What's wrong with coming here to get free sex

  • All guys and gals are doing the same thing here...

  • Want to open a thread so that both guys and gals can come in here and admit that it is the very simple reason they are here in the first place.

  • Guys come here because there are gals who need it, and gals come here because they have a need, vice versa, which is normal human behavior.

  • yes! If there is no cheating involved, that's not a big deal!

  • That's right, the world is a free one, and if both the guy and gal are willing to take part in the action. Then there's nothing wrong.

  • The belief that gals have the upper hand in she.com is wrong, however, in my opinion, because if there was no demand by the gal, there would not be the supply of guys here.

  • That's why I raised this posting so that guys and gals and voice out their comments so that both guys and gals know where they should stand in this world. After all, there are less guys than gals in the hk population these days, and using supply/demand theory, guys should actually be the one choosing, and not gals.

  • Guys and Gals, no comment?

  • good thread chitchat!
    <br>i think there are a lot of low self-esteem desperate guys here with no principles and just wanna get laid because they are pbly getting nothing in real life.
    <br>guys should have more respect for themselves.
    <br>as chiatchat pointed out guys are outnumbered by girls in hk, quality guys shouldnt settle for less
    <br>so guys, stop acting like losers - we deserve to be more assertive and more picky!!!

  • CC
    <br>count me in, I join the alliance.
    <br>some saying got the points, too many bullshiit and cheating people here.
    <br>me, simple as looking for fun here and no trouble pls

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  • i think here is the place for ppl to discuss about sex, not mainly for free lunch seeking, just some of the guy think the gal come here mainly for sex, and also think he is the one who are "offering" sex service for the gal..
    <br>On the other hand, even the gal is looking for causal sex, she also not expect furthermore, but some of the guy here not only want sex, they want gf feeling sex and more than just sex, that cause troublesome, it's not a problem if ppl seeking free sex here, but, i think both parties should state the situation very clear, what kind of relationship they are, if only sex, then should be only sex and no more troublesome!!

  • Great to see the many lengthy responses... keep it up boys and gals...

  • let's see if we can continue from where we left off...

  • wht would u like to chitchat?

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