Boy Friend Wanted... and seeking long term future relationship

  • Dear all,

    I am bored at home in a Saturday afternoon again.... just can't stand that anymore, so I will try my luck in this thread.

    I am single, mature (30plus), financially independent.  I think I am above average appearance.  Short hair, tall 5ft7, more full figure type.... and a little chubby la, but I think my out look will not be disappointing.

    I am health conscious, go to the gym regularly, good living habit, went out with friends for a couple of drinks on Friday or Saturday nit, that's it.  I enjoy quality of life, enjoying dinner with friends in my house, or in a nice restuarant once a while.

    Work is exhausting.... and sometimes when I am off from work, I just really wish that I can have someone to accompany me and have a causal dinner.  Just wish to share my life with someone we are alike.  That's all.

    Honestly, if you are just looking for a quick meal, or some kind of instant relationship, just no need to waste your time, or my time here.  

    If you are looking for a stable relationship, tall.... 5ft9 or above, enjoying quality life, healthy ( hopefully mentally and physically.... :P ) please write something about yourself, like,

    Age, job, height, weight, and msn if you don't mind.  I will add you and talk more.

    Hope to meet you soon!

  • that's a really good description of seeking the other half that haven't been seen on for quite a while.

    good luck. Hope some sincere guys who meet your requirements will give you nice responses that could lead to a fruitful ending for both of you.

  • Thanks MC,

    I am just trying my luck. and let's see how it goes.

    I was just reading some other threads... and some people seem not to have very good experience. Honestly, I met real good friends on net starting from University. I believe there are just people like me who need real friends and/or looking for a sincere encounter in life.

  • Pinky, 妳在尋找愛? 還是尋找一個去配合妳所喜愛生活既人?

  • Hello Red,

    I think both. Usually I will look for someone alike first. I want to find someone similar to me, and usually that will work easier, and work better. Hopefully if we can have similar hobby... that will be great. Or at least some similar value in live.... like being a responsible son... taking care of his parents properly.... he is health concious that he is not getting drunk with friends 3-4 times a week...enjoy running or regular work out.... or enjoying cooking together...

    Love is such a thing that you just cannot "look for". But when you see the quality of the person, and then if he is the right you. You will love.... slowly.

    I believe, love is a "gift", given by me... when I love him.

  • Pinky... i think you really a good gal... your introduction of yourself is impressive.. or can say... quite sincere introduction.. think not many gals can do that as you do... just be honest is difficult to do so here in

  • Hi Pinky,

    think i met all your requirements. should you wish to chat further, add me:

  • hi pinky,

    please to hear you!

    sounds you're really a nice lady,heathly to get worries, i'm sure you will meet a better guy (from here or there). i don't think the sepecific classify of a person is needed but a true long as you're generous and kind enough, you'll find a true lover. i guess the guy who will be your lover is so lucky, as u said, u dedicated to love him( not like many of hk ladies tend to take love from


    hey, the reason i write to you, maybe more like a support to you rather than recommend myself to you... unfortunately, i'm not under your standard requirments on my height and my character. in fact, i'm looking for a lady who might be a sophsicated person, passing through a kind of i'm a guy of black and white in between.

    same as you, very few chance to meet a new friend during my busy working hours, not even have a luck to start with a new relationship in 4 years after my last love broken. until then, i'm really doubt if there's any cool lady still available in this hk who i could connect..hehe!

  • Thanks Fantastic,

    I think honesty is one of the quality important for all kinds of relationship.

    Maybe I am lucky, some people just got some many bad experience and become self protective....

    I still prefer to to show the real me to people, and hopefully we can be friends some times :)

  • Hi smith,

    Thanks for your support. It is heart warming.

    It is interesting to see your descirption, so you are in between black and white... was it like the movie??? :P

    So what is "sophisticate" really mean to you?

    Just curious!

  • 又要作文啊!!!!!

    好似考督察時, 先考語文,再考體能..........


  • pinky, pleasure to give you my regards!

    on my myself, i work on music and fashion industry...the word 'sophisticated person' means i want a lady of not too fashionable but not old-fashion too. i never consider to attach one in my field as boz we don't feel secure in each other...too bad there're so many misleading thoughts.

    still, i hope i could met with a company who is no ordinary life---maybe she works as make-up artists or on her own career..anyone loves art?

    thank you!

  • i could meet with...

  • Pinky ....

    是否一定要英文好先得呢 ? :)

    我30 , 5'9 ..都喜歡去 california Gym room and 跑 marathon .. 是否 ok?

  • sure, i'm ready for every good guys!

