junkie must make a few sacrifices here and there. When my ass needs some blood circulating I just hop downstairs for some good old fashion workout.

    I am not a geek and don't assume me as one.

  • Mr Nectar is a man of solitude, a wine fanatic, an AV lover all in one? A lot more interesting than a geek, I'd say.

    You know what Nectar, I think I'm going for Plan B to overcome my Monday Blues - clocking in enough beauty sleep. I need to take a shower and wash my hair before that.

    It's been nice chatting with you. I will see you around. Have a lovely week ahead!

  • you see all you need is a climax to change all the chain of events from being blues to reds. Have a nice one. :P

  • thanks your songs...

  • Hey Mr Nectar, dont know what you're talking about. lalalalala....I'm back from my shower.

    YY, no problem. I hope it cheers you up too!

  • It turns out that there's not much time for me to suffer from Monday Blues.


  • I'm Yours

    You have two plans to get the day through with minimal sweat.

    A. Buried your head into your pile of paper like an ostrich, blank your mind and work like nuts. 6 is not far away minus lunch and tea break.

    B. Log onto and continue chatting until the sky turns dark, time flies when you're having fun. ^^

  • Before I pick my choice, I see that you've already chosen option B?

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