  • 30, merchandiser, 5'9" , 160lb



    waiting you :)

  • mr.right,

    please wait, i 'll contact you, cheers!

  • Hi Smith.... just very different from what I thought.

    Fashion and music is interesting. My parents was in fashion industry before. They now retired la. Very busy and timely industry. They worked from design, manufacturing and export....

    So you are in a very interesting industy but why is it not secure if your gf is in the same field?

    My father was a painter and also a photographer... he is obssess with his work and staying late sometimes.... it is the solitude at nite making all his idea coming true.

    It has been a long time since I do my painting and my pottery. Onces I start a project, I usualy obssess with it staying very late, just don't have this luxury these days.

  • Interesting, I think there is another "pinky" interested in you!

    Have fun!

  • Interesting, I think there is another "pinky" interested in you!

    Have fun!


    this message was for Mr. right

  • pinky,

    here i'm still at my office and i'm flattered to hear that your family background is such artisitc and respectable. how can i contact you in private so i may let you know more about myself.

    thank you!

  • Hi Smith,

    You might leaving me your email address / msn?

    I will contact you shortyly. I will be back later tonite.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  • today is really hard to get a buddy to match to us

  • okay, that's my email contact:


  • Hi Pinky,

    Your desceiption here is so impressive, can imagine you are a real sincere lady looking for real stable realationship.

    hope can have the chance to chat more with you.

    Here is some background information about myself

    32, single, 5'11, 150lbs,

    I would claim myself a healthy guy too~~

    my msn:

  • Hi Pinky,

    Your thread is sincere and hope we can understand each other more

    i am 35, tall, calm and sincere and looking for a L/T relationship and possibly marriage minded person.

    I work in an import/export firm and like sport when i have time.Sometimes dining out......hope to hear from you.

  • Pinky

    Will you consider a SL ?

  • Hello 大福,

    I do think it is not easy to find someone matching...

    Especially when we are looking the other half.... that is the other part of us lost....

    So what is your experience? Mind to share?

  • Hi Weir,

    It is nice meeting you and thanks for your compliment.

    I have added you on msn.

  • Hello Oscar,

    It is nice meeting you, can you tell me more about yourself.

    What sport you play or something about your job?

  • hi pinky,

    i like sport, reading , music, etc.

    i am easy going and mature..looking for long term relationship...

  • Hi Pinky,

    I just browsing the threads here and found your msg. I am 33 and 5ft9'. Hmm... what u want to know whether we could chat?

  • hi pinky ..

    u found someone yet?

  • Hi Daniel,

    Sure we can chat over hear. So how are you doing?

    So are you looking for long term relationship like me?

    It is really sunny outside today but need to stay home to do some reading. Shall be at Stanley or Saikung and have a coffee and seeing people walking around with kids or doggies!

    Can you let me more about yourself?


    Hi Mr. Right,

    Did you msn with the other "pinky"?

    I am just chit chatting with people. How are you doing?

  • so lonely heart, pls take care

  • Thanks L :>

  • hello Pinky,

    Just read your post and see whether we can chat more.

    I am 30 plus , 178cm tall, sporty look

    I go to GYM twice a week.

    Do you think we can chat more in MSN?

    Long term relationship takes time to develop, let's share more together

    my MSN is

  • Hi Nick,

    Sure we can talk more, I added u la!

  •, can talk but I am not handsome

  • Pinky, I am 30 years old and 5'7 tall. I feel very intereted in your thread and would like to know one more friend in HK, since I just back to HK for work last year from oversea. One thing is that, I have a stable gf, and would just like to meet you as normal friend. If you are still interested to know me, we can chat in MSN:

  • Hello Pinky, I am 31, 5'11, 155 lbs, average built, passive type of guy... if I may, I would like to have a chat with you and the chance to get to know you more. If interested, please contact me via msn: thanks.

  • hi pinky

    i am very impressed by your faithfully introduction of yrself. here is a 36 yrs old guy with 5'10 height and 165 lbs. i work in financial field. would you mind to contact me via email:

    looking forward to hearing you. cheers.

  • sorry pinky, typo:

    pls reach me via msn or email: thx!

  • age 43, just divorce

    living in macau

    work as a public servant, related to IT

    pls reach me via email :

  • hello, I'm 30+, nice body build, short hair... overseas educated, ... professional, ... can we chat and be friends first? let's chat thru msn:

  • aadd me and talk

  • beware of bachelor, he lied about everything on his identity, he has a wife!

  • hi mistress

    how do u know?

    wanna chat in msn

  • hi jac, are u male or female